Please mind other similar coins existence! An essential item for any coin collector! By creating an account, you are agreeing to the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy. Reverse: Maple leaf hologram flanked by 9999. Shape: Round. © Copyright 2020 JM Bullion. We provide our users with unique technology of automatic coin identification by coin photos. Each one ounce silver coin carries a face value of 5 Canadian dollars. In 1990, both gold and silver Canada Maple Leaf coins underwent a significant design change when the obverse portrait of Queen Elizabeth II was updated to reflect the monarch's gracefully aging appearance. We regularly send out sale announcements and exciting special offers only available to our subscribers. Canada is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the entire world, from stunning mountain ranges to lakes and coastal towns. Some celebrating special events for a single release, others for exclusive distribution. The Royal Canadian Mint has a reputation for quality, creativity and craftsmanship and is considered one of the finest mints in the world. Fireworks privy mark. The Canadian Silver Maple Leaf is a one-ounce silver coin produced by the Royal Canadian Mint. It even produces circulation coinage for other nations as well. 9999.” The release year is at the right, above the smaller leaf. Silver prices, like other commodities, can fluctuate frequently based on many different factors. Orientation: Medal alignment ↑↑ Purchase of an individual coin will come in a plastic flip. As low as $4.95 per ounce over spot! Specifics:Denomination: 10 Dollars Metal: Gold 1/4 oz. Inscriptions include “ELIZABETH II . Silver MAPLE LEAF Coins. G. REGINA . The platinum Maple Leaf coins are the same weight and face value of their gold counterparts while the silver Maple Leaf is crafted from one ounce of .9999 pure silver and bears a face value of $5. privy mark, 1998 Tiger privy mark, 1998 Titanic privy mark.Coin produced in 1999 has next varieties: 1999, 1999 Rabbit privy mark, 1999 “Y2K” privy mark.Coin produced in 2000 has next varieties: 2000, 2000 Dragon privy mark, 2000 Expo Hanover privy mark.Coin produced in 2001 has next varieties: 2001, 2001 Snake privy mark.Coin produced in 2002 has next varieties: 2002, 2002 Horse privy mark.Coin produced in 2003 has next varieties: 2003, 2003 Sheep privy mark. Lettering: ELIZABETH II Since its first issue in 1988, it has earned a trusted place in investors' and collectors' hearts for its high quality and purity guaranteed by the RCM. Reverse: Maple leaf hologram flanked by 9999. No major flaws or scratches. Specifics:Denomination: 5 Dollars Metal: Gold 1/10 oz. Thank you for visiting BOLD! The price of bullion coins fluctuate with the fluctuating ‘spot’ price of the precious metal it is made of. Reverse: Orange Maple Leaf with pigeon and globe privy. Many of Canada’s most stunning silver coins are produced by the Royal Canadian Mint. Specifics:Denomination: 50 Dollars Metal: Silver 10 oz. The small maple leaf security privy is at the lower left, and the designer’s initials at lower right. Privy mark. Specifics:Denomination: 5 Dollars Metal: Silver 1 oz. The face value of the Canadian Maple is five Canadian dollars and the silver coin boasts a .9999 fine silver purity. Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Bullion Coin Money Metals. 2020 Canadian Twin Maples 2 oz Silver BU. Since 1988, the Canadian Maple Leaf coin has also been minted in .9995 pure platinum and in silver. Depending on the dealer and location, these products can be transacted in Canadian dollars or other currencies and make a fine addition to any precious metals portfolio. Specifics:Denomination: 2 Dollars Metal: Gold 1/15 oz. If you live in Canada or a Canadian territory, you would likely buy or sell silver in the local currency, Canadian dollars. Some of the potential factors that can influence the price of silver include: Whether you live in Canada or elsewhere, any large silver coin and bullion dealers will likely display the price of silver in both local currency and other currencies. We invite you to sign up for our email alerts. Proof coins are those with mirror-like surfaces which are specially struck longer and with greater pressure with