Thanks, I just got the Aeon library, its fresh. Hey there! A bunch of these are pretty old, but new to me in the last year, but I've been using the shit out of them: Sound Dust - Flutter Dust - the guy who makes these is so fucking clever. This is a nice list of some great Kontakt libraries from 2017. Love Konkakt. However, the FX and design tools they've given are great. This free Kontakt library comes with 4 Sound sources, 2gb of content, 25 Pulse instruments, LFOs, Step, Arpeggiator, Looper™, Basic & Advanced modes and no time limit on Kontakt (Full version) But damn, I can't tell you how many times I've reached for this library and it's just worked. Sound Dust - Ghost Dulcitone - this thing is amazing. First off, it's a sampled Dulcitone, so that's already awesome. I really like a lot of SoundIron's stuff, as well as Embertone, Insusurro, Output, and Realivox but you should really check out as they have a ton of third party developers Kontakt libraries (OK, full disclosure I have my CTFX libraries on their site as well) but really, there's a ton of off-the-wall nice sample libraries on there that are very affordable, from acoustic instruments to synths and sound design. Hey there visitor! I use it a ton. [QUOTE=Michael Khan;9592522]nobody mentioned east west? Surely everyone that uses Native Instruments’ industry standard Kontakt sampler has at least 1 favorite free library or instrument.. What I’ve compiled here is a list of my personal favorites.. Oh damn, one I totally forgot (in my answer on your other thread). Soundiron's Glitch Hero is a great shout if you like micro-percussion, although a bit of a cheat for 2017 as it's a compilation of previous libraries. However, recording a real instrument or buying sample libraries can turn out quite pricey. The library sounds gorgeous when soaked in reverb and is perfect for slow moving, expressive cello lines and fast, choppy spiccato lines. Acoustic Guitar: Strummed sounds good but has it's limitation in real studio work, generally use Real Guitar. Just a friendly reminder that political discussion, (including "offhand" and 'sideways' commenting) is. Affordable and great sounding. Kontakt library released in 2017 or just in general? Hey, its 2018 now and I was wondering what was your favorite kontakt library of 2017 or a library worth mentioning. Learn more. Favorite Kontakt Library. One of my happiest purchases. Neo soul keys, Mojo Horns, Scarbee Jay Bass and P Bass, & rhodes. Any newer Kontakt libraries that you guys recommend?