Tighten the string by turning the tuning key, making sure the string wraps. They have to get used to the tension so that they won't stretch. Your argyle sweater vest is awesome too, btw. First, we need to remove the old strings. If it is firm in the bridge posts, you can go ahead and take the strings out of the tuner posts. When the string is loose, you can already unwind it from the peg. “Starting with the neck pickup, you hold the high E string down at the highest fret and then measure the distance from the bottom of the high E string to the top of the pickup polepiece – and then do the same with the low E string. in string size. Of course, those are our factory specs and your taste may vary. You don't need complicated pieces of equipment to change the strings of your guitar. Most Les Paul tailpieces are not physically attached to the bridge. A lot of times Les Paul guitars can go out of tune because of string slippage or even just bad strings. Lessen your grip to the string as you gradually tightening it. Set Up Your Electric Guitar After Changing Strings, Tighten string and wind around tuning post, Guitar Pedal Effects Troubleshooting Guide, Fender: How to Change Your Electric Guitar Strings, Gibson: How to Change Guitar Strings and Tune an Electric Guitar, StewMac: How to String an Electric Guitar, TC-Helicon Go Guitar Pro Quickstart Guide, Black Spirit 200 Floorboard Sounds and Presets, Black Spirit 200 Floorboard Setup and Connections. Carefully pull it all the way through, using your fingers to help prevent it from grinding against the bridge hole. So a lot of players are very passionate about that. Once restrung, you’ll notice that the strings will keep This burst has aged well. minimizing the time it takes for tension to adjust. You have successfully changed guitar strings! Before you start with other strings, make sure that you clean the fretboard first. You can know if a string is loose if it sounds deep when you pluck it. Any more wraps than three is kind of redundant. Wha, Never know when you will need a Floyd rose. If you’re restringing with an identical set of strings, then you Receive news and offers from our other brands? Woah, that's a great and fast way to restring a guitar! “Starting with the neck pickup, you hold the high E string down at the highest fret and then measure the distance from the bottom of the high E string to the top of the pickup polepiece – and then do the same with the low E … New strings are still sturdy. Let us get started! Continue to turn the key until the ball end is secure against the bridge/tailpiece. If not wiped off after playing, then it will build up, reduce sustain, and ultimately dull the sound quality. Repeat the tuning steps for the rest of the strings. Keep doing this until the low E-string remains in tune after you pull on it. Here’s some info about how to clean a finished fretboard. https://www.wikihow.com/Change-Strings-on-an-Electric-Guitar Moreover, the said hole should be parallel to the frets. Make sure each new wrap of the string is below or underneath the previous wrap. While the steel wool is soaked in the oil soap, you can rub and polish the frets with the steel wool until the frets are shiny and clean. In the sections below, we’ll explain the three phases of restringing: Change strings one at a time or all at once? In this article, we will teach you the easiest way to restring an electric guitar. It will also give your fretboard a new clean shine. You don’t always have to have a full three wraps, but it is a good general rule of thumb. And then on the low E string, we look for 2/64th of an inch between the top of the fret and the bottom of the string. However, it still requires some practice. Next, pull up on the string to maintain tension on it while you are turning the tuning button with your string winder. There was a problem. On standard bridges, (e.g. “Another thing you can do is adjust the height of the stopbar tailpiece,” Jim says. One at a time will maintain string tension across the guitar and reduce the time it takes to stabilize; but if you need to clean the fingerboard, it makes more sense to remove all the strings at once. This way the string can go straight through the tuning post. Many guitarists would start by stringing their heaviest string or the top E. Many musicians call this as the "sixth string." The most common reason for changing strings is because they’ve become dirty, lost their tone, and/or don’t stay in tune anymore. Happy customers, one piece of gear at a time! Put your index finger on the string by one to two inches. #electricguitar #el, Laid back Gibsunday. Additionally, Playyourbeat.com participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links. Once you can complete this process on the top E string, you can also do the same to the rest of the strings. The string posts themselves can be used to measure the ideal amount of string slack. After the tension is gone, the tailpiece will fall right out. For me, on the top end of a Les Paul, I don’t find that I need to go that heavy. Oil soap not only helps clean your fretboard, it also helps condition and moisturize it. This keeps the strings alive and full of bounce. affects the truss rod (neck bow), action (string height), and intonation (string I suggest, in that instance, leaving both the E strings polepieces flush with the pickup and then raising them in for the B, G, D and A to provide that radius, as measured with a ruler or a radius gauge.”. Once you can master it, you can deal with any guitars! Fender Strat and other types of string-through guitars), you have to pull strings out from the body of the instrument. Changing the gauge (string diameter) will change the tension (playability) but also will require a setup to accommodate the new string size. Keep in mind that guitars often have different parts that affect the setup, or playability. Unlike the Stratocaster, the Les Paul has everything you need easily accessible on the top of the guitar. Therefore, you should not cut the strings without taking a look at everything. Exclusive deals, delivered straight to your inbox. Let’s get started. They are just held in place by the string tension. Grip the string at the fifth string’s post and slide the string back through the sixth string’s post until your fingers hit the sixth string tuning post.