They are meant to help you gain more control and freedom in your teaching, so I hope you enjoy them. to get the downloadable version. : China & Periodicals, 1992. When you are ready, clear lots of space in your kindergarten classroom and divide your class into teams of 3-4 kids. The challenges have given me fun activities to do at home with the kids. It was a fun change of pace and helped to reignite my kids’ desire to learn Chinese. They may also have been held to honor the Dragon God, who was in charge of rivers and rainfall, so as to ensure a bountiful harvest of rice. Dragon Boat Festival is also known as Tuen Ng Festival  (端午節/端午节/duān wǔ jié /dyun1 ng5 zit3). This reward set includes 8 adorable stars!Thanks!Teacher Lisa's Time Savers, A festive introduction to New York City’s diversity—month by month. *There are 8 more different versions for you to choose @Fortune Cookie Mom's, ABOUT THE PRODUCTS:This Dragon Boat Festival Theme FULL pack is a Traditional Chinese with Pinyin version. Celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival with your VIPKid or other online ESL students with these fun digital rewards, designed for use with the Stars 2 Apples app! How about these stars for the Dragon Boat Festival? See if online Chinese learning is appropriate for your child with our gentle try before you buy approach! Each one has reignited my kid's interest in learning. After obeying Qu Yuan’s orders, the fisherman always caught nets and nets of fish (Simonds, Swartz, and the Children’s Museum, Boston; Stepanchuk). I’m so glad I know a little more now about the history of Dragon Boat Races. Your email address will not be published. Swartz, Leslie, and The Children’s Museum, Boston. We were fortunate to live close by one of the Dragon Boat Race rivers, so of course, we were taking our kids to watch the race. ABOUT THE PRODUCTS:This Dragon Boat Festival Theme FULL pack is a Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin version. Dragon Boat Festival 2020 falls on June 25 (Thursday). To learn more about Dragon Boat festival, you need to know the story of the beloved patriotic poet and a minister, Qu Yuan 屈原 in the Warring States (403-340 BC) of ancient China. I created a 5-day Dragon Boat Festival Lesson Plan for my kids and I want to share it with you too. Clear, simple instructions are included, so you should have no problem figuring out how to use the materials. This year, 端午节 will occur on Friday, June 7, 2019. Don’t miss them, they can be really helpful when you are traveling to Chinese-speaking countries! But they weren’t any five colors; the colors were representative of the Five Elements, which represented the cycle of creation and were thought to keep bad spirits and luck at bay. The common name for these five animals is a bit of a misnomer. How about you? Dragon Boat is Chinese Festival. Print on cardstock or laminate to make these adorable printables longe, Dragon Boat Festival 端午节The Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional Chinese festival that occurs on the 5th day of the 5th month of the traditional Chinese calendar. This looks like a ton of fun! I started homeschooling my kids 5 years ago. As a result, Qu Yuan was exiled from his own country. Required fields are marked *. I hope we can all teach and immerse the Chinese culture at our home. There are practically as many styles of zongzi as there are villages in China, so I would recommend checking out a few different zongzi recipes online to see which one sounds the most appetizing for you! Yum! In exile for many decades, Qu Yuan wrote numerous poems about his love for his country (Stepanchuk and Wong; Simonds, Swartz, and the Children’s Museum, Boston). One legend says that villagers where Qu Yuan was banished got into boats and looked for Qu Yuan in the river, with no success. They practice writing, counting, sorting, recognizing new characters with the materials included in the theme pack. There are over 40 pages of Chinese hands-on activities, writing practice, math skills practice, and coloring pages. This course comes after Kids Pinyin which is where we teach the Chinese alphabet for kids. When you are ready, clear lots of space in your kindergarten classroom and divide your class into teams of 3-4 kids. They also made sticky rice balls and dropped them in the river, so the fish would eat the rice balls and not Qu Yuan’s body.