Add pictures! For them we’d likely try getting an extra-big towel instead to make sure you’re all wrapped up when out and about in your dorm hallways. ?✨Som, I hope you’re all having a great day! Use decoration based on your school’s colors. This is also a great place to attach your charger hookup so you can seamlessly plug in your phone at night, every night without fail. One of these will last you your entire college career! 32 Easy College Halloween Costume Ideas You Need To Copy. (It’ll also have you avoid sharing the bed). Your bed is the focal point of your dorm room. And also an extra phone charger. Having two of everything will save you a trip to the store when you run out. If we’re inviting girls over, we want to make sure we have our place looking nice. Create an organizer like this to let anyone know if you’re home or if you’re out. Oops! Also, now is a good time to learn how to do laundry. Add pictures of your family and friends just anything that shows you having a good time with the people you love being with. There are also loofahs, face wash, toothpaste, and brushes. A university filled with rowdy kids studying STEM is the perfect place to get hacked. Shopping for your first dorm room isn’t easy, especially if you’re a guy who isn’t into spending a day at the store. Dorm rooms with limited window light can transform from a temple for productivity to a dank gamer-cave. We recommend picking towels that are easy to wash but also feel a bit luxurious. The most basic shower supplies are your shampoo and conditioner. If you have a roommate who gets bothered over a lamp being on, have a mini one to connect to your bed. Add things like a mini-fridge, microwave, etc. With under the bed and closet storage, you can keep everything out of the way. An area rug to match your bedding that’s also easy to upkeep can keep your feet warm and bring your dorm room look together. Add quotes in frames to help you motivated to get shit done. You want everything within arms-reach (so you never, ever have to move from your napping position) but you don’t want your devices sprinkled all about your bed. 14 Fun Fall Activities To Do With Friends! It’s also worthwhile to think about the things you take for granted in your bathroom at home, like nail clippers, Q-tips, or band-aids. Don’t forget, though: your desk at school has the potential to become just like that weird drawer in your kitchen. No need to stress about every little thing to bring to school. ☀️ Thank you to everyone wh, ✨GIVEAWAY TIME✨I’m so excited to partner wit, Who else loves getting new school supplies! If you’re an artsy guy, this is perfect. It’ll save a bunch of space in your dorm and avoid clutter. Adding some comfy chairs or beanbags help to give a good look to your dorm, and is also convenient when you have friends over! Even for guys with a meal plan, you’ll probably want the fridge to keep leftovers from the cafeteria. If we’re inviting girls over, we want to make sure we have our place looking nice. When thinking about guy’s dorm room essentials and things every guy needs, bedding has to come first. But you can go with trunks and ottomans that don’t take up much space and look great. Your dorm room can’t be lit without music so bring a good speaker with you for those mini party moments in your dorm. Thanks for reading this post. An air mattress can come in handy whenever it’s too late at night for your friend to go back to their dorm or if you have a friend visiting from out of town. You’ll need to get your laundry done by yourself. Have big containers to store food and snacks. Focus on the bedding. Here are some of the best dorm room essentials for guys to make your room look cooler. Dorm rooms are notoriously drafty. It’ll help your friends and RA know where you are if they need anything from you. Chances are you’ve been ignoring those McAfee popups telling you that your malware protection has expired. Even if our bros come over to chill you don’t want to have a boring dorm. However, a new bed with a potentially low-quality mattress can add extra necessities. Or, go with a trunk where you can store your items while still looking like it belongs in your dorm. Add some posters to add color to your room. Here are the best fridge, microwave, and dorm room cooking items your dorm room needs for your college freshman year. 13 Genius Last-Minute College Halloween Costume Ideas!! It’s great for that extra boost and it doubles as a decoration to avoid having a blank space in your dorm. Even if our bros come over to chill you don’t want to have a boring dorm. Just bring yourself, your brain, and your zest for life. Your bed takes up the most space in your dorm, thus becoming the focal point of the room. A few dishes won’t take up much room in your dorm, and they’ll be more useful than you’ll probably expect. You’ll need extra-long sheets, a comforter, and pillows to start. The Best Mattress Toppers You Need For Your College Bed!