But, in the case of wall-mounted or bed frame-mounted headboards, it all depends on how you attach them to the wall or the bed frame. Hold up and centre the headboard and the head of the bed frame. UNIVERSAL FIT for attaching a metal bed frame to headboard that is not the same width. that you can quickly access while resting on the bed; Headboards can minimize damage such as scratches, marks, or stains on the wall, and maintain the overall quality of the wall. A headboard can be attached to any bed frame. Generally, headboards are designed to meet an individual’s specific needs, including decoration, comfort, and additional storage. How Do You Attach a Headboard to a Box Spring? First of all, hold on to the headboard and pivot both the headboard as well as the head of the bed frame. Drill 1/4-inch-diameter pilot holes through the headboard at the marked points. Initially, a headboard was one of the pieces of furniture designed to prevent people’s heads from getting too cold during chilly nights. With their luxurious and elegant designs, wooden headboards are considered the most classic type of headboard. How to Make Loft beds and Bunk Beds More Sturdy. How Do You Attach a Headboard to a Wall and What Do You Use to Hang it? What Crib Bedding Do You Need for a Newborn? The metal frames, or metal with wood combined, come in sleek and stylish designs. Screw two headboard mounts to the top of the headboard. Another option for attaching a headboard is to mount it to the bed frame directly. Get the headboard and put it face-down on the floor. Metal can create either a vintage or modern look, depending on the color and patterns of the headboard. Therefore, attaching a headboard to a box spring might not be successful. If your bed frame does not have any brackets, you can simply use adapter plates to secure the bolts properly. Thread nuts onto the handles of the fasteners (screws) in order to secure the bed frame as well as the headboard together. Finish tightening the nut with the help of an adjustable wrench. To make our article on attaching your headboard as informative and useful as possible, we will focus on the following topics: If you are interested in one of the topics listed above, keep reading! If your bed frame does come with brackets, you should make sure that the brackets are suitable for the headboard you have decided to purchase. The list is provided below: A step-by-step guide on how to attach the headboard to the wooden bed frame is provided below. Other headboards, like wall-mounted or bed frame-mounted headboards are not typically designed to touch the floor. You might want to know if a headboard should touch the floor after being attached to the bed frame. How to make Bunk Bed Ladders More Comfortable, Bunk Bed Price Guide – How Do Features Affect the Cost of a Bunk Bed. Similarly to other bed features, headboards also come in various sizes to match the dimensions of the bed. Here’s an example of a wall-mounted headboard from Amazon. This type of headboard is attached directly to the wall itself. How Do You Attach a Headboard to an Adjustable Bed? Learn more about why you need a headboard, how headboards work, and how to choose the right headboard here too. If you are going to buy a frame-mounted headboard, you will need to know the exact dimensions of your bed so the headboard mounts properly on the frame. Although metal bed frames are economical and easy to store, set up and move around, they don't contribute anything to a bedroom's decor A headboard turns your bed into an attractive part of the bedroom furniture when it is attached to the metal bed frame.