In this article, I’ve tried to cover as many aspects as possible when it comes to drawing manga eyes. I like this tutorial, even though it might look a bit messy as the “camera” is moving where the artist moves the pen. New shapes in this step (still surrounded by a blue stroke) are now white and also partially transparent. The neck and the shoulders are represented by small rectangles. Drawing an Oval6. Below you can see all steps required to illustrate this character quickly and easily. Don't miss the opportunity to own cute (and cheap) images today! Image Source. Anime and manga art has always been at the heart of my drawings. Step 4: Draw two ovals bigger at the left than at right. I do have to admit that it might be a bit too overwhelming, as there is so much to know and learn about the anatomy of the eye, but I still think this video is worth your time. Moe-moe, kind, cool, and emotionless is the four different styles you can learn from this art tutorial. Learn more here! Add the straight lines for arms, and small ovals for hands. If you struggle with the basics and don’t know how to start the drawing process. If you like anime and manga art, don’t forget to subscribe! Which creates a bit of difficulty to follow along. Remember, you can also choose to learn "how to dr. aw a cartoon eye" also, that is totally up to you. Shoulders are brighter and the top of the hair is shiny and more realistic too. It’s easy to follow and draw along if you have a paper and pencil at your disposal. The same this is done for the dress. Drawing a Poppy2. Drawing a Bike10. This will be the tear duct. This video is ideal for beginners as the artist clearly explains how to draw manga eyes, and in this video, you will see how the artist draws both of the. This lesson on how to draw a cute cartoon Indian girl is now completed. 15+ Best Manga Drawing Books To Master Manga Art, 15 FREE How To Draw Anime And Manga Eye Tutorials, 20 FREE Tutorials On How To Draw Anime And Manga Head And Face, World’s Best Anime And Manga Artists Ever. Drawing a Table, - Drawing a Cactus- Drawing a Desert- Drawing a Doughnut- Drawing a House- Drawing a Ladybug- Drawing a Llama- Drawing a Manatee- Drawing an Ostrich- Drawing a Palm Tree- Drawing a Unicycle, Learn how to draw a simple cartoon car in just a few minutes using this accessible step-by-step video lesson. Let's see how we can illustrate this cool subject quickly and easily now ... :). If you're drawing a cartoon of a girl, you need a funky hairdo. Drawing a Shark8. Good news! Copyright © since 2017 Okuha. I know the drawing below looks strange, but all new shapes added are temporarily surrounded by a blue outline. How to Draw Eyes from Realistic to Anime. You should also check: How to draw anime and manga head and face! This post may contain affiliate links. The video is narrated, and while it is a speed drawing video, you can still easily follow the artist as she draws the eyes. Place the point of your compass on the sketch paper, and gently place the pencil tip of the compass down on the paper.