And there also has been the notion that cameras would “interfere with the dignity of the court,” he said, as the proceedings still have an aura to them that other sectors of government do not. It's unclear just when Lewandowski contracted the virus or when he would've become contagious with it. The court is providing the audio feed to the network pool, chaired by Fox News, and to the Associated Press and C-SPAN. >> as a supremacy clause issue to bring this action. >> yes it would be the same position we take right here. >> yes. >> but that is different it seems to be someone from the department of justice view as to immunity. let's assume that does not extend before that in proceedings like united states versus nixon. A three-judge panel with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit engaged with the attorneys on both sides on a number of legal issues. let's assume there is a subpoena complied with because it's not at the stage where the absolute immunity kicks in. >> let me ask about the temporary absolute immunity seems in a criminal case the consensus seems to be yes there is absolute immunity from the briefs and the decisions but they all seem to say it applies once you get to the point of indictment. The contents of this site are ©2020 Capitol Hill Publishing Corp., a subsidiary of News Communications, Inc. State Department won't give Biden messages from foreign leaders: report, Arizona's GOP AG says people voted Republican, but not for Trump, On The Money: Biden wins America's economic engines | Progressives praise Biden's picks for economic transition team | Restaurants go seasonal with winter shutdowns during pandemic, Intercept bureau chief: Pelosi should focus on Georgia special elections amid 'absurd' fighting among Democrats. >> there are two things embedded. The Supreme Court will examine whether or not the law violates the electors' First Amendment rights. >> the president's immunity is breached. Since then, there have been other instances when the court has allowed an earlier release of audio, but typically the public and media has had to wait for the Friday postings on the Supreme Court website. Now's your chance. >> what about the fifth avenue? >> i would not say everyone. >> thank you your honor. The case concerns the travel company's fight to trademark its website, be a part of history and listen to the Supreme Court oral arguments as they're heard by the justices live Monday at 10 AM Eastern on CSPAN on demand at or listen on the free C-SPAN Radio app. You can listen live to the Supreme Court's oral arguments today for the 1st time, The Weeknd set to headline the Super Bowl halftime show, Trump adviser Corey Lewandowski tests positive for coronavirus, How our views on the pandemic shape our takes on election fraud, 2020 election sees highest voter turnout in a century, The Gotham Awards' nominees for best film of 2020 were all directed by women, Obama made Biden his Senate intermediary to spare McConnell racist backlash from the GOP base, New York City might 'close its classrooms before indoor dining'. >> please continue. >> what is the 1983 claim quick. again hypothetically it is bootleg entertainment you can invent scenarios where you could imagine where it would be necessary or a good idea for a sitting president to be, subject to a criminal charge while in office for example if you did pull out a handgun. That'll be the highest portion since 1900's 73.7 percent turnout among eligible voters. so how do we know? The Supreme Court had previously been delivering decisions to cases remotely, but they'll now remotely hear oral arguments for cases including three involving subpoenas for President Trump's financial records, and the court will also consider whether faithless electors can cast their vote for presidential candidates who they aren't pledged to support, The New York Times reports. >> you may be seated. The Academy has also famously been criticized for repeatedly overlooking women for Best Director at the Oscars, and just five female directors have ever been nominated in that category. how is that different when it's just a grand jury subpoena not even a trial subpoena? >> not just as a special prosecutor but the subpoena but it was a special prosecutor subpoena not the defendant. House and Senate Democratic leaders are claiming victory and a mandate to move their agenda despite losing a significant number of House seats and falling short of winning back the control of the Senate. Kathryn Krawczyk. Supreme Court Oral Arguments for October LIVE on C‑SPAN The Supreme Court announced today it will hear all oral arguments scheduled for the October session by teleconference and will provide a live audio feed to the media. Bonnie Kristian. ", Super Bowl LV is scheduled to take place at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida, on Feb. 7. Chiafalo v. Washington examines a law from Washington state that requires electors to cast their votes for the candidate who wins the popular vote. so if that can be addressed but your position is that immunity is absolute. before i do that let me just read and you can stand there as a matter of housekeeping for all concerned, just to read into the record or the agreement that we understand is now in place. "For millions of Americans spooked by a Black man in the White House, [Trump] promised an elixir for their racial anxiety." there is a lot of us attorneys. but i understand the sensitivity would be very disruptive. >> speak to that why is it a red herring and how do you assess quick. The court said it will listen to oral arguments via telephone conference call on May 4, 5, 6, 11, 12, and 13. >> was at a permanent injunction quick. Send us a tip using our annonymous form. The nominees in the top category were Kitty Green's The Assistant, Kelly Reichardt's First Cow, Eliza Hittman's Never Rarely Sometimes Always, Chloé Zhao's Nomadland, and Natalie Erika James' Relic. The New