Thanks again, and have a beautiful day today! That makes less pages to print and less page turning. I taught this concept through Hum Your Favorite Hymn too. Thank you very much for sharing all your hard work!! More Than Enough Yes, that one is already complete! others who desire to use it in virtual meetings or personally to strengthen each and every one of us as I appreciate all you are doing! Which songs are you looking for in Landscape? Could you make a flip chart for “Thankful” the new song by Shawna Edwards? Thanks for your kinds words. Cedar Fort aims to publish and share uplifting and edifying books, media, and products that people will enjoy - while helping them to feel better about themselves and improve their daily lives. I had been jazzing up Janice Kapp Perry's "Army of Helaman" in Primary for a while and by sheer happenstance realized that I could sing "Army of Helaman" over the top of the chorus of "I Will Be What I Believe." This is a wonderful service you give!! We are hoping to teach it to the children. Thank you, thank you for your flipcharts! I would love to teach this new song in this month’s (October) Friend in preparation for the temple dedication. May I please request a flip chart for “One by One” Written by Elder Bednar (music by Paul Cardall; arranged by Ken Neff and Shauna Swainston). First off, Thank you sooo much for this website! Thank you so much! The pictures really help the children remember the words to the songs. How wonderful to have one written by Elder Bednar. Featuring original arrangements such as "I Will Be What I Believe" (a mix of his original song, "I Will Be What I Believe," and Janice Kapp Perry's classic "Army of Helaman"), this music will become an instant favorite in your home. I have completed that request for you! to hope for blessings even greater than those we have already received, because this is the work I received your email and you sent me the first verse. We had been a music duo in our ward for a couple Thank you, thank you!! touched by both the music and the words of many Primary songs growing up. You can find it in the alphabetical section under “I”. This song is complete and ready for you! Singing Time. It’s a hard song to even find the words for. So please make sure to let me now of any links that do not work so we can fix them! Thank you so much for sharing. Over 300 Free Primary Flip Charts! Look in the new arrivals. The links for Tell me the Stories of Jesus should both be working now. the believers, even disciples of Jesus Christ. I feel this site is a luxury! I can’t wait to have the primary kids all over the world to sing to their fathers. I LOVE THIS!!!! Happy singing! I would love to have a flip chart to the new song by Shawna Edwards called, “To Be His Child.” I would like to teach all verses. Do you have a flip chart for Let Us All Press On? I would love one. Just double click the links. Thank you! Thanks SO much for the time you take to do this!! Thanks! Post-it Notes: one of my favorite things + Matthew 11:28-30. If not, I would love to have one so I can teach the children this song for Mother’s Day. I am the chorister in a little branch in the United Arab Emirates (the Middle East), and will begin using your “Reverence is Love” flip chart this Friday (that’s when we go to church). I love the children of this church! We will all have those moments of small miracles or tender mercies that remind us It is a beautiful song! Could you pretty pretty please do a ‘Holding Hands Around the World’ flipchart? Send us a request and we can have on done in 6 weeks or less. Request a flip chart: I am happy to make a flip chart for you of any song needed that is being used for primary children to sing. "Heavenly Father Loves Me" and "I Will Be What I Believe." Mercy, and Glory. It is just beautiful! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. To download a flip chart just double click on the underlined songs. Chrisandra, I will believe what I believe is done and in the alphabetical section. Singing Time leaders have to think of songs not only for the Primary Program, but for holidays as well. This is wonderful! We reconnected after this tragedy and were able to write this song together throughout the course of her recovery. Thanks for your service with the primary children. It always brings a little tear to my eye. All of the flip charts are available for free on this site. Thanks, Meredith. You can look under “T” and “H” Happy singing! "Hey, you should write a Primary song." The new song in the January 2016 Friend, “I’ll Stand tall” needs a flip chart. They are beautifully done. We decided we wanted to teach our primary kids this song to join together with the youth for our Christmas program. Both songs are by Blake Gillette. I love them! You can find it on the New Arrivals. It starts out I belong to the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Thank you so much for creating the flip chart for Joseph Prayed in Faith! I am wondering if you can add flipcharts for “O Come All Ye Faithful” (first verse) and the old German Christmas carol titled “Christmas” (or “IHR KINDERLEIN, KOMMET” meaning “O come, little children”) by J.A.P. You’re seriously the best for helping us share these songs with our children! I have used a lot of your charts and love them! You just need to double click on the Flipchart and then you can access it. I’d love a flipchart of Shauna Edward’s new song “Come Unto Christ” – I am brand new at this calling. You can print the entire flip chart, or just the pages you’ll need. They ask if I have permission to print the pictures and words of songs. Thanks, I love your work. Teacher Resources. I have reposted those for you. I probably tricked you. children of men; for he will not suffer that the wicked shall destroy the righteous. Shawna Edwards asked me to do a flip chart for her and so it was posted simultaneously with the announcement of the song. It is listed under C in the alphabetical section. Thank you so much and thank you for these wonderful flip charts. Ellen t Barrett. Thanks for the consideration. I also have used clip art from LDS publications only. These Flip charts have made my calling so much easier! It is difficult when you have a lot of children and the words are small. Were you able to get a flip chart for made for Go and Do? We hope this website will help you! It seems the pages don’t divide in the right places. I was wondering if you have the sheet music for The Miracle. Do do perhaps have a flipchart for Hymn 304 – Teach me to Walk in the Light. I finished that flip chart for you. You'll save 10% on your order! Well, maybe not so new of a song with "Nephi's Courage" being a Primary favorite for most. I can finish the chart within 16 days. I hope and pray that you find joy in the music, and that we build IF YOU TRANSLATE ANY OF THESE INTO A DIFFERENT LANGUAGE EMAIL THEM BACK TO ME SO I CAN POST THEM FOR OTHER CHORISTERS. Enjoy! I figured they can just repeat that part of the flip chart. Thank you for such a wonderful site that helps us all over the world as we serve in Primary and help our little ones draw closer to Heavenly Father. by fire. i try to go into alphabet but couldnt get pass J and i wanted K for kindness begins with me. Was hoping to teach it this month! You are a true wonder, valiant and amazing individual! I got those flip charts done for you.