In the south east direction you’ll only get rural if you head more east. Could someone please help and let me know where the most affordable place in the eastern subrbs to live? It really depends on your lifestyle. The rest is up to you. Thank you and appreciate any advice and help. Inner suburbs are subdivisions within the denser urban areas of the cities and outer suburbs are the postal divisions found in the outer rings of the metropolitan areas, and usually lying within the boundaries of a separate municipality. The Belgrave train line stops at both Hawthorn and Bayswater stations, if that helps. It might be that people go to a school BECAUSE IT IS GOOD and, by not contributing, destroy the very thing that they went for in the first place. We are also a mixed-race couple with a 2 year old, so would prefer less bogan-y suburbs and somewhere more multicultural. It isn’t an affluent suburb but its not too bad. If you do not mind a large mortgage payment or have lots of dough (and I mean lots of it! To put it bluntly, It all depends on how “snobby” you feel you are and how comfortable you feel with “the commoners”, as per C. Dickens definition. My family and I live in Nunawading and are familiar with the area so please feel free to ask, as long as Bob’s ok with this? Thanks for visiting and I do hope you come back regularly. The school its self is ok.. Domain has 2594 Rental Properties in Eastern Suburbs, VIC & surrounding suburbs. But was just wondering if there is someone who could give me exact prices. I am definitely NOT a city person. My concern is the people. The eastern suburbs sprawl out quite a distance so there is some variation. Hi, We live in inner suburb of Melb and love it. St Kilda is inner Melbourne, across the highway is Windsor, Prahran, up Chapel St nd not a long way is South Yarra. Maybe something like Baxter or Hastings in the outer South East will give you something near the Bay/sea. Be aware that these suburbs are typically residential family homes and are not known for bars, restaurants etc. I didn’t get the idea what you are asking here. My sister lives in Blackburn and says that the area is really nice and close to good shopping centers. 2 people will be working in town and 2 people are looking to complete 88 days farm work to permit another years stay in Australia. Hello A full list of all the suburbs within these districts are at the end of this page. appreciate your responses. Nearby suburbs like Sunshine and Deer Park are quite dated and not very safe. Too close to the Bay (Port Phillip Bay) ie Mornington is nice but not really ‘rural’. Could any one tell me how over crowded the trains are in to the city in the morning and going home from say Glen iris or Mitchem? I’ve been in the area for quite some time with my driving school. What It’s Really Like to Be Bitten by a Redback Spider, Australia’s Best Beers and Lagers by BobinOz. Hi, we are moving to Melbourne at the end of the year and are looking for good public secondary schools. A long way out. Can anyone else recommend any other suburbs? Taylor Hills, Caroline Springs, Burnside are building some new sites with great homes. Yet if you are then it is a far nicer place to live than the western plains. But after looking around for almost one months and having 4 kids we settled in a not sought after suburb but you still get good size homes for affordable prices (for Melbourne standards) and it is only 25-30 mins to Melbourne CBD. I think it was from Shilpa asking about working somewhere near Lillydale and wanting vibrant single person life…I was trying to point out that all the suburbs that would suit him were miles away (as you say by any stretch of the imagination) … There was effectively no easy answer for him. Domain has 79 House And Land Packages for Sale in Eastern Suburbs, VIC & surrounding suburbs. For eastern suburbs, nothing is cheap. Hopefully somebody local will help you out with this question, but you can also find out some interesting information about Australian suburbs through the links on my page called Which Suburb? Can anyone recommend a nice area, we are all in our early 20’s. Got an offer for shared room at Clayton North for Single couple room (no furniture) with a family. Only outer suburbs of Melbourne will give you a rural feel – Belgrave in the East, Whittlesea in the North etc. If your comment doesn’t get answered, find out why….. Cheap and much better and secure. One has admission in Box Hill North and the other in Blackburn schools. Calculating Your Comfortable Family Income in Australia, Australian Cuisine and Some Foods I’ve Managed to Avoid, Spring in Australia and an Early Start to Bushfire Season, Bondi to Coogee Beach: A Sunday Walk Unlike Any Other, Moving to New Zealand Instead of Australia, RSL’s and Other Drinking Establishments in Australia. Makes sense, teachers come and go and so do students. I live in Balwyn and its a nice area. Being closer in, it is busier and there is more traffic but it is a trade off as there is better public transport, close to the city etc. But if you can get used to that, I would advise you to give it a shot. I’ll leave it to the locals to suggest any other reasons. Hopefully he will see your replies and continue the conversation up here. Thanks in advance! Areas such as Burwood, Surrey Hills and Box Hill are quite nice and around the 1 million mark for all of the suburbs. Thanks Louise x. I will leave that to my Melbourne readers Louise, I’ve only been there a few times so really don’t know it well enough. There is a tool on there, explained with a video, to help you check out schools in Australia. Those italicised usually have, or have had, Post Offices open under that name. A school can only do so much. Inner City municipalities and their suburbs (followed by their 4-digit postcodes) I think you might find it helpful though. Again, it depends on you. So I moved out. money driven? Hi May, My family is moving to Melbourne for the education of my 2 kids. Can anyone suggest please is it family friendly suburb? Needless to say, these suburbs are not trendy (at least not yet) I have secondary and primary age children and would like them to go to good schools. Hahahahahaahahahhaha Of course racism is everywhere but somehow I feel more secure around areas that are a bit more ‘mixed up’. also, how far is their University lodge from the main campus. I would like to be closer to the city, as it will improve my chances of finding work. It’s not just for Poms either . But I couldn’t stand it when all the apple orchards were swallowed up with houses. 18 years in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne here. All I wanted to say though is that just recently one of my other readers commented on how accurate Google maps are when using the directions function, just be sure to put in the correct time of day that you intend to make the journey and it will calculate your commute time. Australian Visas and Expression Of Interest (EOI): Caution! Now the houses are largely demolished and replaced with hundreds of flats. what areas would u suggest for a single person looking for some good activities around, shopping, eateries, and other leisure ameneties ? I’d like more rural type areas not too busy and city entering aged, I’ve looked into the eastern suburbs and near the beach fits me quite well to. Can I ask why you chose Melbourne if you like rural areas and the beach? Impressively enough people can afford a 900K home and still drive around in modest cars…etc. Tell us about your town or suburb in the comments below…. Another thing is to get used that even though you’d have to pay 600-700K, most of your neighborhood would be blue color, unlike in the US. I plan to get the Mitcham train daily? No doubt. Only decent public school around the East is Ringwood Secondary. Can you provide more detail? Hi, The downside of course is that you’ll need deeper pockets to live there – for many Hawthorn just isn’t an option. We will be in our 20’s so something that fits in with our generation too. And if you want ot save real money and don’t mind staying a bit farther, choose Melton. We have no problem with getting to the city as there is a lot of public transport.