Set the Shadow Map resolution to ‘Normal’. This includes the CPU, monitor, RAM, and the game you are playing. You may invest in the best hardware but if the game you are playing on your PC is not designed to offer the higher Frames Per Second, there is no way you will be able to reach those levels. But if you get a low frames rate, the reasons are different: In most cases, the higher FPS is always better. Some games however may not have the built-in capability to deliver the higher Frames per Second. Join 350,000 subscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. So, you can go to kill some unnecessary processes running in the background and disable startup items. The following are the reasons for not getting 240 FPS while gaming: The general opinion among the experts is that there is no simple method through which the FPS rate can be fixed at 240 FPS across all games. There are countless reasons why your PC may not be fully optimized for gaming, such as old drivers or malware issues. You might also find the cap useful to reduce screen tearing in games. CS:GO (Counterstrike Global Offensive) is at least one game where the updates to the game have resulted in a drop in FPS over time. Step 4: In the pop-up window, click Disk Cleanup to run the built-in tool. Getting 240 FPS on all the games that you play may not be feasible. In order to provide more useful tips and information, she is still committed to expand her technical knowledge. By turning this OFF on your PC, you can obtain 70 FPS or even 100 FPS on your 60Hz monitor. The information on this website has NOT been verified for accuracy and should only be used for educational purposes. It refers to the frequency at which consecutive images (frames) appear on a display. Logically and having seen the hardware requirements that Activision demands, the better hardware we can activate or deactivate more or less effects. How to Use the Built-In Geography Feature in Microsoft Excel, How to Use PayPal With Apple’s iPhone and Mac App Store, How to Install Microsoft Edge on a Chromebook, © 2020 LifeSavvy Media. Step 4: Choose Check & fix detected errors option and click Start button to start checking file system errors for the selected drive. Fortnite is a fast-paced game and you will enjoy it if you can achieve 240 FPS on your PC. This post has given detailed information about FPS and the reason of low FPS, as well as how to improve FPS. The other recommendation is to add another GTX 1080Ti graphics card and try with one first and then add the second on an SLI configuration. GPU: GTX 1070Ti or 1080Ti – you can choose GPUs rated higher than this as well. Some of these can differ depending on the configuration of the PC you are playing the game on.