That is really fascinating, and I appreciate your teaching tips.I have joined your feed and look ahead toin quest of more of your wonderful post. All of these activities are best done independently to keep the tranquility flowing. Another great way to incorporate music is through the use of instruments, particularly rhythm sticks. Oh yeah, and these ESL activities for teenagers will also work for any foreign language teaching. Cooperation is key in this activity as students must work together to form sentences. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. The even better news is that you can use this complete lesson plan that includes a warm-up, conversation questions, vocabulary, and writing prompts. Make your final English class something special by having an auction! Offer gentle feedback and error correction. The goal is to practice speaking English. Really, anything that can be spoken orally can also be “tapped.”. Mad Libs is always good for some serious silliness. It’s the perfect way to elicit some opinions from your teenagers about current events or controversial topics. It’s so easy to get out of bed on a Friday. You may even consider getting them to make a family tree for a homework assignment, or consider doing it in class. Here are  some of our top picks: Learning how to tell time is a classic unit in almost all ESL textbooks for kids. Take a look at this activity here: Do you like these ESL games and activities for kids? Play some fun ESL vocabulary games with them! “Grass”. Concentration is one of my favorite ESL games for teenagers because it’s an excellent way to calm a rowdy class. Did you try one of the games or activities from this list? Also, be sure to make your expectations clear so that you get the best results. Well, that’s great for children I hear you saying, but what about adults? Great fun with children and adults alike. Speaking. If you want to add a bit of an academic punch, incorporate current classroom themes and concepts. Then, they try to think of one word for each letter related to a certain topic. If you’re looking for some fresh, new ideas for your English classes, check out these ESL games for teens. By making it obvious that you’ll be the one deciding who works with whom, no one will get upset or try to fuss. When you teach English to middle school or high school students, it can be quite challenging. Welcome to Fun English Games for Kids! It is. Teach a class! The first mistake many teachers make when assigning pair work is letting students choose their pairs. If you teach English to children, try out these 10 ESL activities for kids that are guaranteed to make your classes awesome and your lesson planning as painless as possible. Add text together using their thoughts and words. From spelling to grammar to phonetic, JumpStart’s English activities are the most convenient way of teaching the language to kids! For this game, you will need either a board and projector or some realia. Tips for English Learners (6 Book Series), Talk Program in South Korea: Teach and Learn in Korea, LikeShuo Guide for Teaching English Online: Salary, Hours, Reviews, SayABC Teaching English Online Guide: Hours, Salary, Interview & More. Any ideas for games? It can be used in a variety of scenarios and tailored according to specific grammar or vocabulary points that you’ve been reviewing in class. can take anywhere. We guarantee that they’ll be speaking, listening, writing, or reading English like stars! Games for learners. It’s difficult! I use it mostly for matching vocabulary words with definitions, but you can adapt it to suit lots of other stuff as well. These fun ESL games for teenagers cover a wide range of skills, from speaking to writing to listening and reading, and many of them cover more than one skill at a time. Able to have a wall of text on the PowerPoint? Do your students know the English names for parts of the body? It’s the one that we wish we had years ago when we first started our teaching careers. They are just harder to design and make them fun. Here are 7 great ESL pair work activities that you can use in a variety of ways to get your students talking. We’ve been talking ESL since 2015 and our goal is to bring you the best, unbiased recommendations. Here are some of the best ideas: Parts of  the body is another one of those units or topics that you can find it almost any  ESL textbook for children. Learn more here: 3 Things English Writing Activity. You then continue around the circle with the students adding more and more items until somebody isn’t able to remember all of the list. It is a great way to win pre-schoolers back if you find you have lost their attention part way through a class.