(f) Breach of secrecy of voting (Chapter XXI), You should, wherever necessary, refer to those legal provisions which are reproduced in Annexures I and II. ii. లోకసభ కంట్రోల్ యూనిట్‌కు భాద్యుడు. xxviii.PrO should ensure that no unaccounted person other than voter and those authorities allowed by ECI, enter the polling booth. or with other members. The Presiding Officer Presiding Officers are responsible for the conduct of the ballot in the polling stations and they must have a good knowledge of the voting procedures. A democratic election process is the right of all U.S. citizens; polling staff contribute to this vital element of a democratic society. Keep ready of paper seal9. the time prescribed, or if an emergency affects the safety of the There should be two separate way for Enter and Exit. No voter should beallowed to join the queue just after the issue of slips.10. The Lok Sabha elections will be held in seven phases from April 11 to May 19. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Pingback: #Loksabha Election 2019 Presiding Officer/ Polling Officer training Module - Maru Gujarat-MaruGujarat,Official Site,મારું ગુજરાત,Maru gujarat,Gujarat Jobs, Marugujarat ,GPSC,UPSC,TET,TAT,BANK EXAMS. Keep the Ballot Papers and a metal stick for detaching the Ballot Papers in the desk of Second Polling Officer.3. refusing to recognize them. • To be responsible for the conduct of the ballot in the polling stations and have a good knowledge of the voting procedures. xii. . On polling day, staff are required to arrive at their polling station by 6.30am to set it up in time for opening and should not leave the premises during polling hours. During Election Time POs and APOs have to perform many duties and have many responsibilities from the Day Before Election to the end of elction duty on the next day evening. The Elections are of different types such as Parlimentary Election, Assembly Election, Panchayat Election, Municipal Election etc.The Election Commission appoints Returning Officer who plays a vital role in conducting free and fair election. Lok Sabha Election 2019: All dates, full schedule, constituency-wise details, all you need to know. Download for Duties of Presiding Officers 2019 . A motion referring to the presiding officer in a capacity not shared with others. No HTML formatting and links to other web sites are allowed. Connect the Ballot Units with their respective Control Units; iii. TeachersBadi © 2011-20| Privacy Policy| Disclaimer – User Agreement | Tearms of Service | About Us | Contact Us, School Management Committee Formation Guidelines and Election Process -SMC, SSC 10th Class New Subjects Teacher's Hand Books and Modules, LEP 3Rs Programme Modules, Teacher Hand books, eBooks (Telugu, English, Maths) 2020, SCERT 'Computer Education' ICT Teacher Hand Books of Class V, VI, VII, SCERT Co-Curricular Subject Modules, Teacher Hand Books, AP SCERT e-books & Hand Books, Textbooks (Class wise, Subject wise & Medium wise), LEP 3Rs Programme Teacher Hand Books, Student Work books & Worksheets, Activities for Schools, How to book Test Date and Time for BITSAT 2020 (How to register), TS SMC Trainings, SMC Manual Book, SMC Guidelines, SMC Module 2020, TS SSC Supplementary Exams 2019 Marks Recounting, Re verification, Valued Answer Book Supply. Download for Duties of Presiding Officers 2019, EVM-VVPAT Telengana  Electronic Voting Machine(EVM) & Voter. The voter already in queue at the time fixed for close of poll will be allowed to vote. When necessary, authenticate by signature minutes, orders, There is a chance of arising such type of questions in the minds of POs and APOs during polling time, for this, the given below pdf would be much more useful for all the qusestions that arises during performing the duty. Make ensure that the bulbs and fans are in working condition.8. xxxi Instruct Video Camera Supervisor to take the photos of electors in the same serial as entered in register 17-A. Go Ahead. It is natural that there arises many questions related to the duties and responsibilities that they have to perform during those 2 days. Voting compartment should be made by using the card board given for that particular use.6. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); This very brief notes is very useful for the  Presiding Officers and Assisstant  Presiding Officers  just to go through it to know about the duties they have to perform during the day of polling, before the day of polling and after Polling . During the Polling, the Presiding Officer has to complete the Presiding Officer's Diary.8. Make proper Seating Arrangement for the Presiding Officer, Polling Officers and the Polling Agents.3. Paste a Slip of Contesting Candidates which will be supplied alongwith the Polling Materials.11. పోలింగ్ సక్రమంగా జరిగెటట్లు చూసే బాధ్యత పీఓదే. Person Specification. Begin the meeting on time; be certain a quorum is present. that legitimately come before the assembly. Keep the ballot box and contents secure until th… A little lack in any election precedure may lead to lot of problems. It must be kept on a table. Vote when her/his vote, in a voice vote, will affect the result v. Conduct mock poll to ensure that the vote cast for any particular candidate is actually counted in his favour; Give slips with your signature to those persons who are in the queue at this hour. Ensure that no additional person joins the queue after the appointed hour. It is the whole responsibility of the Presiding Officer that the polling should be conducted in a peaceful manner. Make contact with your Poll Clerk(s) to check arrangements and to brief them on any necessary procedures 4. Finally something about quest bars cheap. Download for Duties of Presiding Officers 2019. As a Presiding Officer you will be responsible for complying with all instructions and ensuring the integrity and secrecy of the ballot. ix. His duties are, in brief, to i.Place the Ballot Units in their respective Voting Compartments; In no case the Ballot Unit or the Control Unit be placed on the floor. xxi He shall ensure the performance of duties of polling officers as under – Identification of elector and locating his or her name in roll with the help of EPIC or the documents if prescribed by ECI. iii. Separate all the Statutory Covers and Non Statutory Covers. Required fields are marked *. Give Today, ESL Classes (English as a Second Language), Adult Education Classes (GED® High School Equivalency preparation), PASS - Partnership Advocating Student Success, Language Arts Course Preparedness Standards, Returning or Continuing Student Checklist, Getting Started with Disability Support Services, Talking With Instructors About Using Accommodations, Review and Resolution of Accommodations - Faculty, Financial Assistance Procedures and Programs, A.L.A.S.