Oscartek Oscartek DIAMOND 1 GA30 Diamond 1 Curved Gelato/Ice Cream. One of the most important factors in impulse purchasing is visibility and attractiveness, which is the purpose of an ice cream dipping cabinet. This model also features optional gelato pans and dipper well, a locking lid and keys, and a sneeze guard. This website is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. Because these cabinets offer ready-to-serve ice cream, they may not be very effective if the climate isn’t conducive to people wanting ice cream on a whim or going out for ice cream in particular. Every ice cream shop needs to have the best ice cream dipping cabinet if they want to sell hard ice cream or gelato. The number of tubs that a unit is capable of displaying has a huge effect on the range of uses an ice cream display cabinet has, but it also tends to correlate upward with the size and price of a unit. Ice cream dipping cabinets will generally be more effective in the warmer seasons and in generally warmer climates because ice cream is appealing for a longer portion of the year. Ice cream dipping cabinets are perfect for ice cream parlors, sorbet shops, restaurants, and concession stands. Oscartek Oscartek GEM R4 G1000 Gem R4 Gelato Showcase/Display. Here are our choices for the top three best ice cream dipping cabinets. Some common certifications are UL 471 and NSF 7, so is some information on those two certifications. This unit is internally lit to ensure an attractive display, even if the cabinet is in a dimmer part of the room. Something went wrong. Whether it’s a seasonal appliance or you would like to take ice cream out to multiple locations, this model can be transported with you. We carry both dipping and storage units, both of which are essential to any ice cream vendor. There are various commercial certifications available to ice cream dipping freezers, as a type of refrigerator. One of the unique things about this unit is that it is also transportable due to its size. The molded plastic frame is heated to prevent the build-up of frost and ice, and the thick insulation allows for better energy efficiency and maintains a more consistent temperature. The VBENLEM 250W is the best ice cream dipping cabinet because it features up to four different ice creams and its small size means it is easily transportable and can serve a variety of needs. This model can feature eight exposed tubs at once and hold an additional six tubs of storage. Of all the great products in our ice cream dipping cabinet reviews, we think the Chef’s Exclusive Commercial 8-Flavor Ice Cream Dipping Cabinet is the best ice cream dipping cabinet! Additional features may include lockable cabinets, extra storage space, gelato tubs, or other convenient features. This means a smaller unit. If you want to start offering hand-dipped ice cream at your ice cream parlor, you need to have the right equipment for it—just having a mini freezer isn’t going to cut it in this situation. The Chef’s Exclusive Commercial 12-Flavor Ice Cream Dipping Cabinet is the best ice cream dipping cabinet because it is energy efficient, has interior lighting, and stores an additional 10 tubs of ice cream on top of the 12 tubs on display. The Chef’s Exclusive Commercial 12-Flavor Ice Cream Dipping Cabinet features 20 cubic feet of ice cream showcasing greatness, featuring up to twelve tubs of ice cream and storing an additional ten for easily changing out empty tubs. The UL 471 establishes the commercial certification for commercial refrigerators, freezers, and refrigerated display cases that operate on less than 600V. Ice cream dipping cabinets allow potential consumers to see the very product in front of them, attractively lit, and the entire display can be decorated to be enticing. With its 2.5-inch thick insulation, it should maintain its temperature better and have less effect on your business’ energy bills. It can also be useful for restaurants, hotels, and cafés who want to display their ice creams and boost sales but don’t have the space for an extra large ice cream freezer. The self-contained refrigeration systems inside these freezers are rugged pieces of machinery and can effortlessly whirl away all summer long without breaking a sweat. While it may seem a little obvious, not double-checking the dimensions of an ice cream dipping cabinet before purchasing can be disastrous if there isn’t enough allotted space. Chef’s Exclusive understands that a big part of sales is aesthetic, which is why this dipping cabinet is wired with interior LED lighting to enhance the appearance of the ice cream for consumers. ft. capacity. $1,855.00. A dedicated ice cream parlor may need to invest in a larger unit to display a large variety of flavors, while an ice cream feature in a café or full-service restaurant may not have as much dedicated space. Once you find an ice cream dipping freezer that suits all of your business’ main needs, many models have optional features to consider in addition to what comes with the unit. Instead of letting you take the leap on your own, we took the chance and reviewed all the available options. Ice Cream Dipping Cabinets JES Restaurant Equipment has an ice cream dipping cabinet that will suit your ice cream shop. $6,445.00. Infrico USA Infrico USA IDC-VBZ15 Display Case-Ice Cream 13 cu. While in the market for the best ice cream dipping cabinet, it is important to consider all the different features that each model offers to find what fits your needs and budget. While this option can only carry four different flavors, you can pair it with a cold slab to offer customers the chance to choose ingredients to mix into the ice cream, so they have more variety. This small commercial freezer offers a temperature range of between 0 °F and -13 °F, which is easily adjustable with the exterior LED display panel. Not all climates and seasons are well-suited to a specialty product like an ice cream dipping cabinet. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind while shopping. ft. capacity, Oscartek METRO 2 GA45 Metro 2 Curved Gelato/Ice Cream Showcase/Display, Excellence HM-23HC Jumbo Ice Cream Freezer, Global Refrigeration DI-4 Drop-In Ice Cream Dipping Cabinet, Oscartek POZZETTI P12 Pozzetti Gelato/Ice Cream Showcase/Counter, Oscartek METRO 3 G1650 Metro 3 Gelato/Ice Cream Showcase/Display, Oscartek DIAMOND 1 G2106 Diamond 1 Gelato/Ice Cream Showcase/Display, Glastender DI-FR36-DW Ice Cream Freezer with Dipper Well, Oscartek GIA G2106DTS Gia Gelato/Ice Cream Showcase/Display, Oscartek POZZETTI P10 Pozzetti Gelato/Ice Cream Showcase/Counter. Electric Scooter Kids 120w Battery Ride On Toy Bike Stand Escooter Adjustable, NERF Bullets SOFT HEAD For Nerf N-Strike Elite Dart Refill Fits Most Nerf Guns, Asics Jolt 2 Men's Running Shoes Fitness Gym Workout Trainers Black. It also makes a big difference if your business sticks to the classic flavors, or if there is a lot of experimentation in flavors in ice creams, which may merit more tubs so you can get creative. Some of these come automatically with certain models, while others are upgrades, so it may be good to take some time to consider what features work with your needs and budget. The Chef’s Exclusive Commercial 8-Flavor Ice Cream Dipping Cabinet is the best ice cream dipping cabinet because it is perfect to small to moderately sized ice cream parlors, restaurants, and hotels who want to offer delicious ice creams during the summer or year-round. Happy ice cream selling! Nelson offers the most complete line of dipping cabinets for store operators, whether you are serving ice cream, gelato, Italian ices, water ices, or soft frozen lemonade.