Resource Type: eLearning Community. It does not allow advertising, untrusted links, pop-up ads, or potentially malicious software on the website. Developed by the University of Chicago’s School Mathematics Project for Pre-K to 6th Grade, Everyday Mathematics is an online resource and information center that uses real-world examples to teach kids complex and abstract math concepts. Being multilingual opens so many doors for people. It even offers Test Prep courses for standardized tests like SAT, LSAT, MCAT, etc. The course includes activities, fully animated videos, and color-coded guides to also teach your child the alphabet, word families, sight words, and even full sentences. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Coursera faces criticism for a lack of transparency in how its courses are priced, and we agree that it’s harder than it should be to work out what costs what. They offer Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and Spanish for Pre-K up to 12th-grade, If your kid is an auditory learner, you might want to check out Study Jams!—a website that offers highly interactive math and. Our unique Pages Builder technology is the most powerful tool to create a full e-learning website for your business. Some even offer courses completely free of charge. Although it’s not really the subject of this article, many people use eLearning websites to sell courses of their own, rather than for learning. With over 12 foreign languages to choose from, Little Pim introduces your child to a world of linguistic variety. It’s a website I hear mentioned a lot these days. Dubbed “the magazine for the modern learning professional”, this is an excellent resource for all things eLearning. A big name in the e-learning for kids’ space, Khan Academy offers incredibly extensive courses for Math, Science, Engineering, Computing & Coding, Arts & Humanities, Economics & Finance. By getting children to equate learning with fun games and funny, quirky cartoons, PBS Kids hopes to make a positive impact on their general attitude towards education. Their courses can be taken as supplementary subjects or as basic education. Currently, Coolmath covers the following topics: Another great thing about Coolmath is that it doesn’t follow a strict curriculum. A superb community for course creators. content can easily be incorporated at the start of an activity, or the end of a discussion. Our number one choice for selling courses of your own is Teachable, PODCAST S2/E7: 5 Things to Think About Before Starting a Blog, Sites Like MTurk: 7 Mechanical Turk Alternatives, Being a Writer: 11 Things you MUST Understand, 20 Work From Home Interview Questions – And How To Answer Them, If you want to start your own online businesses, take a look at. They’re the ones who are great at solving problems, testing solutions, and critically analyzing situations. Considered the “most comprehensive foreign language program for kids,” Little Pim is arguably one of the best in the industry. Home » Reviews » The 6 Best E Learning Websites: Learn New Skills Today. There’s also a “FutureLearn Unlimited” option, which allows you to take as many courses as you like for an annual fee. NOT AN OFFICIAL MINECRAFT®, ROBLOX®, OR UNREAL® PRODUCT. Propel partner success and build revenue-driving relationships through training. You can find edX here and browse the available options. By inspiring a love for language and learning as early as possible, this e-learning platform can help your children broaden their horizons. More and more industries are becoming dependent on coding—even the ones who have seemingly nothing to do with computers or tech! In many cases, it could refer to courses, lessons, or subject matter delivered online via interactive media (videos, podcasts, games) or text-based media (blogs, lesson plans, PDFs). From tips on organization to improving productivity, this blog is a perfect read for eLearning professionals trying to juggle everything. Dubbed “corporate eLearning insights your peers are reading”, this is a blog you should definitely check out to keep up-to-date. teach your child the alphabet, word families, sight words, and even full sentences. Filled with insightful content, eLearning Guild is a must-join community. They work with industry analysts and leading practitioners to bring you case studies, presentations, white papers and research reports all about eLearning. It’s a great place to ask, answer or … Once your code is finished and submitted, you get instant feedback on what worked and what didn’t. It’s a close run thing, but our recommendation is edX. Thanks for all you do! The site is visually engaging and very user-friendly. ©2016 Codakid. They even cover popular coding languages like CSS, JavaScript, SQL, and more. Thanks for including Learning Solutions Magazine! CIPD’s podcast covers a range of topical workplace, HR, and L&D issues, so it’s not strictly eLearning focused. The current languages available for learning on Little Pim are: If you aren’t sure which language to pick, Little Pim offers a comprehensive language guide to help you with your decision. Given today’s digital, technology-driven atmosphere, the demand for coders and computer programmers has risen. Overall, it’s a highly intuitive website that encourages success through an immersive learning website. Actually, we have always been an online magazine - right from the beginning. E-Learning Heroes have a stellar selection of eBooks for you to download. Grade, Everyday Mathematics is an online resource and information center that uses real-world examples to teach kids complex and abstract math concepts.