"For The Birds" is another slick, colourful vignette from the wonderful Pixar animation studio, a delightful moral tale, and simply essential viewing for anyone following their remarkable output. The electrical wires and poles, ground and birds themselves are computer animated whereas the background of blue skies and fluffy white clouds is hand painted, and it should be noted that this is Pixar’s first attempt at animating feathers against moving backgrounds. Their mannerisms are perfectly hilarious. Is this really what it looks like? people (well birds :)) shouldnt makefun of people the way theyc look. | Why did they name it for the birds? Change ). It is a masterpiece of animation acting that is funny, touching and emotive. ( Log Out /  I wonder why they were making fun of the big bird. : The Story of Pixar Animation Studios, https://pt.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Coisas_de_Pássaros&oldid=58105203, Filmes premiados com o Oscar de melhor curta-metragem de animação, Curtas-metragens de animação dos Estados Unidos, !Artigos que carecem de fontes desde abril de 2013, !Artigos que carecem de fontes sem indicação de tema, Atribuição-CompartilhaIgual 3.0 Não Adaptada (CC BY-SA 3.0) da Creative Commons. There is lots of sayings that laughing is the best medicine and its true I always feel better when I laugh at stupid things! Tex Avery would have probably loved this one! Lá estão distribuídos uma dezena de pássaros azuis que compartilham o espaço. Here we have a group of birds choosing to shun an outsider. Yeah, same. Este texto é disponibilizado nos termos da licença. by the jordster! Or is it Photoshopped? The incredible detail of each individual feather had to (and did) take years to perfect. This brings us to a discussion of moral lessons or parables within Pixar’s productions, which are known to follow the same central theme of self-improvement that guides the company itself. It got more laughs in its 5 minutes than Monsters Inc got during its 90. I think you have posted this video for you to see what we would write. It is also available on home video versions of the … It premiered on June 5, 2000, at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival in France, and was shown alongside the theatrical release of the 2001 Disney/Pixar feature film Monsters, Inc. Okay an hour, if like me you watch it twenty times, and then watch it again. The birds portrayed are easily the funniest looking birds I have ever seen. The rest is icing on the cake. Os pássaros azuis uniram-se em torno de um objetivo comum, o que poderia ser considerado positivo se esta energia toda fosse direcionada para ações em prol do grupo como um todo, aí incluído o fruto da discórdia, ou seja, o clone do Garibaldo. I will also touch on the presence of moral lessons or central themes as integral to Pixar’s mission as a company. The filmmakers also employ a range of camera shots such as the long shot to communicate the differences in size, form between the birds as well as the social distance between them. I think that they are pretty stupid and dumb birds. The author’s message is not to fight because the other bird flew off the line and the birds crashed. I think the author is trying to make us laugh but they are also trying to prove that you shouldn’t laugh at people because they look different. Close up shots are mixed with medium shots and jump cuts to build tension in the story, featured most effectively when the two birds realise all too late the consequences of pecking or shall we say, metaphorically speaking – bullying and excluding behaviours. Apesar disso, ele resolve posicionar-se na mesma fiação elétrica e se coloca bem no meio do bando de aves hostis e irônicas quanto ao desajeitado visitante. What is the author’s message? De qualquer modo, o desfecho do curta é também um alerta para aqueles que não admitem a heterogeneidade e que não agem em prol da tolerância. In fact, this short was screened theatrically prior to Monsters Inc and later released on Monsters Inc 3D DVD. The film is obviously about prejudice. That the little birds are in our ages teens because they are about medium sized. It was alright, but I don't think that the humor was the best part of it. I think the authors meassage is dont pick on people that are smaller than you, size doesent matter. For The Birds Short Film Analysis 1. Hi Miss Cook i think that it was a bit funny that the big bird pushed the other bird of the power line but as Ashton sayed VERY RUDE i think the others message is that pick on people you own size and i think you put it on to make as think about our actions. I think that the small birds look like the birds of the game ‘Angry Birds’. What are the birds ages? That the biggest bird is