Vielle———————old woman, Neg……..a term of endearment for a (male) person (Negresse is used for females) Cajuns use it when talking to other Cajuns, it isn’t used when talking to black people. muspeulus—————————Japanese Pear trees Poule D’eau——a coot He’s a one-word celebrity in the tradition of Madonna or Beyonce, at least in the South. The Houma Shortcut-the road from Highway 1 to Houma- lots of fatal car accidents on this road- When I was young I remember there was a story about a man who had been hung from one of the trees. It's easy! And if they do make gumbo up there, there must be cotton in it. peunez———————–stinkbug. It used to be called PARRIOC. envie————————a craving It also helped him in other areas where it stood out. Ma Grandmere reste ayu Bayou. rahdoht————————boring, never-ending conversation, peeshnick———————-to thump something with your finger bram————————–eggplant jeuller,pleurer———-cry Like him or not, he will always make ya laugh(or cringe). Here are some place names you will find on the Bayou and Grand Isle: Grand Bois -the small town and area on the road to Houma. The Fourchon- a relatively new community between Leeville and Grand Isle. The source of this information is Karen Marquis and she even copyrighted the information that I put together. My parents and sisters still “speak Cajun” (a mostly spoken-only language) and sometimes Cajun French, which is always fun to hear. scisseaux——————–a type of insect that has pincers like scissors And the end basically says that By the time you’re married, the pain you experience now will be forgotten. Hebert - Most people think they know how to pronounce this word, but in Louisiana they would be wrong. poo-yee-yi——————-that stinks Sure we have some unusual ways of saying things in Louisiana, but sometimes it seems like people never know the right way to pronounce things. hont—————————-embarrassed Your email address will not be published. Unfortunately, since the 1960’s , there has been a drastic decline in children being taught to speak French, although most children have a Cajun accent and know several French expressions and words. The surname of the former Saints quarterback and entertaining WWL broadcaster is pronounced A + bear. The funniest thing was when somebody called in and tried to tell Bobby how to pronounce "Orgeron." I got to thinking how we ever started using the word mrecage. NEW ORLEANS – LSU head coach Ed Orgeron has a peculiar way of talking. Tawk—————————an onomatopeia; the sound you make when you hit something, usually a person. : In most instances this is a sweet breakfast or dessert dish of lighter-than-air fried pastries or square doughnuts. weh—————————-yes I just feel at home here. She was from Mamou and her accent was tic, tic. Cajuns got food from the sea and from trapping… a lot of seafood and other animals were caught by trapping. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Vieux———————old man So have words – and how they are spoken. Bayou Rigaud- The east end of Grand Isle. Bobby Joseph Hebert Jr. (surname pronounced ay-bear; born August 19, 1960) is an American sportscaster and former American football quarterback. Parran——————–Godfather (May I get a drink of water), copyright 1998 Janis Nihart—-This is my research and my wavefiles and photos, and recollections, ******** Ya Momma’s home? fuh shore, for true————that’s the truth Defan—————“sainted”,demised,passed away,DEAD:What a dead person is referred to as- Example-“Defan Pop”( Dear Sainted Dad “Pauvre Defante(feminine form) Mom”–Poor Sainted Mom Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty (I will BE 21……) "Tunahment" when describing march madness or playoff ncaa baseball. Mais—————————–well(usually begins many English and French sentences) P’tit Boug, boug—–little boy,boy bouche, jeulle———mouth tremp–wet. A sounds like the “a” in “fat.” AH sounds like the “o” in “pot.” un melon Francais—————– canteloupe You will find many new and sometimes confusing terms that will both baffle and intrigue. Met tes fesse a’ l’aire.