Or is orange the invigorating taste and aroma of ripe citrus fruit? 1954. Mike Rogers, CNN national security commentator, Former U.S. representative from Michigan, b. Orange is a touching reminder that autumn has arrived, symbolic vibrant names like vivid and willpower it is full of energy and abundance. Color Words and Idioms . The meaning of the color orange is stimulating, vibrant, and flamboyant. Mary G The warm color of Orange is a touching reminder that autumn has arrived. Frank Sinatra, American singer, actor, and producer, 1915-1998, Orange is the happiest color - Frank Sinatra  #color #quotes. Tropical and Lush ~ Exotic and Romantic. I call it shades of gray. Orange is a touching reminder that autumn has arrived, symbolic vibrant names like vivid and willpower it is full of energy and abundance. Dr. Susan Albers, Psychologist and New York Times Bestselling Author, http://www.megiordanophotography.com/blog, The orange colored Magic Scents Crayons labeled "Orange" from Binney & Smith Inc. was originally scented to smell like juicy oranges. Color combinations—If you’re using more than one color you need to be aware of how color combinations affect the overall meaning. The hue is quite prominent in Asian religions, and many monks and holy men wear orange robes. Unique Meanings of Orange in Different Cultures. Color Classes Color Theory . It is always great to know the information I put together is helpful. Dancing in the wind are the colorful leaves that we all enjoy gathering, along with gourds, pumpkins and decorative corns. How do we know the meaning of orange? I’m using your blogs for science and they are really helpful. are interested in advertising on this site please contact me with your Color Psychology: How Color Meanings Affect You & Your Brand Aromatherapy benefits of orange include cheering, refreshing, uplifting, Cleansing, rejuvenating, energizing, sensual, and stimulating. Come closer if you dare, The colors that go well with Orange are:  White, Blue, Black, Yellow, Indigo, Brown, Green, Orange is next to Red and Yellow on the color wheel, together these can be very dynamic when using the right hues, Opposite of Orange on the color wheel is Blue, and it is bold and beautiful together, Orange and Black are the colors we use to celebrate Halloween and Samhein, Orange in your wardrobe is perfect for those with an outgoing personality, for those a bit more shy try a fabulous orange scarf or accessory for more subtle flirtation, attention and a splash of dashing amusement, Orange and Blue  ~  Bold and SportyOrange and White  ~  Pure ConfidenceOrange and Black  ~  Strength, AssuranceOrange and Yellow  ~  Sassy, AdventurousOrange and Brown  ~  Warm, EarthyOrange and Green  ~   Unique, OpenOrange and Indigo  ~  Fierce. I am currently working on a 52 week photo project and my first theme is centered around color. Orange has one of the strongest measurable physical effects of any color. It is often used on sportswear and energy drinks due to its connections to physical energy. Dancing in the wind are the colorful leaves that we all enjoy gathering, along with gourds, pumpkins and decorative corns. Orange stimulates the appetite, increases energy level, and even boost metabolism. Dancing in the wind are the colorful leaves that we all enjoy gathering, along with gourds, pumpkins and decorative corns. Orange is an active color, so we respond to it with heightened emotions, increased activity, and sharper awareness of our surroundings. The Sacral Chakra is linked to the sexual organs and reproductive system. Color meaning of orange - flamboyance, determination, warmth, success, stimulating. When combined with color those connections become even stronger. "Sporange" is a rare alternative term used to describe the part of a plant that produces spores. Orange is a secondary color on the (RYB) color model. ..Very fun and interesting color*. We can’t ignore it, which explains why people have such marked reactions to it. Color Around the World You can sometimes be self indulgent, egotistical with little consideration for the feelings of others. You know what ends up on the markdown racks? Orange Color Meaning. In your pursuit for social status you can sometimes become hurtful and uncaring to others. . Eugene Cernan, American naval officer, naval aviator, and NASA astronaut, b. It comes from mixing yellow and red, and it’s associated with a combination of those two colors, associations such as, sun, energy, vacation, warmth, paradise and tropical locations. Orange is definitely not a common color that people wear, if somebody was to wear orange it would probably be done in small amounts, subtlety, perhaps an orange watch or scarf. Because of your love for being social you find it difficult to stay loyal and committed to a particular person. I’m Kate Smith, an internationally recognized color expert, consultant, and designer. It sounds like an inspirational project! Orange gets its physical energy from red, and its … Self expression would probably be very important to them and to do things their own way. It’s not just emotion that makes scent powerful. Thanks for all your blogs on the colors. In Confucianism, orange is the color of transformation. Thanks so much for the shoutout. In the same breath, the color orange can also make people feel unusually hungry and uncertain. Two real–albeit obscure–words could appear in a poem with orange. Orange is symbolic of autumn. I look really bad in one of those orange suits with the numbers on the back. Because of its effects on energy, optimism and fun, it can lead to over confidence or hubris, this can lead to mistakes. