The duvet of feathers is what helps keeps the chicken warm in winter. Diana. Either way, I still want your coop. “Vaganus”, HA! It was my father’s favourite part of the chicken for eating. Tail and tail feathers – The tail is used for balance while walking and, in flying, as a rudder for up – and – down and side – to – side motion. Green earlobes = green eggs. Thank you so much Karen for adding a new word to our almost-but-not-quite-naughty vocabulary. Since hawks like to carry off their prey, I created something like a maze in the chicken yard using bamboo, a broken fence panel, and cuttings from the fruit trees I’ve been pruning.. DIFFERENCES BETWEEN MALE AND FEMALE CHICKENS THAT SHOULD HELP IN IDENTIFICATION: Size – The male will grow taller and usually weighs between 0.5 kg and 1 kg more than females of the same age upon reaching maturity. Wow, learn something new every day! In addition, males have sickle feathers in their tails and hackle feathers on their backs which and females do not have. ?” you’ll know the answer. Their Light Sussex has white feathers that cover its entire body with its hackle and tail feathers having black edgings. You can see in this post. It all comes out of the same place. As an owner of chickens myself, I found this to be interesting. So. The chicken’s comb is considered an organ because it has such a vital function. Depending on the breed, the breast muscles are either normally or highly developed. I’m not sure if I just violated our company internet use policy with the vent. Thank you for these pics. Or I may be Vegan now. These include the tibia, femur, pubic bone, ribs, ulna, toes and scapula. Chickens cannot fly very well. Tail Coverts. We have a six year old Buff and she gets broody every Spring, for about a month’s duration, every single year. I haven’t been following as closely as I should, but wasn’t there a possible legal issue about you keeping chickens in your neighborhood? ~ karen. The gene that’s responsible for the colour of the earlobe is also responsible for the colour of the egg. The trachea looks like a thin plastic tube with rings around it. One of the neighbour kids fathers cycled past me today, did a U turn and came back to thank me for advising them against chickens. And third, it functions as the teeth of the chicken, enabling the bird to break grass, fruit and other foods into pieces small enough to swallow. but seriously – that was interesting – hope looking at this porn doesn’t mean I have to wipe my ‘history’. But how did you ever get those chickens to be still enough to get those shots. It just never ends does it? To log in you need to a be a member of Poultry Club SA. The neck aid in the reaching of food located on the ground. The size of the head has been reduced significantly when compared to other species. Digestive enzymes are secreted into the stomach where the first stage of chemical breakdown occurs. Air enters through the nostrils then goes down a tube called the trachea, located right beside the esophagus. A chicken with white earlobes lays white eggs. See the Anatomy and physiology to understand the Lifestyle of the chicken, In a web full of cats pictures – this is so refreshing! Horner likened giving a chicken a dinosaurlike tail to breeding a wolf into a Chihuahua, except that it was on an accelerated timescale. A chicken has fourteen neck vertebra that are small and highly flexible. The final part of the digestive system is called the vent, which might refer to as the animal’s bottom. How to choose the perfect breed of chicken for you- including our top 5 beginner picks. You should avoid touching the chicken where it has pin feathers coming in because it can be painful for them. If your chicken is obviously in distress from the heat (panting vigorously, lethargic, slumped looking with a pale comb) you need to cool them down right away. Adult males have distinguishably different feathers from those of adult females. The Happy Chicken Coop - All Rights Reserved, Corn and Soy Meal Free – By removing corn and soy meal we can guarantee the finest quality of feed free from genetically modified organisms that your hens simply don’t need. LOL. Everyone knows that a rooster crows while a hen doesn’t. The sternum has a carina, which is a large kneel. Cuddles (mixed breed) with her pea comb. It should be clean(ish), free of poop not smelly. One of the largest bones is the breast bone or sternum. Pea comb – Pea combs are a series of small, short bumps. The heart and lungs of a chicken function in the same way as these of most other animals. Of course these wonderful little organs, actually the largest in the hen’s body, are so very tasty. There’s no nutritional difference or taste difference between white, brown, blue or green eggs. Death often follows anything going wrong with a chicken’s health. Good Lord. In the above photo, the saddle feathers are white and spill out on either side of the tail. South African Rare Breeds Poultry Association. VAGANUS. Moreover, the intestine and inner part of the cloaca are kept shut by the emerging egg, and their contents cannot leave when the hen strains to deliver the egg. Or ass coating. Vocal expressions – Everyone knows that a rooster crows while a hen doesn’t. There are 84 calories in 1 Chicken Tail. The look on the hen’s face in the first vent photo is priceless! It is so large that it covers more than half of the body cavity. Or, for a more subtle insult, calling someone a vent.