The theory is that if you can break into secure intranets and websites, you can help design ways to keep hackers out. The companies that make gum and breath mints need evaluators to smell the breath of the people using the products. Input your search keywords and press Enter. 200+ Job Interview Questions List (PDF Practice Cheat Sheet Included), How To Write A Killer Resume Objective (Examples Included), Behavioral Interview Questions And Answers 101 (+ Example Answers), The Best Cover Letter Format For 2020 [3 Sample Templates], 8 Phone Interview Tips That Will Land You A Second Interview. It’s one of the best jobs for lazy people and those that tend to wallow in their slothful ways. Numerous companies are begging for people to teach others how to speak English. These ten occupations give you a great selection of jobs for lazy people, so it's time to get to work. Project Management. Ferrari Driving … Most employers require that clerks have a high school diploma or GED and provide on the job training. Emails offering secret shopper jobs are mostly scams so check through sources like employment agencies and department store HR departments for the real deal. Although legitimate mystery shopper jobs can be difficult to find, people who love to shop and eat at restaurants will adore this job. Home → Career Ideas → Jobs for Lazy People. Credit Score Range – What Is A Good Credit Score? While newspaper and magazine jobs are becoming harder to find, internet marketers, bloggers and advertisers constantly need fresh copy content and articles. When considering easy jobs that pay well, then an ESL English teacher is one of them. They simply sit in front of computers all day long. Once a writer becomes established he or she can make a decent, regular paycheck. If you like to live on the edge, this job may be for you. There are usually no educational or training requirements and start-up costs are fairly low. JEFF'S TIP: For many, what seems “easy” connects to their inherent strengths. While every job involves work, most people can find low-stress, easy jobs that they enjoy and are good at if they use a little creative thinking and do some research. Chances are nothing bad will happen while you are monitoring the property. Starting a blog may not bring you overnight riches, but it can eventually become your career and full-time income. If you tend to be more of a leader than a worker, then you may be perfect for project management. Publishers of romance novels, like Harlequin and Silhouette, usually pay an advance against royalties of up to $5,000 if you work is accepted. 10 Best Jobs for Single Moms in 2020 (Online & Work at Home Jobs), 10 Best Jobs For People With Autism in 2020, 10 Best Jobs for Retired Teachers in 2020 (Ex Teachers), 10 Great Jobs for the Blind & Visually Impaired in 2020, 10 Best Jobs For People With Anxiety in 2020. Security is necessary to watch over apartment complexes, warehouses, and everything in between. Although it sounds better than garbage collector, the job is basically the same. After a probationary period there are also generous benefits packages for full time workers. In most states (the exceptions are Oregon, Washington and California) restaurants are not required to pay servers state minimum wage since they receive tips. IT is a lucrative career path where people start out at around $80k each year. Responsibilities include a child’s meal, entertainment, maintaining discipline and safety, possibly developing education learning activities, and the ability to put the kids to bed at bedtime. Here are some other delivery driver jobs that pay well, and suitable for women. Walking large dogs through congested city streets is not easy and people who are elderly, disabled, out of town or just lazy are willing to pay a premium to have someone else exercise their beloved pets. The gig comes with a litany of procedures that must be followed to the letter. Babysitters should also probably know first aid techniques and CPR. Educational requirement: High school diploma or equivalent, plus extensive on-the-job training. There is homework like grading papers and writing evaluations and the pay varies widely between school systems. Security guards have an easy job. The trade requires hours of sitting and playing games or surfing the web while monitoring a building or parking lot. Up to $50,000; online admins monitor and moderate forums to protect users and check spam. Up to $80,000; requires flying lessons to acquire a pilot’s license to spray insecticides on crops at low altitudes over a field. Up to $20/survey; completing internet surveys is one of the easiest ways to make money online, and many stay-at-home parents use this method as a means for a second, side income stream. You can earn a good living while hardly lifting a finger. There are opportunities for advancement but this job is extremely stressful because there is constant pressure to perform. Everyone knows that hacking is illegal, but if you are a proficient hacker, government agencies and private computer security firms want your knowledge. Private detectives use their brains instead of their brawn. Up to $40,000; this job requires no real qualifications other than a friendly face and voice to greet people as they step into a store. You can blast your tunes as you head out on the highways across America. Are you a … While these jobs do not pay as well as some others, most employers are willing to adjust work schedules to fit the employee’s needs. Reps are considered self-employed and are responsible for their own tax liability. Bottom Line: the Chinese are eager to learn English, and many jobs focus their attention in this area of the world. No special training is required and salaries range from $35,000 to $100,000 per year. Unfortunately, none of these jobs would be considered “easy” – making money online is tough, and the auto, oil and gas and event planning industries are all highly competitive. Being an appraiser is one of the great jobs for lazy people. Due to her natural talent and great story lines, Amanda eventually developed a huge following and has made millions selling 1.5 million books via online platforms like Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other eBook sites. There’s a whole world out there waiting to be discovered, and someone will pay you well for your expertise. Up to $25/hour, depending on the number of children you need to watch; a babysitter needs to be responsible and good with children. You get to see some amazing sights and meet all kinds of interesting people. Pilots for the military are also shoe-ins with commercial airlines. Income depends on the sales representative’s ability and the amount of time invested, but senior reps can make over $100,000 per year. The key is the size of the congregation. The chances are that you won't encounter anything serious, and you probably won't need to carry a gun. Below I’ve listed, in alphabetical order, 55 fun jobs that pay well. Many individuals work remotely and can do their job from the comfort of home. Salaries are usually generous and government agencies may offer other incentives, especially to hackers who have been caught. There really are such things as well-paying entry-level jobs. Many elderly people do not require medical or personal care assistance but need help with household chores, shopping and transportation. Do you love telling others what to do? If you’re looking for that perfect job to … Sure, there may be some other special events, but most clergy members don't keep 9-5 hours. Flexibility and free meals are the biggest plus for food service professionals. Are you up for the challenge of critiquing the cooking of others? For all of us, getting paid is just a bonus since we would have cheerfully enjoyed our hobbies anyway. Some require a degree, but others want you to pass a test. If you are considering a new job or wondering what direction your life is headed, consider looking into some of these unusual, weird, cool, easy, or fun jobs that pay well. If you lend your expertise to the commercial sector, then you can make up to $126k each year. How could we ever live without the microwave or the television? Plus, you can make over $50k a year doing it. However, they may expect more too. A bachelor’s degree with a certification in education is required. If you're looking for the best job for lazy person, then you might want to consider going into the ministry. While hazmat technicians are in demand everywhere, crime scene cleaners usually find more employment opportunities in urban areas. No special training is required for housekeeper/companion jobs. Jobs are available with companies that sell everything from environmentally friendly cleaning products to lingerie and sexual aids. While the job has a few downsides, like unclogging toilets and sewer lines, the upside is the pay. For instance, New York City offers $100,000 for this career, while Pensacola, Florida offers trash collects a starting salary of $35,000.