Listen for differences in tone, technique, style, improvisation and anything else that interests you. Henry Haag (Harry) James was an actor and musician, best known as a trumpeter, who led a swing band during the Big Band Swing Era of the 1930s and 1940s. Then of course his virtuosity. Trumpet Players. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. In 1922 he formed a group known as “King Oliver and his Creole Jazz Band” which was quite successful. Some of the best play well in any style but there are definitely specialists. Lee Morgan was born in Philadelphia and died in New York. She was born on 7 October 1978 and died at the age of 40. Vote up the greatest trumpet players of all time. Wilder was... James Dorsey (February 29, 1904 – June 12, 1957) was an American jazz clarinetist,... James Lloyd Morrison AM (born 11 November 1962) is an Australian jazz musician. It is widely assumed that he committed suicide. John Birks (Dizzy) Gillespie was born in South Carolina and died in New Jersey. 1 on the U.S. Listen to Chirs Botti’s very tasteful, slight airy, beautiful sound. He studied with Clifford Brown, a well known trumpet player at the time. Those lists are generally skewed either towards Jazz, Commercial or Classical Trumpet players. Legendary Famous Trumpet Players Old Dead Guys Whose Recordings Will Live Forever on YouTube – Real Trumpet Heroes! After that, he continued to expand his magic with electric instruments. Just watch and listen to Wynton’s flawless technique. He recorded many albums before his death as most young trumpeters have benefited from it. Which Artist Would You Bring Back From The Dead To Write One More Song? Herb Alpert is known for having easy to listen to trumpet music that appeals to a big audience. As a fourth generation trumpet player in my family, I started playing the trumpet when I was 5 years old. This list of notable trumpeters is ordered by their level of prominence, and can be sorted for various bits of information, such as where these historic trumpeters were born and what their nationality is. His career blossomed when he joined the famous Gerry Mulligan Quartet. His incredible musicality and improvisation  skills. Musicians Who Belong In The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. The trumpet is an important instrument across many genres. Having said that. He was a jazz cornet player and bandleader and was particularly recognized for his playing style and his pioneering use of mutes in jazz, He was also a notable composer, and was the mentor and teacher of Louis Armstrong. However, trumpet is not the only instrument he plays, as he is also a virtuoso on the trombone, euphonium, saxophone and more…. He was born in New Orleans. Trumpet Sheet Music for The Last... © 2020 Copyright Trumpet Heroes. He was known as a Jazz cornet bandleader and player. Please listen to the whole video to really get a good picture of Sergei’s playing. I also appreciated your insights on each one. He had some great stories  – I think that’s a future post. In 1927, he joined the renowned Paul Whiteman Orchestra, but his stint there marked a precipitous decline in his health which was aggrevated by the bandleader’s relentless touring and recording schedule. ), See more random thoughts of the trumpet player…. He could also sing and play the piano. Here is a free copy of the Last Post Trumpet sheet music and some tips for playing it at your school's or community's Remembrance Day ceremony on November 11. He left the Whiteman band in 1930 died the following year in his New York apartment at the age of 28. Who are the top trumpeters in the world? You can hear their techniques and tone shining through, and knowing their history and musical discography will create immediate opportunities for you to discover your own sound. He is also one of the absolute most famous trumpet players today. The Best Herb Alpert SongsThe Best Herb Alpert Albums of All Time, The Best Ornette Coleman Albums of All Time#10 of 69 The Greatest Jazz Saxophonists of All Time, #337 of 363 Musicians Who Belong In The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame#490 of 1,891 The Greatest Musical Artists of All Time, #95 of 124 The Best Jazz Guitarists in the World#20 of 53 The Best Jazz Trombonists in the World, #67 of 126 The Best Dixieland Bands/Artists#4 of 19 The Best Trad Jazz Artists, The Best Benny Carter Albums of All Time#31 of 190 The Greatest Saxophonists of All Time, #3 of 57 The Greatest Cornetists of All Time#43 of 102 The Best Musical Artists From Louisiana. Who are the top trumpeters in the world? Best Trumpet Books & Publish Your Own Book. Read more on wiki here, (March 15, 1916 – July 5, 1983) was an American musician who is best known as a trumpet-playing band leader who led a big band from 1939 to 1946. In honor of the many amazing trumpet players from various eras and parts of the world, here are 10 famous trumpet players of all time (in no particular order): Agility, speed and tonguing. Most good musicians enjoy collaborating with other good players, and these Trumpet players show up in all kinds of interesting places with lots of other great artists. She is indeed a motivation for other female players. Eddie retired to my area from the San Francisco Symphony and the San Francisco Opera and thought he was going to hang up his horns. He has great control over the upper register and never sacrifice musicality because of this, as he is one of the few trumpeters that can match high notes and music tastefully. Arturo Sandoval (born november 6, 1949) is a trumpet virtuoso, composer, arranger and multi Grammy award winner born in Cuba, but now living in America. Of course,  also listen to how much heart he puts into the music. Joseph Benjamin Wilder was an American jazz trumpeter, bandleader, and composer. He is among the most influential and acclaimed figures in the history of jazz and 20th century music. …well, OK, there are none, and the piece is DIFFICULT! I had no idea what a trumpet was or who Al Hirt was back then. His musical accomplishments include five number one albums and 28 albums total on the Billboard charts, eight Grammy Awards, fourteen platinum albums and fifteen gold albums. These include classical and modern forms of music, but the most famous trumpet players inevitably hail … Read more on wiki here, September 12, 1916 – April 29, 1981) was an American jazz trumpeter known for his long period as a member of Duke Ellington’s orchestra and for his wide range (more than five octaves), especially his playing in the higher registers. Listen to how Arturo uses rhythmic accents in his improvisation. Wayne Bergeron is an American jazz/lead trumpeter who has had an incredible rich music career, for example playing lead trumpet with the, one and only, great legend, Maynard Ferguson.