Social Media Generally, this would be where an entrepreneur would put an overview of his or her company, what it does, and what it’s mission is. I'm happy to offer a FREE Resource Package to anyone who joins my mailing list. Long time silicon valley strategist Sheridan Tatsuno likens market research to setting up a target, and marketing to shooting the arrow at it. For a film or media project, instead use the name of the project, the name of your production company, and the onesheet for your project. July 2019 Distribution So it should be no surprise that no sensible investor will invest that amount into any kind of business venture on the basis of a script alone. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. Every time you browse Netflix or the local cinema schedule, you are making a split-second decision on what you’ll invest your 2 hours (and 20-30 bucks) into. I know we all want to keep the surprises and plot twists secret, but the industry generally doesn’t have time for that. If we are looking for investment, it’s a business idea. Not only because it's … International Are you talking with Sales Agents? September 2019 March 2019 Film Markets Email Marketing March 2020 Career Growth February 2019 Therefore, to raise funds you need extra materials which will sell the ideas and the business plan behind your project. Grants Samples of my Pitch Deck Work. But of you’ve never heard of them, you’ll give them a few seconds – unless something about the movie grabs you in those first few seconds. The formula we’re taught in Film School is generally built around a studio pitch. Marketing Materials Film Industry In short, How will you stand out from the pack when others don’t? This slide is where an entrepreneur or filmmaker focusus on the size of the market and how they plan to access it. What have you accomplished so far? Producer contact details should be included somewhere in the document too. Join our weekly newsletter featuring inspiring stories, no-budget filmmaking tips and comprehensive equipment reviews to help you turn your film projects into reality! • Self Distribution In a standard company pitch, slide 2 and 3 would be the problem that the company seeks to solve, and the solution it offers. Film Budgeting All rights reserved. While Film is a highly speculative and inherently risky investment, and most film investors don’t invest in film solely for the ROI, they need to know you have a path to get their money back to them. On this page include casting ideas for the characters in the script. AFM Focus on why you and your team are uniquely qualified to not only bring this film to completion, but deliver a quality product that can give an excellent ROI to all involved. Business Plan You don’t have to include the whole beginning, middle and end. Is this film harking back to a golden age of cinema with a new twist? This requires some visual design skills. Script Whatever you use to design it, you’ll need to export it as a PDF file, as this format is easily viewed by anyone. Do you have any talent attached? Generally, you’ll need a few of the major line items from your topsheet budget. Think about it – even getting someone to invest 2 hours reading your script is hard enough, let alone $2m. Generally, this would be your Go-To Market strategy. The best pitch decks stick to the rule of threes on each slide. All rights reserved. Remember this is a business proposal. Marketing Or is it breaking new ground and pushing the boundaries of the cinematic experience for the 21st century? The following pages can be in the order you consider best…. Staged Financing However, industry professionals read and watch 1000s of movies and movie scripts. The image will need to fit well into the genre of the movie. July 2016 Film Marketing November 2018 I have had the pleasure to see filmmakers who created a “general company” around their total filmmaking and media work, not just an LLC for a specific film. Those materials can include a variety of media such as trailers, short films, lookbooks, videos, images, text, financial projections and so on. Check out the movie quotes below and test your … So, how do YOU make the decision to choose a film to watch? It’s pretty easy to find samples of this formula for regular companies on. August 2018 I’ve been calling it a “pitch doc” and a “pitch pdf”. Look Book Those materials can include a variety of media such as trailers, short films, lookbooks, videos, images, text, financial projections and so on. International Sales Distributors Indiefilm They simply want to know if you’ve designed a solid product, so it’s might be worth spending 2 precious hours reading your script (rather than one of the other 357 they’ve been emailed). Waterfalls, This post originally appeared on Join my email list for a FREE deck template, Submit your project for review and guidance. Figure out WHY your story needs to be told, and it can’t just be that you’re an artist and it’s in your soul. That first paragraph needs to be a killer, doesn’t it? On the last page, you might want another strong image to leave people with (assuming they got this far). This page includes a general overview of the project. October 2019 © 2020 Mobile Motion. Your silver medal from school sports day 100 meters sprint doesn’t need to be there. Why is the subject matter so important? The 12 Slides you Need in your IndieFilm Investment Deck - WITH TEMPLATE. What is the director’s vision for the look and feel of the finished film? My name is Ben, I'm an Entrepreneur, Producer's Rep, and Author. Airbnb Pitch Deck. Focus on why your film or media project will stand apart from the competitors and has the best chance to make a profit. If we have never had any contact with the real film industry, we might imagine ourselves buzzing on 6 shots of espresso (or something else), as we nail a one minute verbal pitch to Mr Big Shot Mogul in a Hollywood studio elevator. This is something that even professionals who estimate ROIs don’t always follow. You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. Producer's Rep How Good is the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G for Shooting Video. • As such it’s not the filmmakers job to pitch their projects on anything except story when working within that system. If you’re a fan of the filmmaker already, most likely you’ll give them more time. April 2018 You need to emphasize why your film should be the one they invest in. You are usually looking to summarise the entire plot, from beginning to end. The front page should be dominated by a single image which has the power to sell your film idea. If you include an actor who costs $20m per picture but your budget is $1m then the figures don’t add up. May 2017 June 2016 April 2017 I think as filmmakers we need to be clear in our understanding: if we are funding our own movie, it’s an art project.