Nevertheless, Eric put out Old Sock in 2013. 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[{"parent":{"title":"Get on the list","body":"Get exclusive information about Eric\u00a0Clapton tour dates, video premieres and special announcements","field_newsletter_id":"14073863","field_datasource":"[Artist Name]_website_newsletter_optin","field_label_list_id":"6518500","field_display_rates":"0","field_preview_mode":"false","field_lbox_height":"","field_lbox_width":"","field_toaster_timeout":"60000","field_toaster_position":"From Top","field_turnkey_height":"1000","field_mailing_list_params_toast":"&autoreply=no","field_mailing_list_params_se":"&autoreply=no"}}]. It seems that Eric's input is minor considering Polydor ordered another re-production of the content as it initially did not meet satisfactory levels. New Releases. The excellent, but incongruous, leadoff track, however, was "It's in the Way That You Use It," which Clapton and Robbie Robertson had written for Robertson's score to the film The Color of Money. Any fan of Clapton will love this one! Perhaps he hadn't had time to write or gather sufficient material to make a similarly effective album, since the result is a scattershot mixture of styles. Robert Johnson's songs that had given Eric some of his most defining moments as a guitar legend such as 'Crossroads' with Cream and 'Ramblin On My Mind' with the Bluesbreakers. 461 Ocean Boulevard is Eric Clapton's second studio solo album, arriving after his side project of Derek and the Dominos and a long struggle with heroin addiction. Freddie-King-oder Mose-Allison-Cover harmonieren mit John-Mayall-Songs und dem Clapton-Co-Write "Double Crossing Time", das er als Sänger aber lieber noch dem Chef überließ. It includes albums like 461 Ocean Boulevard, Slowhand, and Behind the Sun. Unable to process your request at this time. King and Eric Clapton is enormous, of course, and the real questions concern how it is organized and executed. 7/10, Reuniting with producer Glyn Johns, such mellowed good vibes are the calling card of I Still Do, which otherwise proceeds along the same path Clapton's records follow in the 21st century: he blends covers of well-worn blues standards with a couple of J.J. Cale tunes, a few old pop standards, a Bob Dylan chestnut, and original songs that draw upon aspects of all of these. „Ohne Kunst & Kultur wird’s still“: Hunderte Universal-Musiker*innen kommen für Protest-Aktion zusammen, „Ohne Kunst würden wir alle krank werden“ - Interview auf, Das sind die zehn besten Alben von Bruce Springsteen, You And I Will Meet Again: Die Karriere von Tom Petty in Bildern, Nick Cave und Kylie Minogue: Rare Szenen vom Dreh zu „Where The Wild Roses Grow“, Umfrage ergibt: Das sind die 10 besten Album-Cover aller Zeiten, Cool oder Pseudo? There are still elements of blues and rock & roll, but they're hidden beneath layers of gospel, R&B, country, and pop flourishes. That danger is partially realised; as its title indicates, Riding With the King is more about King than it is about Clapton. The real danger is that Clapton will defer too much; though he can be inspired by a competing guitarist such as Duane Allman, he has sometimes tended to lean too heavily on accompanists such as Albert Lee and Mark Knopfler when working with them in concert. Some might take issue with this, and others may find the album too slickly produced -- admittedly, blues albums should never boast a credit for Pro Tools, as this does -- but this is a heartfelt tribute that's among Clapton's most purely enjoyable albums. King a few years earlier. Bramlett's 10-track album mix without "Told You For the Last Time," is included in the Deluxe Edition released on CD in 2006. On 'Rush', Eric delivers some of his most passionate guitar playing in years, not since 'Slowhand' have we heard such catchy riffs and hooks by one of the best guitarists in the rock world. It was this effective albeit melancholic approach to writing music that Eric showed promise in, that would form the foundation of 1998's Pilgrim, his first album of new material since the 80's. Standing midway between Clapton's stint with the Yardbirds and the formation of Cream, this album featured the new guitar hero on a series of stripped-down blues standards, Mayall pieces, and one Mayall/Clapton composition, all of which had him stretching out in the idiom for the first time in the studio. With 1975's There's One in Every Crowd, Eric's talents were not in reggae, which is evident in the formulaic, forced sequels "Don't Blame Me", and the cover "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot", which a pleasant to listen to but they stray more towards a gospel, R'n'B sound instead of owing a lot to reggae. … Aside from these standout blues workouts, Clapton provides a surprise with two songs from his Blind Faith period. King seven years prior; a collaboration with J.J. Cale titled The Road to Escondido. Eric Clapton Another Ticket (1981) Silently issued in 1981 as a partial contract fulfilment for Eric's longtime association with Polydor Records, Another Ticket is an album that really should not have been made; a strenuous exercise for the catatonic Eric that pushed him over the edge into complete alcoholism, spending 1982 in rehab and recovery. 8/10, Since Eric revisited a straight-ahead, tribute-paying blues music making process on his strong comeback album 'Journeyman' he sounded renewed, inspired and arguably back from limbo to doing what he does best: the blues. However, 461 Ocean Boulevard is a tighter, more focused outing that enables Clapton to stretch out instrumentally.