York Times' editorial board also argues that "indoor dining at city restaurants should end," among other steps that can be taken to "help keep children in the city's classrooms, which should be a priority." This material may be protected by copyright law (Title 17 U.S. Code). >> the department of justice brief, there seems to be differences between the department's position in mister trump's lawyers position. to pick up where we started to put it bluntly the appellants' claims do come down to his tax returns i believe. To Greene and her fans — who probably never considered voting by mail because they saw no public health hazard in voting in person — this disparity is proof Democrats stole the election. and tell congress receives impeachment power and as the constitution makes clear is subject to the laws of states, and the federal government. >> is it your position the other persons who may be involved in this cannot be investigated as all - - at all as it implicates the president quick. but to again with these memo questions hypothetically there could be a charge brought people could argue of the implications against that are other provisions. “They don’t talk about it. So could live audio be a regular thing for the court? The 30th Gotham Awards are scheduled for Jan. 11. C-SPAN commits to livestreaming every one of the ourt’s October arguments on its website, and will Brendan Morrow, coming to you live from the Supreme Court. >> what about the moss memo quick. Niz-Chavez v. Barr, Attorney General Oral Argument Nov 09, 2020 | 10:00am EST | >> i have not conceded i don't think that will - - see that as material. the other governmental bodies that receive these tax returns in the first place already have their own secrecy obligations. The Supreme Court hears oral argument in Niz-Chavez v. Barr, a case on immigration law and whether information in a notice to appear should be all in one document. [laughter] >> do they file another 1983 action to other institutions quick. this is about executive communications with matters of state or diplomacy which was the concern central to next and. >> but one of the arguments at the end of the day they could be publicly disclosed and therefore the harm. Former President Barack Obama was acutely aware of the racist backlash to his time in the White House — and it guided the decisions he made while there. the appellate counsel told us that he would never ever agreed to produce the tax return so we decided as an obligation to look at all the facts we would not forbear for several reasons. if the president were to commit a crime no matter how heinous if he did it before office or after he cannot be the subject of any investigation. >> that seems to suggest there are things that can be gathered while the president is still president even if he cannot be indicted while in office. Voter turnout has been on pace to exceed records since Americans began casting early votes weeks before the election. A trademark case involving is the first one set for Monday's historic remote session. All Rights reserved. that the concerns of your abstention in part is comity but that washes away when there is already the inherent conflict between federal and state authorities. Andrew Cuomo (D) this week, indoor dining can continue until 10 p.m. Chief Justice Roberts and Rabbi Lauren…, In honor of Constitution Day, George Washington University Law School hosted a virtual conversation with U.S. Supreme Court…, Virginia ratified the Equal Rights Amendment, a proposed Constitutional Amendment that reads, "Equality of rights under…, Justice Stephen Breyer spoke with MSNBC Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber in a virtual discussion hosted by the…, Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer participated in a Harvard Hille web discussion. The recordings are maintained at The National Archives and Records Administration. in the first instance first of, all we would dispute there is a blanket absolute immunity to say it has to be a balancing test looking at those factors and circumstances but yet again the state courts under those principles are not only required but perfectly well capable of a constitutional claim. the repeated complaint was addressed on the record in the district court but just so it's clear really that all their claim of harm what it comes down to is explained in the district court, the simple reason to rely on the earlier subpoena from the house and this is not unusual in our practices having learned from public sources there was a subpoena we decided to use the same language to make it easier on the accounting firm to produce the same material they were already gathering for the house. even clinton the jones when this can proceed but it's important we are explaining the federal court local pressures may apply differently in a state forum. >> on the third party issue the paradigm case it makes clear when you receive record from a custodian you cannot pretend that is not a subpoena, ultimately directed to the party that trusted the custodian with those records that would allow for the enormous loophole and not just in this case but in enormous loophole for those that want to invoke their fourth amendment rights or privileges or spousal privilege. our requests so there is no confusion is that this court affirms on both grounds it is on the public interest to have the younger immunity question as well as the grounds for denying injunction relief. Either way, lawyer Lisa Blatt told CNN ahead of the arguments, "I never thought the day would come when high on my list of pre-argument worries was how to keep my dog from interrupting. That will be on May 12, when the justices will hear Trump v. Mazars and Trump v. Deutche Bank AG, having to do with whether the president must release his tax returns. "I'm humbled, honored and ecstatic to be the center of that infamous stage this year. View More Supreme Court Oral Arguments