the silliest one out of all(and dumbest). Por isso mesmo, age como se nada estivesse a acontecer. Visually, the combination of bright yet soft visuals and non-diagetic outdoor sounds and placid musical soundtrack convey a rather peaceful and still mood. I think it is a bit rude when they all lost their feathers and they were naked. Ao se reunirem para agir de má-fé, contaminando o ambiente, gerando mal-estar e sabotando o visitante que tentava se integrar a coletividade, os pássaros azuis acabaram por prejudicar-se. Don't worry though, those plucky minions will get their just desserts, in the form of being propelled to the outskirts of the atmosphere with the velocity of a transatlantic Boeing 747. I love it when little cartoons like these win an Oscar. ( Log Out /  Quando ainda está à distância já é possível perceber que sua presença não será fácil entre os pássaros azuis. Being mean to those who are different is pointless. Hi Miss Cook, In a way the birds were bullying each other just because of their size and looks. . Não há, é claro, a certeza do êxito individual ou coletivo quanto alguém se integra ao seu grupo de trabalho, mas o mínimo que se espera é que este contratado que chega tenha meios e possibilidades de tornar melhor a vida de todos, seja em termos da convivência e/ou da produtividade e dos consequentes resultados que surgirão. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. I think the authors message is to make all the kids in the world that have cancer and all the other deseises be happy and forgret about their worries. I loved when they teased the bigger goofier looking bird. Because the little birds didn’t accept the big bird as he was different they ended up losing there fethers and looking like idiots. Why did they make the storyline about birds? It tells us that different doesn't necessarily equal inferior. The variety of facial expressions and wing gestures in conjuction with diegetic sounds emitted such as tweeting, squeaking, squawking, chirping, wheezing, sighing, calling also commands attention as it is in stark contrast to the peaceful environment. I don't know whether he is tolerable, confident or simply naïve, but I liked how he insisted to stay among them despite everything. Who made the video? Coisas de Pássaros (em inglês, For The Birds) é um filme de curta-metragem de animação produzido com computação gráfica pela Pixar Animation Studios em 2000. Ser diferente neste contexto ou em qualquer outra circunstância, em filmes ou na vida real, significa oportunidade e não, como pensam alguns, problemas. Bird owners are sure to get a special kick out of this one. Im going to finish off my questions: Also I think that they dumb and they wanted to make him go upside down! ( Log Out /  Have you used this video in class? Was the creator trying to make them think that this video is funny? For The Birds Short Film Analysis 1. I think that when I watched it the little birds were kind of Rude trying to get the big bird off the line. This is a wacky little short that is about one big and dumb bird and his dealings with lots of mean little birds. If someone does pick on you dont you pick on them or be mean back to them. I think it is rude. It really was THAT hilarious. When a director can combine a visually joyful piece that is poignant as well as entertaining to anyone of any age, an Oscar is deserved. A flock of small birds goof around on a telephone wire, tease a large flamboyant bird (who is basically their Jar-Jar Binks), then wind up with their feathers floating in the air, and Jar-Jar bird laughing at them. This is your homework which is due on Friday 12th October. It’s easy to feel comfortable with a crowd of others like you, but picking on the outsider can be silly. I think this video is very funny I like the part where the birds fling off the line and lose all there feathers and it looks cool when the big bird hops on the line and all the birds fall next to the big bird it looks like the big bird is the head and the body and the little birds are the wings. ( Log Out /  The message here may be muddled and a bit heavy-handed (I mean, the small birds wouldn't have fallen, if that goofy bird hadn't perched on the wire in the first place), but the film is really has more than meets the eye. It won the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film in 2001. Change ), Supporting Global Collaboration since 2011, TEAM 2/3L - Together Everyone Achieves More, A student from Liddiard Road Primary School Traralgons blog, Smile! Close up shots focus the audiences’ attention on the decisions that central characters in the story make, such as the puffing of feathers to mock the large bird or the idea of pecking to push the big bird out of their territory.