Pick up a few container size varieties to add texture, height and structure to your fall container garden. Not only in fall but heuchera provides year-round foliage interest. The other reason is that it comes in a wide array of textures, colors, and flowers. Not only will this rejuvenate your arrangements, it will lift your spirits and put you in an autumn frame of mind. Ornamental grasses are a great bargain this time of year, and are usually on clearance. The "thriller," Cephalotaxus, adds structure and height, while the mix of textures and movement of the other plants make for a standout container … When planted in containers, it billows over the edges in an unpredictable cluster of foliage and abundant flowers. This cheery plant can be grown easily in containers and goes along well with ferns and ornamental grasses and other fall flowers. Avoid overwatering lamb’s ear as its leaves trap moisture and can rot if the soil is saturated too long. Since they are colorful and full of nectar, they bring bees, butterflies, and color to your garden till late autumn and even winters in frost-free zones when most of your summer blooms have faded off. This showy accent plant comes in many different colors and holds its color well in full sun. A close cousin of Daisy, the Helenium features cheerful blooms in sunset-colors at the end of summer season. Creeping Jenny is one of the most popular “spiller” elements of mixed planters. Here are some ideas for container plants through cool, and into cold, weather. Goldenrod blooms in late summer to fall. Here are some ideas for container plants through cool, and into cold, weather. Pair this plant with other fall plants for a fabulous fall container garden display! Watch as Patuxent Nursery’s Annual Expert Flo is walks you through how to create the perfect fall planter! Here are 12 good ornamental plants to consider for your fall container gardens. Pair it with orange and white pumpkins for an eye-catching Halloween show, then tuck it into a planting bed to savor that dark foliage for years to come. That is why it is popular to plant in fall container gardens. While plant species have varying soil needs when planted in garden settings, most plants do quite well in containers filled with an ordinary general-purpose potting soil. I believe these are unique flowers and plants that are grown on balcony garden. Sedum. Growing them in containers is also super easy, and they grow in almost every climate. The orchid-like flowers of toad lilies blossoms at the time when most plants have finished blooming, from late summer to the end of the fall. It thrives in full sun and can grow up to 18 inches tall. They’re one of the most popular flowers in the world and available in so many colors. Some of the best plants to grow in your fall containers are these hearty greens and herbs: 1. Add texture with fall plants. Its silvery green leaves and dense foliage make an excellent “filler” element to mixed planters. Fall Container Plant Ideas Once the cool, crisp evening air arrives in autumn and pumpkin spice cycles back to the market, porch flower planters become a staple of every household. They have a long flowering period and require full sun to thrive. A successful fall container comprised of a combination of autumn stars can give your doorstep, porch, or window box a few months of new life and a graceful transition into the year's colder months. They require well drained dry soil and it is better to avoid watering the foliage when possible. Spiller: Cascades over the side of the pot. Any plant with ornamental interest or a mounding growth habit. Black-leafed plants make ideal choices for fall containers. It’s often grown in patio pots and hanging baskets to enhance curb appeal.