The deeper cut, however, speaks to the spiritual perfection in the design of what goes on between men and women. Shutting off other devices (cell phones, tablets, etc.) Well, you and your loved one, of course. Donna is committed to supporting men and women in finding peace, connection, trust and fun in their marriage or committed relationship. Take a trip on the wild side with white water rafting on mountain rivers. Of course, there are important things men and women have in common. Rocky Mountain House & Grandview Stage Resort. Mission Jolly: A Holiday Online Extravaganza! My relentless search for what was missing in my marriage, including my own role in the breakdown, was a journey so eye-opening that I had to share it with others, and I've been doing just that for almost 15 years. While we have similarities, science, and our own experience, tells us more and more, that men and women have important fundamental differences that can't be ignored. Whatever it is for you. Positive results with NO FINGER POINTING, blame or looking for who's wrong. We all want to be nurtured and understood. And the best news is, you don’t have to break the bank for a romantic weekend getaway. Joining the webinar using a desktop or laptop computer. The root cause of these problems are the "context" in which the relationship exists. We react very differently to the same outer circumstances. Plus, you’ll enjoy a weekend away at one of our two luxury retreat centres in Alberta and Manitoba, with all food and details provided for, and a chance to relax in the surrounding natural landscape. Why "doing" is the single most powerful motivator in a man's life. If you have questions, please call Donna at 403-455-9351 or email [email protected] Seeing my wife be comfortable as a woman is my goal. My new knowledge of men has given me empathy. Once you’ve reserved your retreat, I’ll send you questionnaires for you and your partner to complete separately. By understanding the issues in the room, she can target the conversation appropriately to ensure that your particular light gets turned on, allowing you to navigate your relationship with greater ease, peace of mind and enjoyment. Since these differences are natural - i.e., they come as part of the package of being a man or a woman - ignoring them causes us to feel that we need to be other than who we are, and has us require our partner show up as other than who they are. I left feeling confident and relieved that I can make our relationship more fun and that it’s okay to have our differences as long as I hold up my end of the promises I make.”, “When you take this workshop, you will get back on track immediately. Ask Donna questions via the chat function and using the interactive features of the Zoom software we use. Rather than spend time rehashing the past, "Between Men and Women" gives you tools and awareness that will move you confidently into your future. The fastest way to create and sustain AUTHENTIC CONNECTION, TRUST and INTIMACY between the two of you. You want to reconnect emotionally and/or physically. The Ranch is especially known for a delicious Sunday morning brunch, so plan your weekend accordingly. Please include your name and a brief description of your situation. Why "doubt" is the essential first step in a man’s process of production.,sc,u){var s=d.createElement(sc),p=d.getElementsByTagName(sc)[0];s.type='text/javascript';s.async=!0;s.src=u+'?v='+(+new Date());p.parentNode.insertBefore(s,p)})(document,'script','//'). Habits can be good or bad. We want you to be committed too. Her words can be devastating. Visit the Grand Canyon of Alberta with a trip to the badlands. But there is a way out of it. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone looking for growth in their relationships and a better understanding of the role of gender in relationships.”. Discover as many as 34 characteristics of women such as: “It was an amazing program! It is absolutely going to help our communication, how we think about relationship and each other, and how we are ‘being’ together. Cute is cute. The best thing you can do for your marriage is to invest in your own personal health, but everyone needs something different for their well-being. Why a man’s ego is one reason you like him, and how it serves you. PLEASE BE ADVISED: Donna and Jason are educators. Or maybe you aren’t looking for a married couples retreat but instead, you would like fun couples retreats with delicious meals, space to hike, and endless spa treatments for that extra relaxation. (And why they don't.). I was inspired. Please understand that you are not registered until your payment has been processed, so be sure to do that as soon as possible to guarantee your spot. Now I feel more committed and more connected to my wife. As I write this I am planning my wedding. Your relationship is important to you. There are quite a few spas in the area that offer wonderfully relaxing possibilities. They can also be changed. For a unique experience, stay in Chief Crawfoot Tipi Village. What's available for you is: Your "Revolution" starts today. A private balcony can be enjoyed by guests at the following honeymoon resorts in Alberta: Which honeymoon resorts in Alberta have rooms with great views? We highly recommend doing your best to eliminate distractions and set aside the time to focus on the event. A comment we get consistently from clients is that the retreat was "easier" than they expected. Learn the ropes by saddling up and riding the horses, harnessing and driving teams, and even working with the cattle – or just simply relax under the clear prairie sky with your loved one by your side. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! The price for value is pretty high, though this is not a high-class venue; TVs were old and…, Our family was in the cabin and two other. My sincere thank you!”, “As a senior sales rep I’ve taken lots of courses and seminars. Why men doubt their production…and why it’s a critical part of the Giving/Receiving cycle. Much of how we are in relationship is sort of like a habit. To reduce the stress and frustration in your relationship? As a debt counsellor Jason understands the stress and frustration couples feel around their finances. Swing by Java Domain, a hidden gem of the area, for a fresh artisan coffee and sandwich on handmade bread. What men are really attracted to (This might surprise you! ©2020 Focus on the Family (Canada) Association, Understanding Relationship Dynamics: Positive, Powerful, Promising Moments, Understanding Relationship Dynamics: Fear Cycle, Growing Personal Health & Integrity: Caring for Self, Growing Closeness through Communication: Connecting Heart-to-Heart. You’ll be able to stay in our luxury private suites that include a fireplace, private bathroom, king- or queen-sized bed, kitchenette, and sitting area. The importance of women being clear about what they want as the starting point for getting it. Elkwater Lake Lodge is the main hotel, also offering condos, and Bar-Zee Bed and Breakfast is a cozy budget friendly alternative just outside the townsite. It includes how men and women "hold" one another. What can you do to minimise or even eliminate the no-go topics? You deserve Fun, Ease and Joy in life and your relationship. CONTACT US 323-7030 Coach Hill Rd SW Calgary, Alberta T3H 1E4 403-455-9351 [email protected] Rocky Mountain House is where adventure begins in Alberta! Be in action – take this workshop!”, “When I was coming to the retreat I was a bit apprehensive. If you think this workshop might be a fit for you, and you have questions about how it applies to your specific circumstances, you can have all your questions answered by calling Donna at 403-455-9351. Learn what you want to get from your weekend so Donna can ensure your goals are addressed. natural disasters (including but not limited to floods, earthquakes, fires, tornadoes, severe weather, or other natural threats to the safety of organizers and participants); threats to public health and safety as announced by government and other public security officials; cancellation of an event reservation by the retreat's venue (for in-person events); Serious personal health conditions that result in the hospitalization of, or otherwise incapacitate the facilitator(s). During the workshop you will have the opportunity to: Here's what you get when you attend the "Between Men and Women" Online Couples Communication Workshop: You will enjoy a valuable 1-on-1 Discovery Call with Donna approximately 1-2 weeks before your event. Men and women think differently, not just as individuals but as genders. Self-awareness for me was a huge light switch being turned on…being aware that what we see or hear from one angle is not always seeing the big picture. What is "Between Men and Women" and What Will You "Get" When You Participate? I now see that we can have an amazing business together even just by being clear on what I want and recognizing that he is willing to give me what I want. You can’t change who you are, and there's no need to fix what's already perfect. "Between Men and Women" Online Couples Communication Workshop. We loved the hotel, the lake views while dining, the outdoor activities (we loved the sunset sleigh ride along the lake), the spa (massage and facial was so relaxing) and, The promenade along the lake is a delight but it is also very crowded ... you may need cooler or snowy weather.