سقط الفأر على ذيله...على ذيله. … cited here, and more), around the time that the Merrimack sank then resurfaced in the Hampton Roads harbor, little girls in Shropshire, England, were already singing about how Betsy Blue came all in black/ Silver buttons down her back, suggesting that the rhyme for this song dates further back to in UK, and the possible Merrimack reference came later. The stick said, ‘I am not a stick, because the fire could burn me.’قال العصا، ما أنا بعصا، لان النار ستحرقني, The fire said, ‘I am not a fire, because then the water could extinguish me.’قال النار، ما أنا بنار، لان الماء سيطفئني, The water said, ‘I am not water, because the child could drink me.’قال الماء، ما أنا بماء، لان الطفل سيشربني, Sarah Alsilwi, 20, who grew up in Yemeni and Yemeni-American communities in New York, chalked up the tone of the song to a kind of gallows humor and a difference between recent Yemeni immigrants and Yemenis like herself who were born here in the United States. So maybe girls are really singing about a warship. I gave him back his apple, The 21st century has seen the advent of video-sharing websites and their immense popularity. In New York City, home to people and languages from all over the globe, the Endangered Language Alliance recently mapped 637 languages and dialects to the New York Metropolitan Area. Last week, the storied history behind hand-clapping games whetted my nerd appetite, so I wrote a rich, three-course post about it all. Within the very first year, this included clapping games and it has done so ever since. (I love this Americanism, by the way. “One of my parents recently said their child found out their Korean was very bad,” Shin said. Apple and a pear: Karen, a school administration staff member who also attended the school during the 60s as a student recalled saying this rhyme at that time, although the exact version was not discussed. Oral traditions are important in African history and culture. Playing clapping games provides fun for children of every age. All down her back, back, back. Who started this hand-clapping stuff? Playing another game, Lalin ak Solèy (Sun and Moon) at Winthrop Playground. For 15 cents, cents, cents This crossover can be repeated many times resulting in what researchers, with the benefit of hindsight, view as ‘cycles of appropriation and re-appropriation’ (Marsh 2008). And took his underwear. Mariquita, Mariquita, the abuser Mariquita, Mariquita, Mariquita, Mariquita, abusadora, The man I want, I’ll take him from his wife, El hombre que yo quiero se lo quito a su señora, I’ll take him from her, I’ll take him from her, I’ll take him from her side, Se lo quito, se lo quito, se lo quito de la vera, A ella yo la pongo de sirvienta y cocinera, A la una yo nací, a las dos me bautizaron. My boyfriend gave me an apple , Like many songs in the canon of children’s folk games, Sa Sa Sa touches on some darker topics. Since they have seen so much already, a simple song like this, it’s not that serious, you know?”, As for the girls themselves, Doa’a thought the lesson of the game was more in line with the Golden Rule, saying, “If you hurt someone, the same could happen to you.”, The child said, ‘I am not a child, because then my mother could beat me.’قال الطفل، ما أنا بطفل، لان أمي ستضربني, The mother said, ‘I am not a mother, because then my husband could beat me.’قال الأم، ما أنا بأم، لان زوجي سيضربني, The husband said, ‘I am not a husband, because then God could punish me.’قال الزوج، ما أنا بزوج، لان ربي سيعاقبني. Evidently, there were a good many elephants to be seen along westward expansion routes and during the 1849 Gold Rush. Hand clapping, often in complex patterns while chanting rhymes, requires concentration, coordination, and cooperation with at least one other child. Eventually they find their way to New York City. Doa’a Nasser and her classmates play a game in which whoever is “it” has a certain number of tries to stomp another player’s foot to get them out. Excellent question. I went to the bubblegum shop, What I've seen babies do spontaneously, from excitement, is clasp their hands together. At five I had a son, at six he died on me, A las cinco tuve un hijo, a las seis se me murió, At seven was the burial and at eight it ended, A las siete fue el entierro y a las ocho se acabó, When my husband arrives, the first thing I tell him, Cuando llegue mi marido lo primero que le digo, Is to take off his shoes and wash his feet, feet, feet, Que se quite los zapatos y se lave los pies, pies, pies, I love you, I adore you, I’ll put you in the toilet, I hit the little handle and goodbye, heart of gold, Le doy a la palanquita y adios corazón de oro. To buy some bubblegum. Clapping play films on YouTube feature children and young people taking part in, performing, demonstrating and teaching the games. In this way, the performance is more for the players than for an outside audience. One popular game among the students at Flanbwayan is Pepsi Cola, a four-person clapping game that ends in a litany of insults and deflections: You never put socks on! Within the diversity of playground pastimes, each game reflects the history and unique identity of the community it comes from, while at the same time highlighting the shared imagination of New York’s schoolchildren. Girls playing a game from Yemen at a middle school in Borough Park, Brooklyn. This is part 2 of a 3-part series telling brief histories of popular hand-clapping songs. Two girls, in 2010, play the clapping game 'a sailor went to sea'. As Elwyn Simons, head of Duke University's Division of Fossil Primates, tells AF, "We don't know how far back it goes, not without a time machine. Anyway, they only know one rhyme and i can only remember one so was wondering if anyone else remembered any??? Without his underpants.'