Civil engineers design and build roads, tunnels, bridges, and dams and supervise infrastructure projects and systems. They might be clinical microbiologists who conduct laboratory testing or public health microbiologists who specialize in health dangers and diseases, or they might develop genetically modified crops and new drugs. Natural science managers oversee the research and development work of scientists, focusing on areas such as testing, time management, and quality control. Some move on to become software developers themselves or become computer and information systems managers. Their increasing importance to the health care team is also being reflected in their salaries. Materials engineers rely on analytical and problem-solving skills to research materials. General Manager; Operations Manager; Manufacturing Operations Manager; Engineering Manager. Environmental engineers can specialize in areas like waste disposal, recycling, or pollution control. Purchasing managers oversee the buying of materials and services for a business or organization and are responsible for keeping supply chains in operation. Their jobs at architectural and engineering firms involve preparing budgets and schedules, hiring and supervising employees, and determining equipment needs, and their key skills include accounting, financial and operations management, problem-solving, and decision-making. Those on the job generally need several years of experience in information technology systems. They also recommend investment opportunities and help clients plan for school costs or retirement. Their duties include monitoring financial activities and trends, developing short-term and long-term financial strategies, directing investments and spending, and compiling finical reports. In addition to major coursework, bachelor's degree students complete general education courses that build critical thinking and problem-solving skills. They write annual reports, utilize cost-benefit analyses, oversee spending, and arbitrate among competing demands or limited resources. With oil and gas at the forefront of issues both national and international, perhaps it’s not too surprising that a bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering pays off big time. They typically have backgrounds in law enforcement, the military, public safety, or public health and need to be skilled at making difficult decisions under intense pressure. After creating a prototype, mechanical engineers conduct tests and analyze the results to modify the design. Marketing managers also monitor trends to identify opportunities to create a new product or service. Sales professionals often need several years of sales experience before assuming managerial roles. They are up on fashion trends and consumer tastes and can translate a concept through production. Many of the top-paying jobs are highly technical or scientific, calling for a sophisticated understanding of thermodynamics, nuclear power, or forensic chemistry. They need the job skills to identify what users require, design models, and relay instructions to programmers who write the computer code. Electronics engineers may conduct research and design equipment for fields like aviation, computing, manufacturing, and transportation. Read more: Learn About Being a Sales Engineer, National Average Salary: $97,594 per year. 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These professionals include chemists, environmental scientists, and geoscientists. Human Resources Manager; Personnel Manager; Personnel Director; Employee Relations Manager. Work requirements and duties: Some economists may specialize in a certain area, including product costs, energy, employment levels, exchange rates, inflation, or taxes. Computer and information systems managers, also known as information technology (IT) managers, coordinate and run the computer-related operations in a business or organization. They might work with medical equipment, nuclear power, research tools and emergency management equipment. Connect with friends faster than ever with the new Facebook app. Physical scientists conduct research and analyze data. They consider material costs, how quickly materials degrade and how to improve material quality. They work closely with systems engineers and sales teams to meet their customers' needs and develop new products. Read more: Learn About Being a Construction Superintendent, National Average Salary: $90,497 per year. Students will learn to apply technology in converting natural mineral resources into useful products for society. Physical geographers might study natural landscapes or the plate tectonics that trigger earthquakes, while human geographers might look at population migration, habitat loss, or urban growth. Natural science managers direct research and development activities, including testing, quality control, and production, and establish and implement administrative policies and standards. Industrial Production Manager; Manufacturing Director; Plant Chief; Plant Manager; Production Control Manager. There are a lot of best-paying careers one can get engaged and employed in with just a bachelor’s degree. in addition to adding value have you thought of furthering your education as a graduate student then these best paying careers are indeed a good starting point. All are skilled in understanding consumer behavior, persuasive communications, and industry trends. Discover schools with the programs and courses you’re interested in, and start learning today. Managers in every industry oversee an organization's staff. Mining and geological engineers also develop solutions to problems like sustainability and pollution. Mining and geological engineers also supervise mine construction, devise methods to transport minerals, and prepare technical reports for miners. They also need analytical skills to analyze data and oversee budgets. Bachelor in Marketing; Bachelor in Marketing Management; Bachelor in Management; Bachelor in Business Administration; Bachelor in Advertising; Bachelor in Journalism; Bachelor in Statistics.