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. All the weird colors. I will look at your photo project and blog. Great point, I never thought about the “value” of loving orange. Children all over the world are drawn to orange. The overall vote on the meaning and symbolism of the color orange seems to be split. We think of orange as saucy, vibrant, and fun. Mickey Drexler, CEO of J.Crew Group, formerly CEO of Gap Inc. and Director at Apple Inc. A signature color is different than a favorite color although for some people they many be one and the same. Brazil is the world’s largest orange producer, and roughly 85% of their oranges go into orange juice concentrate. Dark Orange – Associated with hubris/over confidence, pride and aggression. There is something very exotic and lush about Orange, The color Orange is inviting and says. You’ll need to give some thought to their combined meanings and what effect you want to achieve with your combination. Light Orange – Linked to vitality, extroversion, positive emotions, confidence and high self esteem. Florida’s climate causes oranges to produce so much chlorophyll that they’d be green if not treated. Promising possibility, understanding, and familiarity, orange is uniquely its own. I mentioned your site on my blog and I wanted to thank you for all the wonderful information. Here the color Orange is celebrated in all it's glory! Be sure to Take the Quiz! through partnerships with advertisers via display and text link ads, and affiliates These are the most common associations with orange, however there could be many reasons why it’s your favorite color. Thanks for the comment and best of luck with your presentation. They can enhance each other, make each other pop, blend together or fight with each other. While many colors inspire emotional reactions, none is so passionate as the response to orange. Kevin O'Leary, Canadian businessman, investor, journalist, writer, and television personality, b. You are a positive thinking person, an optimist, ambitious with high energy levels. Orange gets its physical energy from red, and its fun and playful nature from yellow. Books About Color . 1963. . Orange is also a symbol of autumn–the brilliant color of fall foliage and of ripe pumpkins. I really like your comment about orange giving us mental and physical energy, as well as being a positive and playful color. I’m happy to bring delight to other color lovers. Orange stimulates the appetite, increases energy level, and even stimulates the thyroid to boost metabolism. For many years, I spent hours studying, researching, and designing with color. Hi Kate – Your site is amazing! Orange is powerful. Chakras are energy centers within the body that help to regulate all its processes. The color can pre-determine how we perceive the taste and flavor of what we eat. We associate orange with danger, and its attention-getting properties means most designers use it sparingly. There are five basic groups of taste, which send signals to our brain to interpret flavor. Orange is good people. It’s no surprise that such a powerful color inspires negative associations as well.Orange can be strident and exhausting if it’s overused. You are at your most comfortable being around other people, it’s how you best relax and recharge your batteries. Quotes About Color 1965. Orange will help a person recover from disappointments, a wounded heart, or a blow to one’s pride. Polarizing and complex, orange’s meaning is both vexing and fascinating. Orange smells reduce anxiety - even in dentists' offices - a place where almost everyone is on edge. Blood oranges are distinguished by their red flesh and juice. Representing fire, fearlessness, and freedom, there’s much to love about this shade. ahhhhh haaa! We love hearing from you and read every comment. Guys don't wear orange or citron. I love Orange anyways because of the uplift in spirit and energy it provides. Orange is a secondary color on the (RYB) color model. Color Meaning & Symbolism Orange stands for danger; it’s used for safety equipment and to indicate areas where we need to exercise caution. product/service ideas, I'm always open to something new ;), The Scorpion and the Frog - A Tale of Character. Hi. Thanks for leaving the comment. Others find it obtuse and irritating to the aura. I’m happy to know the information on my website has helped you with your science project.