. Here are a few fun hand-clapping games to begin your hand-clapping experience. Why do we applaud a great performance? That an irreverent, semi-sensical children’s game would touch on deeply meaningful and tragic topics is actually quite common, Gaunt said. “When it got to the beating and the punishment, I was shocked,” said Debbie Almontaser, a prominent voice on Yemeni issues in America and author of “Leading While Muslim.” “It plays right into the stereotypes we would want to dispel.”. Having mastered this, the challenge can be extended by replacing the patting with a gesture in which the hand taps three times against the player’s own forehead (in the manner of a salute). Ashly Tejeda, 11, played the game in the Dominican Republic. Then pushed him down the stairs. The rougher version of the game is often banned from schools. Maintaining the whole performance from start to finish without a slip is the goal, so children often practise from the beginning again if they go wrong. I kicked him over the USA I gave him back that apple, Now it is possible to find films there from all over the world in a kind of unofficial international archive of clapping games (not to mention the many other kinds of children’s games content). Hand clapping “A sailor went to sea, sea, sea. 34 is home to one of the city’s two public Polish dual language programs. I gave him back that pear, Lessons in Korean can be daunting for students who are not used to speaking the language at home, so Shin tries to ease students in everyday: “We start the day in English, and then it’s all Korean after lunch.”, It’s not unusual for students in the program to outpace their parents. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Throughout history and around the world children have been playing clapping games. As one child explains just at the end of this example, the game can culminate in a stanza in which all the substitutions are brought together in the breaks between clapping, together with their associated gestures. One of the reasons that YouTube provides such a conducive home for these kinds of films is that there are many parallels between the way children pick up clapping games in offline contexts and the way they learn from films. Our stories and myths are full of these kinds of demons that scare kids, usually to make them do things they don’t want to do.”, Ten, Go kiss Gadi’s big butt for ten cents, In a white canoe on the milky way far beyond the blue sky. “It’s not the devil that we think of in America,” Benoit said. At three I knew of love, at four I was married. Every product was carefully curated by an Esquire editor. I gave him back the apple, Clapping Game, Hand and Finger Play, Language Play and Physical Play Alternative Names. But according to Lissette Acosta Corniel, who teaches Dominican history at the Borough of Manhattan Community College, the name of the game could also be wordplay. Feel free to reminisce in the comment section below! My Boyfriend gave me an Apple is a clapping game accompanied by a rud(ish) rhyme. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. She is also one of the people who helped to found the Korean dual language program at P.S. It seems Juicy J (feat. Like Civil-War-or-older old. "I think it's a learned behavior. (Now why it costs a whole dollar for a measly holler, but only 15 cents for a frankly miraculous extended elephantine levitation, the world may never know.). Count from one to tenKonte de en jiska dis, Darnell Benoit, 49, founded the Flanbwayan Haitian Literacy Project to help serve and bring together New York’s Haitian immigrant population. My boyfriend gave me fifty cents, In New York City’s diverse playgrounds, kids play games in Haitian Creole, Korean, Spanish, Arabic and Polish, just to name a few. ", As to clapping's association with audience approval, Jay Fisher, a classics professor at Yale University, dates the custom to at least the third century B.C. If they run out of stomps, they wink at another player to make them “it.”. Musical elements, such as melody, rhythm, meter and timbre, abound in children’s play. But, they can play many of them in both English and Polish. Clapping games have been a popular form of children's play for generations, Julia Bishop examines their continued popularity in 21st century. Many more seem to be peer-to-peer productions, produced by and for young people. In addition to the sound a Pikachu makes, “pikać” is a colloquial verb in Polish used to describe a fast, rhythmic beeping like a cell phone, a smoke detector when it’s low on battery or someone’s heart. All dressed in black, black, black But first, here are two girls in 2014 singing “Miss Mary Mack” almost exactly as it was sung in the 1950s, according to author of the Pancocojams blog Azizi Powell’s personal memories. Some will be familiar to most people in the United States — like the story of Miss Mary Mack and her silver buttons or Miss Suzie and her steamboat — and some are specific to a single community or neighborhood. Is this how you sang it? We’re not allowed to be angry. I threw him over China, “It’s more like a zombie or a demon, people who are living but not living. I’ll tell ma when she comes home, Down, down, baby! Benoit recalls the aftermath of a divisive F.D.A. I kicked him over the USA But the motion of clapping, I think that's a learned behavior."