If you really want to save your relationship, ask for a meeting with the person you hurt. I know you are upset and suffering because of that person, so you are full of rage and doubt want even a word from his side. Although there are always two sides to a story, in some cases, one person is clearly responsible for the damaged relationship. Your ex has already seen your ass cheeks spread, and now, you need to open up your soul to him. Make an effort from both sides: It takes two to tango. Analyze the list you crafted in step 1. To this end, you should ditch the arrogant attitude, swallow you pride and initiate a polite dialogue. Try to improve your sexual life by giving each other plenty of time to get intimate and see how better the relationship goes. Regardless of the circumstances, the person at fault is responsible for repairing the damage and healing the rift. Retrieved from http://drphil.com/articles/article/25 Nothing is going to work if it’s only you who is worried about how to fix a broken relationship or mending the bond. This article will give you some information about how to repair a broken relationship. In other words, tell you loved one that you are willing to do what is necessary to regain his or her respect, support, love and trust. To get some initial peace, you need to write down all the harsh words he/she said to you, and you got hurt. Writing your emotions always help as you share them, read them and you find reasons of your fight. The first example is very accusatory and may put the other party on the defensive. Let’s go out with him anywhere like on vacation and share the fun together. If you are one of those people – stop! Keep in mind that the “victim” in the relationship may still be hurt and/or angry so tread lightly when requesting a meeting. Ask yourself why you actually want your ex back. Relationship repair: 10 tips for thinking like a therapist. You both are frazzled, so you need to pay attention to how they feel and take it in the direction of curing the relationship by these tips on how to fix a broken relationship. You drift apart and what little time you do spend with each other is spent arguing and negative emotions are pervasive. For example, if you cheated on your spouse, provide him or her access to your call logs, emails and receipts. It's hyperbole and gives the other person room to think "well, that's just not true,' and distracts from the issue at hand. Want to know how to fix a relationship right now? If you want to fix a relationship, you can promptly start by eliminating these 100 behaviors IMMEDIATELY. He needs to hear your intentions first, so be up front and honest about what you want and why you want it. We enter a new relationship bearing the open wounds of our former experiences, hungry for healing and emotional nourishment from our partner. Refrain from using the phrase "You always...". Mention points that come to your mind to repair relationship. Always communicate as it allows having your feelings in front of your partner and only then he can understand you because no one practically can get into someone’s head. Your partner will also notice these positive changes, and he is going to making it mend quickly and love you more for caring about the relationship this much. Honesty is always the best strategy to win someone’s heart back. With a degree in psychology and diploma in journalism, Frances Vidakovic is an author of 21 books, certified life coach and course creator. If you’re reading this, then your own relationship may have been hijacked my corona. If you want to repair a relationship that you damaged, you will need to look at the situation from the “victim’s” point-of-view. Reassure you spouse that you love him or her and do not “waffle” when he or she asks you difficult and painful questions. Always use a soft tone and don’t act like you two are enemies already and don’t put silence as silence kills the relationship automatically before you realize it.