One must have strong knowledge of Governance, risk and compliance, System controls and security measures, and other related concepts. However, the pass rate for CMA is lower, as many students fail to understand what is expected for them to know and prepare for. Hi-Educare offers just that! The CMA USA subjects are. I’ve taken an immense interest in Finance and would like to do CMA. The Institute of Certified Management Accountants (ICMA) produces the CMA exam and reveals the information covered by each exam part in the content specification outlines (CSOs). I've coached thousands of candidates to pass the exam on the first try. We have, in this article, outlined the basic structure, topics to expect, and pattern to help one get a better idea of it. I have given Part 1 exam twice and was unable to pass even 50% MCQ’s both times. The Exam format consists of 100 MCQs and 2 Essay type questions. Know how! CMA USA Syllabus Now that you are familiar with the basic details pertaining to the course, let us understand the CMA USA syllabus of Part 1 and Part 2 through the tables given below: Part 1: Financial Planning, Performance and Analytics US CPA Exam Results For September 2020 Published!! Difficulty level of CMA Part 2 and how much to study. CMA USA Exam undoubtedly puts a bit of pressure on the students, but with the right mentor, dedication, and discipline it is possible to ace this exam. Investment Decisions: Candidates can expect questions based on Investment decisions and choosing alternatives. Risk Management: Likely to be conceptual based questions, the section focuses on how to identify, assess, and respond to risks to achieve goals. CMA Part 2 comprises of topics based on Financial Decision making and other related topics. External Financial Reporting Decisions: You’ll be required to know about Financial statements, recognition, measurement, value, and disclosure. The accounting questions are quite straightforward and require basic knowledge and good practice. Know about new and updated US CMA 2020 Syllabus. Cost Management: Candidates must have a thorough knowledge of costing methodologies which include measurement concepts, costing system, overhead costs, and so on. Hi-Educare is known to be one of the best CMA Training Centre in Bangalore and is steadily growing both in terms of reach and quality through: Want to know more about Hi-Educare? It emphasizes FAR, AUD, and also BEC. Understanding the concepts of how to raise capital will be incredibly helpful. You should be comfortable with the concepts of financial ratios, including liquidity, leverage, activity, profitability, and market; as well as profitability analysis as it impacts things such as income and revenue. Over the years our training strategy is formulated to ensure 1st attempt success. Pricing methodologies and product life cycle considerations will be covered in this section. Make sure you can identify their impact on foreign operations and inflation, and comprehend the relationship between accounting and economic concepts of income and value. I also recommend the SQ3R technique to help you study more effectively. CMA Part 2 study, training, and lecture plan. Everything you need to know about CMA Part 1 syllabus, exam format, difficulty level, study techniques, comparison of CMA Part 1 and CMA Part 2 The Exam format consists of 100 MCQs and 2 Essay type questions. Required fields are marked *, CMA Careers: Your Guide to High Paying CMA Roles, What Is CMA? Study plans and practice exams will be your best friend. Another relatively small section, investment decisions makes up 10% of your mark and will require your understanding of the capital budgeting process and capital investment analysis methods. The key is to organize your studies, so you sit for the exam on your chosen CMA exam date with a clear understanding of the core concepts identified in the CSO and are able to identify the subtle differences between them. Net present value; internal rate of return, discounted payback; Income tax implications for investment decisions; Ethical considerations for management accounting professionals and for the organization. Download Part 1 & Part 2 updated course syllabus for 2020 exams in pdf. CMA is a professional qualification which requires winning exam preparation technique. I am a diploma Holder in Electronics after 10+2. Decision Analysis: This section mostly comprises topics such as Cost/volume/profit and Marginal analysis, and pricing. It involves questions based on data provided by accountants to perform the decision-making process and its analysis. MCQs will come in random order, meaning exams do not follow any specific order of syllabus. The students are also required to be informed about special issues such as foreign currency fluctuations, fair value accounting, and so on. The CMA USA Certification comprises of a single level of examination which is divided into two parts. Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting: Being the biggest section in Part 1, it requires the candidate to have a good understanding of Budgeting concepts and methodologies, Strategic planning, Annual profit plan, and supporting schedules, planning, and analysis. Now I want to do the same for you :) Professional Ethics: Based on the IMA Statement of Ethical Standards, this section is easy to understand and is clear. USA CMA 2020 new Syllabus. The candidates are required to know and apply these standards in given business situations in the exam. Students are advised to have a basic understanding of both the parts CMA USA syllabus to ace the exams more efficiently. The CMA USA Exam comprises of two parts: Part 1 and Part 2 conducted separately and each holding their own importance and syllabus. CMA Exam Training Institute - IMA Leaning Provider in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, Financial Markets and Types of Securities, Corporate Restructuring and International Finance. The students are tested on their knowledge of various topics, concepts, and applications. Apart from this, the section also focuses on the ERM model. Working capital management also covers several content topics specific to cash management, credit management, and general working capital terminology. Some other key topics include the fraud triangle, legal compliance, and ethical leadership. The questions can get lengthy and complex so it is advised for students to have a good grip on the subject topics. The section comprises topics like the Capital budgeting process, and Capital investment analysis methods. Comparison between old and new 2020 US CMA Syllabus. I've coached thousands of candidates to pass the exam on the first try. Candidates can attempt any part in any order as per their convenience. It includes Cost and variance measures, responsibility centers and reporting segments, and Performance measures. The CMA Part 1 is more into the topics of financial reporting, planning, performance, and internal control. CMA Part 2 Syllabus CMA Part 2: Strategic Financial Management As this table shows, Part 2 of the CMA exam is called Financial Decision Making and has six content areas. Technology and Analytics: Relatively new, this part of the syllabus mostly covers technology related financial information, information systems, data analytics, and governance, and so on.