Now she tries to hide her original identity and a comedic drama ensues. A great mix of drama and comedy, the series presents maturing relationships and career choices in a fun way. Check Out Arrested Development on Netflix. What I love about this series is that most of the times, the jokes feel natural. The series is quite funny and the writing is extremely witty. Our editorial content is not influenced by any commissions we receive. Our kids have loved exploring the shows and movies on Netflix as well. There has never been a show quite like Big Mouth. RELATED: 10 Quirky Shows Like Netflix's Russian Doll. The series follows a single Army veteran who struggles to raise her two children as she navigates her life both in America and her hometown, Cuba. In summation, The Office is the best comedy series on Netflix bar none. Some of them are movies, while others are series shows. The series even had many of the original writers and performers return, including comedians Paul F. Tompkins and Scott Aukerman. In the second season, the "filmmakers" investigate a new incident at a Catholic private school. The series is a funny take on an immigrant’s life and how one deals with the American dream and challenges. The fourth and final series was launched on September 20, 2019. Created by Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch, GLOW is a treat to watch. So without further delay, let’s get started! So, if you want to board the train of non-stop laughter, start watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia right now. If you liked our selection of comedy series or you feel some of your favorites are missing, do comment down below and let us know. We will be happy to take a look. Check Out Orange is the New Black on Netflix. Starring Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, the show first aired on the on IFC on January 21, 2011, and ran for eight seasons, ending on March 22, 2018. Do not miss this sitcom for its harmless jokes on red-tapism in America. The series has funny characters and the writing is on point. Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is a unique, non-fiction series created and hosted by the world’s most popular comedian, Jerry Seinfeld. For example, there are a lot of great dramas out there right now, but much of it tends to be too long (who has time for 70-minute episodes?) You should watch Lovesick for its unusual story and hilarious face-offs. The five characters are woven great into the story, showing their lack of conviction and enthusiasm to accomplish anything. Toast of London is quite funny in its writing, depicting the life of a successful actor past his prime. It’s about a middle-class family living in southern Chicago. Check Out Crazy Ex-Girlfriend  on Netflix. Well, that just goes on to show how interesting this American romantic musical comedy-drama television series is. Arrested Development is a comical take on a formerly wealthy family who lost everything after the sole breadwinner is convicted in a fraud. You should not miss this fantastic show. If you want more comedy heaven, check out our list on best comedy movies on Netflix. The series is quite funny depicting how the IT department of every company resolve issues despite their incompetence. Check Out It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia on Netflix. Despite its focus on serious issues, the show is often hilarious and isn't afraid to have fun with its premise. The show might be filled with all kinds of silly moments and wall-to-wall jokes, but unlike the sitcom it most resembles (30 Rock, also created by Fey), Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt adds an extra thematic layer to its story by allowing Kimmy to grow from being a victim to being a successful woman who rebuilds her life and never gives up. You are going to thoroughly enjoy this short series for its great story and epic one-liners. You would laugh hysterically at their out of the world expectations. We also subscribe to Netflix and have found some very fun and entertaining shows we might not have otherwise watched. The pair returned to sketch comedy once again with their Netflix series, W/ Bob & David. The show is created by the Hollywood insider Chuck Lorre so you can expect witty writing and authentic depiction of what goes behind in Los Angeles. It also includes some other notable names like Sam Richardson, Vanessa Bayer, Cecily Strong, and Will Forte. It’s a British sitcom which follows a teenager Otis Milburn who is not good at sex and does not have much knowledge on this subject. You should definitely watch this British adaptation of The Office to laugh at our everyday, mundane life at the office. One Day at a Time is a brilliant TV series about the ups and downs of life told with a dash of humor. There are a few Star Wars titles on Netflix, and while Rogue One is a great movie, it might be a little dark for younger members of the family. Check Out Parks and Recreation on Netflix. You can go ahead and easily pick any one of them and start binge-watching. Debuted on October 12, 2015, on The CW, the TV series had a fantastic run for four seasons, ending on April 5, 2019. It’s the best thing on Netflix right now. You should not miss this gem of a show. But the impromptu conversation that follows in the car is hilarious and quite entertaining. It has two series of six episodes and each of them has a fun-filled Christmas Special. