So the fridge is a wood toy from shape Toys, purchased on Amazon. Spray paint primer - I used Rustoleum Surface Primer, Spray paint - I used Rustoleum Gold Metallic spray paint, Paint - I used Wood & Metal paint in the shade 'Healthy, Wealthy & Wise' by Valspar, Sheet of mdf for backsplash - I picked mine up from B&Q for £4.25, How I transformed the IKEA Duktig play kitchen. That kitchen looks amazing, you did such a great job!! I used tacky spray to glue the paper to a thick cardstock so it would hold up well with time, then I used a few small nails to hold it in place and nailed it into the corners of the backboard of the kitchen. Cheers, AshAnd don't forget to visit besttoolsbrand. A sliver of hole shows. Surprisingly, the biggest question i’ve gotten so far is about the wooden pulls. Another huge question i’ve been getting is where all of the accessories are from. The original IKEA Play Kitchen is cute on it's own, but a little plain for our boho babe so I wanted to jazz it up a bit. While I didn’t take the greatest photos during the DIY (bad lighting at night) but i was documenting every step of the way in my kitchen highlight on Instagram. IKEA Play Kitchen W/ Working Sink: Most parents of toddlers can relate to the experience of regularly lifting their child up to the sink for hand-washing throughout the day. However, there I was, in the freezing cold garden at 8pm spray painting a plastic tap because I've decided my 18-month-old daughter absolutely must have a play kitchen for Christmas. For the plastic parts however (the pole, sink, taps, feet, door handles and the utensils I also picked up in IKEA) I used spray paint - priming them first with Rustoleum Surface Primer, before applying two coats of Rustoleum Gold Metallic Spray Paint (both of which I picked up at B&Q). I also painted the covers for the bottom of the kitchen in satin bronze to coordinate with the rest of the hardware. I swapped out the plastic handle that came with it for the same brass hardware I used in the kitchen to make it look like a set. I left a strip at the bottom of the splash back to look like a trim (however in reality its because it saved me buying another pack of stickers! My little has already been hard at work playing in her kitchen for a month and every time she bangs a pot into that tiny sink I'm thankful I had the foresight to seal it! A fun project for sure, she loves it! It really made all the difference and I love this added touch! They are the cutest shops and are worth an extra-long layover in Amsterdam. Most of the things you see here are from Sostrene Grene or Dille & Kamille . We went to Amsterdam in September and I spent literally half the trip shopping for play kitchen accessories- not joking. The faucet is one of my favorites of the things I painted. General Supplies: ... Once the main sections were painted, I spray painted the kitchen faucet and sink with the gold paint and then with the clear gloss once the gold paint was totally dry. I also have a little girl so I thought this look would be a perfect look for her playroom. Where did you buy the mini fridge? I did mini tours of the stores and went in depth about what I bought from where in my “Amsterdam” and “kitchen” highlights. If you don’t follow me on instagram or haven’t been following the kitchen stories, I was only able to work on the kitchen at night after Story had gone to bed. Sign up to receive photography and film inspiration and be the first to know about upcoming events and promotions. I believe anywhere can be a home if you fill it with things you love. You can style the Duktig exactly like your own kitchen to really inspire your kids. I just cut a little notch with a jigsaw and attached with a screw coming in from the back. Story has had the kitchen for a few weeks now and is still completely obsessed every day. This fun DIY project kitchen was actually modeled after a few things my someday dream kitchen will hopefully have: brass fixtures, a porcelain farmhouse sink, custom backsplash and of course...a butcher block countertop! Scroll down for the deets! It’s the perfect size. By completing this form you are agreeing to be contacted by Ryaphotos for newsletter and marketing purposes. This is what I used to make the knobs. The kitchen can be one of the most expensive areas of the house to furnish and decorate. I love the way our IKEA Play Kitchen Hack turned out, and I hope this inspires you to create your own version for the little cook in your life! just like me! I love the way it turned out so I wanted to share my simple steps to putting your own spin on this ever-popular kids play kitchen. It bothered me. I showed exactly what I got in my kitchen highlight, so go there if you haven’t yet! We didnt run into a single problem when we assembled it because we very diligently copied every curve and hole. i planned to do this for his christmas present, but once it was done i decided to just let him start playing with it now because he is obsessed. That’s where Ikea comes to help! Be sure to check that out if you don’t find the answers you’re looking for here! I filled the holes with drywall putty and don’t regret the extra work. Finally, my super helpful and talented hubby used small wood discs to create little stove knobs - aren't they the cutest things ever?!! This is what I ended up going with. And of course, I sealed the faucet too. They aren’t perfect. Your information will never be passed on to a third party. It needed two coats though, so bear that in mind. He cut a few of them in half and glued them to the whole pieces to mimic how a real stove knob would look, then we glued the finished pieces onto the face of the stove. This gorgeous Ikea Duktig play kitchen makeover from Katie Lamb will make them think they are really helping in Mummy or Daddy’s kitchen. First things first. I Took notes and surely gonna implement and test bunch of stuff you talked about. Hi! So an IKEA play kitchen hack seemed like the perfect project to tackle! For the sink, I opted to under mount it to give it more of a polished look, like a real kitchen would have. The butcher block counterop is actually a self-adheisve paper. And a kids toy that will look great in your home. So realistic and the perfect finishing touch to our little dream boho kitchen reno <3. I've been using this as my guide and inspiration.. got all the materials and starting over the weekend x, One of the best articles that I’ve read in a very long time! A new real house? Probably a play house? You can purchase the design I used on Amazon here, but I have seen many different options for refinishing the counters in this play kitchen. The pre-drilled Ikea holes were quite large, and these barely miss covering all of it. The thickness of the rim is important because I wanted to leave room for error when cutting the sink hole in the countertop. Article by DaMeshia Rowley. I love the way the color turned out. The months of work was worth it for her reaction. so excited to share arlo’s play kitchen!! So in case anyone else is crazy enough to do the same - here's exactly how I made over the famous IKEA Duktig play kitchen, including the budget-friendly bits I used and how I transformed a plain wooden toy into something a bit more fitting for Dove Cottage!