Consider Gideon: he was a man that felt like he was the least whom God chose to lead. At the beginning, we can be excited and eager to obey God. As a leader, know that men may not always give you the moral and material support that you require. Paul demonstrated his total consecration to the spirit of his calling, discipleship and adaptability. 2) Others are called through human beings. And, nevertheless, GOD said of him, "I have found David son of Jesse, a man according to my heart, who will do all that I want" (v.22). His name signified what he was to do: Destroy the enemies of Israel. Evil disqualifies a person from this type of charge. The dual character of spiritual authority, represented by Moses and Aaron, is something necessary and complimentary. The common theme in international media is the Labour leader as antithesis to Donald Trump – but not everyone is bowled over. His boldness digressed into doubt. For that reason, when the Holy Spirit speaks to them through visions (diurnal mental images) and dreams (revelations during a dream), they hear the message without difficulty (see also Psa. The failure of obedience can have heavy consequences, much more than being taken to your room. Miracles, wonders and signs were commonly accepted in the early church; and the leaders took the initiative in making room for this ministry. Abraham's aptitudes were proven in three aspects of faith: the attitude in the face of danger, trust in GOD and submission to His will. Often they gathered to pray, which put into manifestation not only the good relations that existed among them, but also their total trust in GOD (2:42; 4:31; 12:5; 13:3). The leaders of the early church made important decisions unanimously after fasting and praying. John reprimanded the religious (v.8), called people to be generous (verses 10,11), denounced dishonesty (verses 12,13) and demanded a just administration of authority (v.14). 20:26-28). Charisma is built through decisive, approach n issues and the people affected to first give them hope and their value in a certain, mission. Paul was totally dedicated to the task of spreading the gospel and establishing churches in all the then known world. that they had successfully captured and killed leaders from the midianites community, Gideon. His life demonstrated three basic concepts of leadership: 1) he was dedicated to the goals and spirit of his calling (Phil. Paul commanded Titus to designate elders in the churches of Crete (Tit. 4:1,2; II Tim. Lead the way GOD does (Judges 8:22,23; 9:1-57) Fatal Beginning: I Samuel 8:4-7 (Read) The Elders (the Leaders) uncoupled themselves from God’s leadership. The ability to lead doesn't rest on human righteousness, but in the receptivity one has to hear GOD's voice. 16:7; Acts 9:10; 10:3,17; 18:9). Also, the leaders of the early church prayed for miracles (Acts 4:30), and saw them, not as casual acts or occasional successes, but as evidences of the anointing of GOD in those who continually glorified Christ throughout the Church, and that, consequently, should be sought and well-received. Almost always when we read about David, he is doing something wrong; however, GOD praised the essence of his leadership. Behold, my family is poor in Manasseh, and I am the least in my father's house. 11. The servant-leader fulfills his functions being sure of himself, that is, knowing what GOD has entrusted to him, and resting on the confidence that GOD's hand orders his personal destiny (see this in v.3, in regards to Jesus). Gideon’s initial response was resistance. 18. Complete selflessness (Acts 26:19) But on each occasion he called the people to put their faith in the promises of GOD, instead of concentrating on the difficult circumstances that they faced. The ordination of leaders consisted primarily of the selection of individuals of maturity and proven character, to lead in such a way that the entire church could function effectively in worship, service, evangelization and carrying out the individual spiritual gifts. 7:13,14; 22:14; John 15:16). But Christian Leadership requires obedience to God’s preferences, impulses, and desires above your own! As we consider leadership, Gideon’s story provides 6 truths to help us to master it.