Vegetable oil is good for more than sautéing and deep-frying veggies. If the phone is seriously damaged, back up your data as quickly as you can, making sure all of your photos, videos, and important files are saved somewhere else just in case it dies completely and you can't get the phone working again. Stop using your phone right away and put it in a plastic bag until you can get it professionally fixed. What Should You Do With a Cracked iPad Screen? Cut out a small piece of packing tape and place it over the cracks. How to Fix iPhone Stuck in Headphone Mode, options to repair crack screens on iOS devices. If your phone screen … Sometimes the layers of glass and plastic will hold up, but all too often, this scenario will lead to a chipped, cracked, or smashed screen. Red Zombie says most companies mix zinc into aluminum to create a strong base for the body of the phone. It all boils down to a difficult-to-reach compromise between consumer desires and engineering reality. 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Instructions in this article apply broadly to smartphones made by various manufacturers. The name of the game here is, "hold out until I'm eligible for an upgrade." Sitting on your phone when it's in your back pocket. What good is a screen protector going to do me now?”. A plastic bag 5 Make sure your plastic bags are a bit clearer than these ones. Vendors such as uSell, Glyde and Gazelle will buy your phone so … Line everything up carefully and trim it with an X-Acto knife and it may look almost like a real screen protector. Today’s phone screens, which incorporate touch interaction and possibly biometric sensors, don’t come cheap. If you're due for an upgrade, you might as well trade-in your broken device and use the money you get to buy a new one. Should You Buy an Extended Warranty on Your New TV? But it can help hide cracks on your screen for a while. Intermediate Fixes for an Unresponsive Touch Screen Dry the device out if it got wet. Cut out a small piece of packing tape and place it over the cracks. Use super glue. We’ve all had it happen: your fingers slip, your phone goes tumbling towards the earth, and then you hear the fateful crack. Luckily, iFixit sells a handy kit that includes pretty much everything you’ll need, with the possible exception of the iOpener, a tube you heat up and apply to the phone to soften its adhesives. that also feature an elegant design. Using anything other than a stylus as a stylus. And finally, UBreakIFix has more than 400 locations across the country. If you’d like to read more awesome articles like this, check out the rest of our site. Baking Soda Mix two parts baking soda, one part water Stir to form a thick paste Apply to a dry cloth and gently wipe the scratch in slow circles until it disappears You should also look into the warranty situation. Cyanoacrylate glue, better known as super glue, can seal small cracks. Best Buy will work on iPhones and Samsung phones. If the touchscreen functionality is damaged, there will be an extra charge. This is the gussied-up version of the packing tape solution. Finally, unless you’re already accomplished at repairing modern solid-state electronics, you probably lack the specialized tools you’ll need for the job. Smashed screens come in various levels of severity—from light scratches, to spiderweb-like patterns, to entirely missing chunks of glass—and you could be dealing with anything from a completely shattered display and a broken phone, to a simple cosmetic issue. If the damage is along the sides of the phone, use an X-Acto knife to trim the tape. If you're an iPhone person, look for your local Apple Store here or consider trying out Apple's new mail-in repairs program. If you want to keep using the cracked phone, and don’t want to risk losing glass or slicing up your fingers, cover the screen with a layer of packing tape. What Is iPhone Error 53 and How Do You Fix It? By using Lifewire, you accept our, How to Fix a Cracked Screen on a Smartphone, How To Fix It if an Xbox Series X or S Controller Headphone Jack Isn't Working, The Best Options for iPhone Screen Repair. Plus if you drop it again, your screen will be protected from any further damage. Knowing how to fix a cracked phone screen without replacing it can be a life (and wallet) saver. His specialties include web development, cryptocurrency, and cybersecurity. ➡ Read best-in-class tech explainers and get unlimited access to Pop Mech, starting now. We’ll refer you to iFixit for their excellent, step-by-step guide with photos. Best Buy uses authorized parts directly from the manufacturer to fix cracked screens, among many other issues. Travel, arts, business, lifestyle, and survival hacks to empower every mind to chase goals and live a bright and unique life. Remove memory and sim cards… Call customer support or visit a local store for help. A few key things to keep in mind here: Before you decide to go this route, look into the cost of the replacement screen. Try out some of these great hacks today! If you have a small crack in your phone, you might be surprised to learn toothpaste can fix it. My mission is to help you grow in your creativity, travel the world, and live life to the absolute fullest! If your phone is still under warranty, the manufacturer may replace your device for free. Even if the cracks radiate out like a spiderweb, there's a fix. Dealing with a cracked phone screen is frustrating, and replacing it can be expensive. There are innumerable iPhone cases and cases for Android phones designed to protect your screen. We have posted about business, travel, art, and more. Thanks to the right-to-repair movement, the options for mending a damaged screen have expanded. If your smartphone doesn't have a protective case, scratches and cracks on the screen are inevitable. Read on to discover some of our neat phone-saving tricks. Toothpaste. Use as little possible, and carefully wipe up excess glue with a cotton swab or cloth. “But wait,” you may be saying, “I’ve already broken my phone screen! Here are the solutions, in ascending order of professionalism. To combat this reality, manufacturers like Apple and Samsung are constantly experimenting with tougher kinds of glass to absorb the impact. If you have an iPhone, Apple offers a number of options to repair crack screens on iOS devices. Websites like uSell and Glyde will buy your broken phone for about half the price you paid for it. So take a deep breath before you pick up your phone to examine it. Make a reservation with one of our Geek Squad ® Agents to have your device looked at. Internet Vibes is one of the best small business and lifestyle daily blogs aiming to inspire creative and multi-talented people with an entrepreneurial spirit and love for exploration. Depending on your device's model, screen replacement can run about $50-$200. "[W]hen you drop your phone, the force of impact will overcome the surface compression, resulting in small stresses that could lead to the shattering of your screen.". It ensures you have no seams and a clean line around the edges of the screen. No matter how careful you are, you can accidentally damage your phone's screen in a number of ways: The best way to prevent a cracked phone screen is to use a protective case. But regardless of the design specifics, it's really about elastic energy, according to Red Zombie, a Clearfield, Utah-based repairs and accessories shop. It's possible to replace a phone screen on your own. Then rub it gently into the crack, filling it in and leveling it off with the surface of the phone. "When you drop your phone, elastic energy stored in the phone's glass is converted into surface energy, which is why your glass cracks," the company notes in a September 2018 blog post. Your mobile provider may offer phone repair services at a discount to customers. In a lot of cases it will stay in place, cracks and all, so you can at least keep tweeting, as long as the screen is still visible and functioning. Trade-in your phone.