Quentin Anthony. If there is nothing logically wrong with the drive, then it is definitely a mechanical issue. How does the clicking sound come into being? Please you can contact me on skype so i can share my screen with you to see the behaviour of the 2TB WD External Harddrive.My Skype ID is dami_b and my whatsapp gsmno is 2348032307740, i have the same issue now. Generally, the disk head moves smoothly to track data on the hard drive. Open the Start menu and type "disk management," and press Enter when the Create and Format Hard Disk Partitions option appears. If your hard drive is not showing up on your PC, you need to fix the clicking hard drive first before you can get back your data. You need a clean room and very special tools to repair the drive if it can be. Check and preview all lost hard drive data. The storage structure of the lost files would be altered or damaged by any changes on the drive. Often the heads snap off from a sharp bang. think its time to move to an ssd for him. As I have said before, the SA (System Area) of the hard drive is used to storing critical parameters and useful information which is needed for the normal usage of the drive. A HD is no different, if you banged it you kill it. But I don’t think it is a good idea for mainly 3 reasons: As a result, you don’t necessarily have to and you’re not suggested to open a hard drive to recover data off when hearing a clicking noise. Connect with us for giveaways, exclusive promotions and latest news. Please you can contact me on skype so i can share my screen with you to see the behaviour of the 2TB WD External Harddrive.My Skype ID is dami_b and my whatsapp gsmno is 2348032307740. Copying the data elsewhere since it's likely to occur again. Click the Create button. Then, save changes and exit. All these are possible causes of hard drive clicking. Please, please tell me someone found a fix- I have a Mac and Mac compatible external harddrive. Does anyone know how I can fix this or get my data back?"Â. When the problem attacks unexpectedly, the question gains the most concern from users is how to fix the clicking hard drive. If your hard drive is still detectable, don't hesitate to back up your files right now before you applying the methods provided below to fix the clicking hard drive. I have been using WD drives since 2012 and I now have 24 drives in total. As reference,most drive recoveries can be completed in around 10 to 12 hours for a 1-TB healthy hard drive in general conditions. Yeah, when you got nothing to lose why not! Or more importantly, how to recover data from the clicking hard drive. The case where the hard disk is not detected is a hardware issue and requires you to have an understanding of BIOS. Step 2: make a bootable CD/USB device with the Bootable Media Builder (which is included in a full edition of Power Data Recovery). Just get onto the WD website and log into the my support section. Find lost hard drive data from "Deleted Files", "Lost Files" or use "Filter" to quickly navigate the lost data. After finding your hard drive is making a clicking noise, you should stop using it for other purposes immediately, except for crash disk file recovery. In contrast, hard drive clicking and not detected turns into the most common symptom when it is the external hard drive that has been damaged somehow. I thought of opening and inspecting the heads and platters (drive has no critical data on it), pulled the HDD out and while holding it bottom up connected it to the power. The fixes for a clicking hard drive vary in difficulties. Double click on the target internal hard disk. And at the end of this passage, I’ll list some common mistakes people often make after hearing a clicking noise. If you save the recovered files back to the same drive, the original data structures and data content would be corrupted or overwritten, which causes permanent data loss. It’s clear that a large number of people care about this. Sarah is working as editor at MiniTool since she was graduated from university, having rich writing experiences. The hard drive is making clicking noise sometimes because of different failures. Then, press the “Save” button and choose a safe storage path for them. Bizarre. I don't have a warranty and the data is not backed up :(((. Nice. Browse to choose a safe location on your PC or other external storage devices to store these restored hard drive data. However, if the clicking hard drive is detectable but the files are not seen in the storage device, you need to recover data from the clicking hard drive using the reliable hard drive recovery software - EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. Surprisingly, the gravitational force made the trick with the heads! Carry out clicking hard drive recovery as soon as possible. —techradar, "Recover lost files, even after deleting a partition or formatting your drive." Absolutely No, Useful Methods for Clicking Hard Drive Recovery, Physical Damages on a Clicking Hard Drive, Mistakes People Often Make after Finding Clicking Hard Drive, the internal & bootable hard disk is corrupted, external hard drive fails to be detected on Windows. Clicking Hard Drive Recovery Is Difficult? Basically, the clicking noise on a hard drive is also known as hard drive click of death, it means that the System Area cannot be read anymore (the SA is set aside by manufacturer for the purpose of storing critical parameters; it contains very useful information necessary for the normal usage of the drive). I had that problem and went to office depot which is where I bought it. Wait for the scan and browse the found items carefully. When you hear a weird sound coming from your computer, please stop using it immediately; otherwise, the damage will be brought to your computer as well as the data saved here. and appears normally. Accessibility, WD external hard drive makes a repeated clicking sound. Please follow this to recover data with the bootable disk. @hippiesquirrel, Tom Boove, My WD Passport is clicking and continues to click when plugged into different computers, any suggestions? It is recommended to check the version installed is Free or Trial because they are different versions. After a while, maybe 10-20 minutes all of a sudden the clicking stopped and drive sounded normal. So for anyone whom does have a backup (and anything important should be backed up) then this is the best way to fix the problem. In the past six months I've had this happen twice so I am thankful that I always keep backups of everything. I put the drive into the second sata bay of my Clevo laptop and windows disk manager showed it was recognized as a drive but could not register or access any volumes. Tried utilities, web searches, youtube , different computers and ports. These noises arise when the drive connects to the computer because of a power- or cable-connection problem.