I found this blog while looking for ways to make the bed when you have separate blankets. We put one duvet on the bed hanging about 18″ off the bed on one side and then covering 2/3 of the top of the bed. I found this while searching “how to make a bed with two duvets” and your options made me laugh out loud! If you have two single duvets and you try to cuddle with your partner, will I end up lying between the two duvets and getting really cold? , like, today, you won’t be able to keep your same sheet set. I’d love to see more of your ideas on this subject :-) PS: I’d still be gassed by my other half’s farts even with separate covers! Hey, Did you ever decide a way of doing it that you are happy with?? I like when you said that buying adjustable beds aims to bring comfort and relief from health issues such as neck and back pains by giving you the option to adjust the head and neck part of the bed. I am buying two French flax linen flat sheets quilted with a very thin (less than 1/4 inch thick) sandwich of pure wool batting for our winter. My husband keeps me awake at night with all his movement.. Another benefit of split adjustable beds is that they may help relieve or diminish certain types of snoring that disrupt sleep. It's a smart idea to protect your sleeping investment with mattress and pillow protectors. I agree with what someone else wrote though: you look like you have room for a chest, where you could store the two duvets during the day and replace them with a double duvet ;-) I would if our bedroom wasn’t so tiny. I feel so vindicated!! Where, oh where, can someone living in the U.S. buy these duvets and their washable covers? I know that a lot of Dutch couples share one large queen sized duvet but from my experience I can tell that also ends in a tug of war. The Health Benefits of Sleep: What Good Quality Sleep Can Do For You! Do you think this is a good idea. I was going to get a twin sized of each, but sewed together down the middle because…. We've put together this guide to help you get everything you need to make the most out of your new bed! This makes them easier to navigate up stairs and around tight corners. Then you don’t have to think about wrinkly covers. So glad you learned how great it is to sleep under duvets! ;) Even our previous king sized comforter on our queen sized bed wasn’t big enough for us to share, haha. We do option 1 normally and when company visits I just make the bed like a normal person, but I love these alternative ideas for day to day use. C, Camarillo, CA 93012 1-888-PLUSH-BEDS, Organic Latex Mattress - The Botanical Bliss, Natural Latex Mattress - The Natural Bliss, Gel Memory Foam Mattress: The Ocean Mist®, Luxury Memory Foam Mattress: The Cool Bliss®, Luxury Baptiste White Goose Down Comforter, 100% Organic Cotton & Wool Lanadown Comforter, Spooky and Sustainable DIY Halloween Decorations, What to Know About PlushBeds MobilePlush RV Mattress Collection. Then we layer the second duvet hanging 18″ off the bed and the other side and covering the other 2/3 of the top of the bed with the overlap obviously being thicker than the sides and the edge of the top duvet showing. They are so light yet so warm if you are cold and easy to throw off if you are hot. I think it’s genious! Additionally, there is little risk of motion transfer when the person you share a bed with moves in their sleep or gets up in the middle of the night to use the restroom. Thank for providing lots of ideas! I’ll have to try them at the end of the bed to see how that works for us!