Thus, there is a great scope for enhancing the productivity of coconut through the adoption of scientific cultivation technologies, which are described hereunder. High yielding mother palms giving not less than 100 nuts/palm/annum under irrigated condition (70-80 nuts/annum under rainfed conditions) should be chosen for collecting seednuts. Seedling of F1 hybrids from biclonal seed garden, Kerala Agricultural University was used as planting material. The planting can also be taken up in other seasons wherever irrigation and drainage facilities are available. E.g. Grafts and clones were also available from CPCRI, Vittal. So, there will be twelve bunches of varying stages of maturity at any one time with strong bunch stalks. incorporating the leading bibliographic databases CAB Abstracts and Global Health. Under this project, a MoU was signed between Cadbury India Private Ltd., and TN–IAMWARM cocoa beneficiaries. Pineapple could be successfully raised as an intercrop both under rain fed and irrigated conditions. or dried coconut leaves (15 Nos) or coir pith up to a height of 10 cm in the basin of 1.8 m radius around the palms as mulch for soil moisture conservation particularly during the summer season. means you agree to our use of cookies. To maximise the utilisation of soil and sunlight in the coconut garden, intercropping can be adopted with a variety of crops like pineapple, banana, elephant foot yam, groundnut, chillies, sweet potato, tapioca etc. For the broad-leaved weeds, pre-emergence spraying of atrazine @1.0 kg a.i./ ha for the control of grasses and sedges. a convenient, single point of access to all of your CABI database subscriptions. As per 20 04-05 statistics, the annual coconut production in India is 12.83 billion nuts from an area of 1.93 million ha with an average productivity of 6632 nuts/ha. Now Cocoa is grown at Coimbatore, Dindugal, Theni and Tirunelveli districts. Twelve months old nuts are harvested at the interval of 30-45 days for seed as well as copra making and culinary purposes. The area under cocoa prior to 1980 was 22,600 ha with an estimated production of 3200 MT of dry beans. Plant seed nuts in a long and narrow bed at a spacing of 30 x 30 cm either horizontally or vertically in deep trenches with 20-25 cm depth. Husk burial can be done in coconut basins or in the interspaces to overcome drought and button shedding. Under irrigated conditions, the size of each fruit would be about 1.5 kg; while as a rain fed crop, the size is reduced to … session so others can sign in. The soaking of the coconut husk or coir pith as the case may preserve the monsoon rains. Inter/mixed crops may be selected based on the climatic requirement of the inter/mixed crop, irrigation facilities and soil type. The nuts can be harvested using coconut climbers. Under this project, a MoU was signed between Cadbury India Private Ltd., and TN–IAMWARM cocoa beneficiaries. The Total area of Crossing Centre is 88 Acres and about 2000 Nos. Address: 1967/1 wright town, in front of stadium gate 4 They show shedding of immature nuts in large numbers and. Five rows of nuts may be planted in each bed accommodating 50 nuts per row. CAB Direct 20,000 against Rs.15,000/- per acre as monocrop. If you would like to, you can learn more about the cookies we use. Select nursery area in a well-drained plot with coarse texture soil near the water source for irrigation. It has been demonstrated that a four-fold increase in yield can be achieved by adopting scientific technologies in coconut cultivation as compared to the unscientific practices. CAB Direct is the most thorough and extensive source of reference in the applied life sciences, Avoid trees producing habitually barren nuts. Crops like banana, pepper, cocoa, nutmeg, vanilla can be tried under multiple cropping systems in suitable areas in the western region. Coconut Development Board (CDB) is a statutory body established under the Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India for the integrated development of coconut cultivation and industry in the country with focus on productivity increase and product diversification. 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The nursery can be raised in the open space with artificial shade or in the adult coconut garden. During 10-22 years of age of the palms, crop like colocasia which can tolerate shade can be cultivated. 11, 250 / ha for establishing the cocoa garden. Intercropping varies with age For eg.