thicker planchets. We promise to never share your info with anyone else. Specifics:Denomination: 5 Dollars Metal: Silver 1 oz Reverse: 1999 and 2000 years on the sides of the denomination. Canadian Silver Coin Melt Values Single Coins. Specifics:Denomination: 50 Dollars Metal: Gold 1 oz. The 1990 design, by Dora de Pédery-Hunt, replaced a portrait by Arnold Machin that was created in 1965, when Her Majesty was 39 years old. These beautifully elegant 2020 Canadian Twin Maples 2 oz Silver BU coins are certainly one of the finest of these variations. Due to Canada’s place as a top producer of commodities and natural resources, as silver prices rise, the price of Canadian dollars may potentially rise as well. To get started, please select one of the size dimensions from the drop-down menu below, and copy the code from the Widget Code text box and paste it into the desired position in your page. Reverse: features the image of the twin maple leaves in a fine mirrored finish against the frosted background. A narrow band at the rim includes the radial lines encircling the entire rim. Edge: Reeded As a legal tender offering by Canada, the obverse displays the right-facing effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, created by Susan Blunt, with finely engraved radial lines filling the background field. Multiples of 14 will come in mint-sealed tubes. Privy mark, Specifics:Denomination: 5 Dollars Metal: Silver Reverse: Colored, green maple leaf and canadian flag, Specifics:Denomination: 5 Dollars Metal: Silver 1 oz Reverse: Fireworks privy mark with 2000, Specifics:Denomination: 5 Dollars Note: 20 Years ANS Privy. D . An uncirculated coin with fewer deficiencies than coins in lower uncirculated grades. 5 DOLLARS, Maple leaf flanked by 9999, with the unique privy mark (optional) just to the left of the stem Canada also happens to be one of the globe’s biggest holders and producers of natural resources. The Royal Canadian Mint produces many other types of collectible silver coin. For your convenience, we have assembled all similar to each other coins in the tab "Similar coins", and also described all their discrepancies. Subscribe to the JM Bullion newsletter to receive timely market updates and information on product sales and giveaways. D . Typically, these special coins are meant only for collectors and are found in cases or sets. PUR . Coinscatalog.NET is a complete catalog of world coins. The RCM opened on January 2nd, 1908 and became a wholly Canadian institution in 1931. Specifics:Denomination: 50 Dollars Metal: Platinum 1 oz. Inscriptions include “ELIZABETH II . The coin features the sugar maple leaf design along with the profile portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Please visit this page in your desktop browser to retrieve the widget. Surfaces are reflective with only a few blemishes in the field of the coin. 2020 Canadian Twin Maples 2 oz Silver BU. Visit for live 24-hour silver Canadian Maple Leaf price charts. Orders containing this product are expected to ship by: Be the first to review “2020 Canadian Twin Maples 2 oz Silver BU”. Some of the other most popular currencies for buying and selling silver may include U.S. The bars feature a unique serial number on each bar and also display a unique Royal Canadian Mint bullion finish. Designed by Celia Godkin, this is an excellent choice to add to your Canadian Maple Leaf collection. Specifics of the particular coin. Containing 10 ounces of .9999 percent fine silver with a reeded edge; you can buy these silver bars with confidence. Rarest Canadian Coin The 1911 Silver Dollar On Display This. The coin features the sugar maple leaf design along with the profile portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The mint also produces many types of collectible coin, bullion bars and medals. Silver As An Investment Wikipedia. Share live silver prices with your website followers or on your blog, using our free silver price widget. In general, this will be an uncirculated coin with relatively ordinary eye appeal. 10 DOLLARS.”. If you are a fan of the large format Magnificent Maple 10 oz Silver coins, you will notice that this Twin Maples design is virtually identical. Dollars, Japanese Yen, euros and Swiss Francs. 9999 FINE SILVER .