I wait for half an hour trying to find a match on Mob of the Dead, only to find either I or the other players have 100 - 500 ping. BO2 Zombies on PS4? Note that the part pieces can only be dug up when it is snowing. To proceed with comment posting, please select temporary avatar: We use cookies for advertising, content recommendations, and traffic measurement. Black Ops 2 Origins Zombies Walkthrough will take you through all the waves that are in the last zombie DLC map, which takes you back to origins, a zombie map like you never experience before. Use the gramophone to open the portal and get the fire stone on the fire stand. Once you have shot the plane down the part will be shoot next to you. 60% Upvoted. To get this part you have to kill a robot zombie that comes around sometimes. Go back to the crazy place but this time go in through the fire tunnel by the room where you started the game. share. Does anyone play BO2 Zombies on PC? Their are three pieces to each staff and a mus… Did you know there is a Y8 Forum? Obviously not including Origins, which is on Chronies. Please register or login to post a comment, Fun Games for Kids Created by People Like You, Grand Theft Auto V First Time Online Driving. Sort by. It is usually on the table when you first enter or the table next to the spot where the box spawns or on the shelf in the back. Pretty new to Bo2 zombies, but know a decent chunk of Bo3 zombies. Destiny 2 How to Prepare for Shadowkeep – What Materials to... Destiny 2 how to get Solstice God Roll Armor, Destiny 2 EAZ CHEST LOCATIONS – Solstice of Heroes Chests. In other words I help partners grow their channel. These two will get you out of a jam by freezing or setting the zombie on fire either way you are unstoppable. In the starting room their is a shovel against the wall. Black Ops 2 Origins Zombies Walkthrough will guide you through all the different waves in the game. These two will get you out of a jam by freezing or setting the zombie on fire either way you are unstoppable. There are four staffs in the map origins but the two best staffs are the ice and fire staff. Go to the excavation site in the middle of the map. Share it with us! I am going to give you a step by step guild to easily build each one and survive the none stop waves of zombies. What are the Pros/cons of each version. TOC: Origins Walkthrough, Origins Perk Machine Locations, Origins Zombies Musical Parts Locations, Origins Zombies Staff Parts Locations, Origins Pack a Punch Machine Location, Origins Zombies Teddy Bears Locations, Origins Zombies Recipes Part, Origins Zombies Mystery Box Locations, Origins Zombies Maxis Drone location.