What are you, like, an acorn?”, -”Oh yeah, one of those - SECRET EMAIL ACCOUNTS! By creating the Connor Project, he finds a deeper connection with Connor and becomes a symbolic leader for the community. Connor becomes mad and blows up on Evan. Connor misunderstands the whole thing and becomes very furious and transforms into paranoia. Life at rehab is all right. A secret account.” This can immediately tell that Evan is actually a bad liar and is good at making up stories. After a few days with no sign of Connor or Evan’s letter, Evan is in an intense state of panic and feels very anxious over what Connor might have done with it. Sincerely, your best and most dearest friend. Because there’s Zoe. I like the yoga and the sharing circles every night. This is in the song “Sincerely, Me”. - This letter is used in the opening scene of the play when Evan is drafting his letter to himself, as assigned by his doctor, Dr. Strauss. Evan pleads to get the letter but Connor takes it with him. This isn’t going to be an amazing week or an amazing year. There aren’t any from you.”, Evan begins to lie by saying “he had a different account. what do we think about Mike Faist being the only one who’s not dressed in blue/blueish grey/grey? He does not have the courage to talk to anyone at school, he also feels that people are bullying him. Note: This is a work in progress, and is actively being worked on! He tells them that Connor didn’t write the letters. Evan doesn’t want to be invisible, and even with his social anxiety he wants to be seen by the people surrounding him. Evan decided to leave so that he can calm himself down. When Alana sees Evan, she talks to him about how he neglects the project. Holyyyyy fuckingggggggg shit.”, -”His parents think you were lovers, you realize that right?”, -”There is nothing UNREALISTIC about the love one man feels for another!”, -”Is it weird to be the first person in history to break their arm from jerking off too much, or is that some sort of honor?”, -”Just nod, and confirm. Evan wrote this letter in the computer lab on the first day of school, after a phone call with his mom. She happily agrees and insists that they meet at the Orchard that has been reopened in Connor’s memory. His thoughts form into “this will happen, then this will happen, then this,” which is what ends up reinforcing his social anxiety. Alana is so fed up that Evan created fake email account and backdate emails; she even feels very annoyed about him and Connor were actually best friends because no one sees them together, and deep down Evan is a big liar. Evan wrote it. They tell Evan that Connor took his own life a few days before, with his letter in his pocket. The series of misunderstandings begins when one of Evan Hansen's letters to himself is mistaken for his classmate's suicide note. This is demonstrated in the letters that he writes to himself, where he looks back at his decisions and thinks about everything he did wrong from a more logical standpoint. reply to this with your list! Here’s the first letter that Evan writes: Today is going to be an amazing day, and here’s why. Dear Evan Hansen is written by Steven Levenson, and the songs are lyrics are created by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, who were the creation of La La Land. So many people end up sucking dick for meth. Okay, but look at how cute and happy Will looks. Heidi promises that she will always be there for Evan when he needs her. Besides, they emailed each other a lot. click here for the new dear evan hansen sorter i made! In the office, Evan sees two grown-ups sitting there, solemnly. I hope I can fly to the US and see them or maybe one day it will be shown here in my city and then I can go and watch it. At the same time, he agreed to go to their parents’ house to talk about it. Do you need a paper bag to breathe into?”, ok look i know we all praise legend of korra for its A+ animation but i think we’re all forgetting the quality that was the original show’s animation, Me: *impatiently waits for the Dear Evan Hansen cast album*, Evan Hansen from Dear Evan HansenINFJby Rebeccarequested by @nataliedamiano and anonymous. Letter #3: Connor Murphy to Evan Hansen (Edited Version/Final Version), - The first letter that Evan and Jared write to make it appear as though Evan really was friends with Connor. He told Evan to ask his friends to do something for Connor. Luckily, she knows that she still has Evan and that she doesn’t feel alone because they know that both of them can make it through everything as long as they are together. The Original Broadway Cast of Dear Evan Hansen, Ben Platt, Laura Dreyfuss, Rachel Bay Jones, Jennifer Laura Thompson, Mike Faist, Michael Park, Will Roland, and Kristolyn Lloyd. Introverted Intuition (Ni)“I’ve learned to slam on the brake before I even turn the key.” Connor becomes mad and blows up on Evan. This is in the final scene of the show. He also writes letters to himself to sort out his feelings, hence the title Dear Evan Hansen. He printed it out and was found by Connor Murphy. We think that Mike Faist is looking fine AF in his red sweater. He tries to look ahead and plan whenever he can, but sometimes he is forced to act in the moment and shift his plans, such as when he ends up creating a web of fictional stories about his friendship with Connor. Evan Hansen, an awkward, lonely high school senior, struggles with Social Anxiety Disorder. She recommends him to ask his friend to sign his cast, which he fell out of a tree and broke his arm before the term starts. If you see any missing, message me and I’ll add it to the list! However, he rarely allows himself to apply his own thoughts on certain matters as he often overshadowing by the desires of others that he tries to accomodate with his Fe. Many of the decisions he makes are to follow what other people want and what other people feel, allowing his own thoughts and desires to be silenced by others. **Act two letters may contain spoilers!**. Thanks for reading. But maybe if I did. Sometimes, Evan hung out at Connor’s place if no one was home and Connor would often hung out at Evan’s place. I never meant for it to go this far.”