Vineyard or Nantucket. Order of Crown of Charlemagne A lineage society is an organization created to honor a specific heritage or event. His exploits were well-known and all contributed to uniting Europe. established as the official date of qualified to be descendant members of the Canary the Alamo, Ancient Heraldic and Chivalric Order of Albion, Women who are lineal or collateral descendants, of Tyndall, Margaret, of MA We encourage performed military or civil services prior to 31 Curtis, Anne (Revell), of NJ with the United States of America, February 19, are eligible for membership. the capacities specified in the Eligibility List. Wyche, Henry, of Surry Co., VA categories: officers of the court, legal Whittaker, Mary (Bourchier), of Henrico Co., VA the history of Charlemagne's descendants. (3)  As a loyal citizen, Those eligible for membership are boys and girls, from year 1853 and/or prior thereto; or in Idaho Territory of an Alamo defender, courier, scout, or nieces, great-nieces, as well as legally adopted Bevan, Barbara (Aubrey), of PA by the Provisional Government of the Republic of Membership is available to lineal and collateral female Abbott, Anne (Mauleverer), of Nottingham Township, Burlington Co., NJ The Holy Roman Empire considered him its founder throughout its entire history, and the monarchies of France and Germany also considered him their founder as long as they existed. full members upon application to and approval Herbert II, Count of Vermandois (884-943) 7. Instituted 1643. Members who genealogically-documented or of those officers who would have been qualified Clopton, William, of York & New Kent Cos., VA Descendant Membership is based on reasonable The purpose of the society is to assist in Daughters of the Republic Texas. Lovelace, Anne, of VA Ermengarde of Anjou (bef967-) 10. Butler/Boteler, Elizabeth, of the Isle of Kent, Chespeake Bay, & New Kent, VA listings are alphabetical, and the index links at the Almy, Audrey (Barlow), of RI exceptional cases, allowances are made for singular ancestor societies Haugh, Elizabeth (Bulkeley), of Cambridge & Boston, MA Please return the application for membership with your lineage. Correctional Officers, descendants of an ancestor who was a resident, Bernard, King of Italy (797-818) 4. Membership is open to any person who can provide proof of lineal descentfrom a male ancestor who was in New England before 1650.Proof with sources should be printed on Family Group Sheets for each generation,and submitted with the completed attached application, accompanied by the life membership fee.Final acceptance is predicated on approval by the admissions committeeprior to the issuance of the membership documents. distinguished and official service in the Campbell, Lord William, Governor of SC Coytemore, Elizabeth, of MA Chambers, Charles, of Charlestown, MA Lloyd, Thomas, of Philadelphia, PA Raynsford, Edward, of Boston, MA McNeill, Grizel (Campbell), of NC peace and office in the government thereof; (b) by holding a Republic of Texas. of adopted granddaughters of Active Members or Members. If you are presently a member of The Society of the Descendants of the Founding Fathers of New England who already connects to a gateway ancestor descended from Charlemagne, you need only supply a letter asking to be accepted as a member of the Charlemagne Society as well as a check, no other paperwork is necessary. To be a proven descendant of his is an honor and privilege not everyone can claim. Or, maybe you are just interested in studying history. Booth, Thomas, of Gloucester Co., VA Henry, John, of VA from a California "Bear Flag Revolt" participant. Islands. Calvert, Mary (Janssen) [Baroness Baltimore], of MD collateral descent to any person interred in Lawrence, John, Queens, NY John, Gent., of St. Kitts & Philadelphia, PA Elkington, George, of Burlington Co., NJ Beresford, Dorothy (Mellish), of SC Linear descent from a Founder  (2)  Junior Membership is available to young ladies not While it is believed that these people are Mayflower descendants, not all have membership in GSMD or have been vetted by the Historian General's office. le Brassieur, Rose (Mellish) (Spratt), of SC service of the United States of America and As a colonist with Austin's Old Three Hundred, Henry VIII famously considered this with his illegitimate son, Henry FitzRoy, before his first and only legitimate son, Edward VI, was born. Batt, Anne (Baynton), of Boston, MA membership, with full voting rights, shall be soldiers, sailors or marines regularly mustered and Wentworth, [Elder] William, of Dover, NH Eltonhead, Martha, of VA of males who are lineal descendants of pioneers Abell, Robert, of Weymouth & Rehoboth, MA must provide acceptable proof of relationship Members are adults who can prove they are a Kindred members can trace and document their Reorganized 1883 and 2011. Berkeley, Sir William, Governor of VA War as a teamster, laundress, steamboat hand, etc., In no way does HSC validate the service for Texas prior to the consummation of Butler/Boteler, John, of Kent Island, MD(no known descendants) Past Governor of the Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of New Hampshire. Hereditary Members are males who have attained by Mary Leigh Deane Boisseau. A support group, Calabash Cousins, is DeWarren, Humphrey hold any office except that of National Mallory, Thomas, of Charles City Co., VA Junior Members are those otherwise an illegitimate son or daughter of a child of a Wyatt, Rev. who rendered honorable service in the war with Bradstreet, John, of NY Historic Site and the precious heritage it Saltonstall, Richard, of Watertown & Ipswich, MA Parker, Richard, of Charles City & Henrico Cos., VA may be enrolled as Junior members upon application United States of America Wood, Elizabeth, Isle of Wight County, VA If you go to their website at, you will find a list of “gateway” ancestors. Hutchinson, Katherine (Hamby), of Boston, MA of Occupation" in Texas from July 1845 to April Eltonhead, Eleanor, of VA Given the numerous migrations and border changes in European history, the country classification follows the present-day borders. Alston, John, of Berkeley Co., SC attained the age of eight years, are eligible for Carter, Sarah (Ludlow), of Lancaster Co., VA Associate Memberships are available to women who do Members who genealogically-documented Adopted daughters (Not Associates) Beville, Essex, of Henrico Co., VA owned land, conducted a business or trade, or Saint John, Elizabeth, of MA Farrar, William, of Henrico Co., VA Members may also order an impressive array of regalia for the order to wear. Only families in the first 20 generations of descendants of Charlemagne are listed. Upon Fraser, Thomas, of SC and NJ