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt might be over, but there is never a bad time to dive into this hilarious, joke-filled comedy from Tina Fey and Robert Carlock. The series may look serious, but believe me, it’s a riot of laughter. Netflix has some of the best comedy TV shows to stream right now, and we're looking at the most hilarious ones you should be watching! If you like watching John Oliver, you will surely love Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj. A lot of it is satisfyingly short, too, only running a tight 22 minutes without commercials. Written by Will Sharpe, the comedy series stars Olivia Colman and Julian Barratt in the leading roles. Netflix, not usually known for having older titles, surprisingly has also added older comedies, possibly to keep up with Hulu’s own impressive backlog, including their recent addition of TGIF ABC sitcoms. Parks and Recreation is another hilarious comedy series on Netflix. The series follows Steven Toast, the main character of the show who had a great career in acting. “A Series of Unfortunate Events” is an unusual, unique comic drama show. Together, the three cohorts embark on different quests and try to keep the kingdom from falling into chaos. Every time I have streamed Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, I have come out impressed. The central character, BoJack is a self-loathing, alcohol-dependent sloth, who was a popular star in Hollywood back in the day. If you are bored with familiar sitcoms, Arrested Development is a great comedic relief. As the show progresses, it gets quite dark and thrilling, but still keeps the space for its funny moments. BoJack Horseman is a modern-day, animated comedy series about a human-like horse who wants to regain his popularity after 18 years. On top of being just as funny (and in many cases, funnier) than anything on network or cable television, these Netflix comedies are also able to dive into thematic material that might be too heavy for more traditional shows. There are plenty of sitcoms that have been rebooted or remade in one way or another, and yet it's one of the best that has become a sleeper hit for Netflix. But as he returns to his old avatar, the series becomes hilarious. © 2020 Complex Media, Inc. All Rights Reserved. But as they deal with egotistic neighbors and bureaucrats of higher echelon, you are taken on a ride of laughter. And I guess the story might be the same with you as well. The premise itself was a joke, as the film, which was released in 2001, was about the last day of camp. The show is pretty funny with each character having their distinctive style of comedic sense. As the series progresses, you are taken on a ride of joy and laughter. The Big Bang Theory: Every Season Premiere, Ranked According To IMDb, The 10 Funniest Shows on Netflix to Stream Right Now, 10 Quirky Shows Like Netflix's Russian Doll, Why George Is Actually Seinfeld's Main Character, The Walking Dead: World Beyond: 5 Character Fans Love (& 5 They Don’t), Sex And The City Characters Sorted Into Their Game Of Thrones Houses, Gilmore Girls: 5 Times Jess Was A "Nice Guy" (& 5 Times He Was Actually A Good Person), 10 Things To Know About How They Cast Catfish, How I Met Your Mother: 10 Short-Term Love Interests Who Deserved More, The Big Bang Theory: 10 Of The Saddest Things About Sheldon Cooper, Broadchurch: 5 Supporting Characters Fans Loved (& 5 They Hated). If you are in the mood for a quick laugh, Schitt’s Creek is highly recommended. On top of being just as funny (and in many cases, funnier) than anything on network or cable television, these Netflix comedies are also able to dive into thematic material that might be too heavy for more traditional shows. If you like dark comedy kind of genre, you should definitely watch The End of the F*ing World. Trailer Park Boys is the sort of mockumentary television series which everyone would enjoy streaming. You should definitely watch Grace and Frankie as it’s a short series with many funny moments. Simply put, “Documentary Now!” is a great pick for the folks who are a huge fan of mockumentary television series. The series goes on to find the reasons behind high school pranks and hilariously investigates the cases with all seriousness. The show is darkly funny, finding humor in both the veneer of suburban life and bloody violence. The jokes are not forced and the writing remains the strongest suit for its deadpan humor. The series is funny in many ways, but the most interesting part is their social commentary which runs along with the series. Ellie Kemper stars as the titular character, a woman who begins her life anew after being freed from a bunker where she was kept for 15 years. Schitt’s Creek is a hilarious comedy series about a wealthy family and their inability to deal with the sudden change in lifestyle. And I bet you would have a blast watching it with your loved ones. Despite the stiff competition from major rivals like Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and Apple TV+, Netflix remains the most loved video-streaming platform. Since Seinfeld TV series is not available on Netflix, you can surely watch this series to enjoy Jerry’s unique sense of comedy. So that was our long list of 35 best comedy series on Netflix. The show was frequently hilarious and did a great job poking fun at some of the tropes found in true crime documentaries. As the series progresses, the saleswoman realizes she has been mistaken for someone else. Hosted by Helen Mirren, the TV series imitates celebrated documentary films by parodying the style of each documentary in a hilarious way. However, her business comes to a halt when she is caught and moved to a nearby prison. It’s been five years since The Office ended and three years since 30 Rock ended; television’s only gotten funnier, and a good amount of this quality comedy is available on Netflix. With a nice combo of gimmicks and functionalization, it has got all sorts of ingredients to win you over. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Not just that, the family also includes Maurice’s mother Hattie (Leila Hoffman) and his Japanese illustrator Shun (Sharpe). Here's Everything That's Coming to Netflix in July, every other stand up comedian a special these days. We have included a variety of comedy sub-genres which would surely tickle your funny bones. Among all the streaming giants, Netflix is distinctively popular for producing intense fictional dramas, chilling documentaries, and suspenseful thrillers.But what if I tell you, under its huge catalog, there is a great selection of comedy TV series as well. As for the storyline, it’s about a 29-year-old Kimmy Schmidt (Kemper) as she is desperately trying to adjust her life after her remarkable rescue from doomsday.