)...If you do by some grace of god or luck request another one...The numbers will conflict with their last audit. Yes, I'll take full responsibility. Make the signs on the roads hard to understand for people traveling, have toll booths only accept change that no one will have, and make it impossible to pay the tolls online so everything turns into a violation. $20 FOR EACH UNPAID TOLL!?!?!? I don't know how they sleep at night charging that much for the $2 I forgot to pay them. Find more Departments of Motor Vehicles near Illinois State Toll Highway Authority. They never gave me any sort of credit for the old transponder that I paid for, plus, it took them three months to send the new transponder (I had to call them twice), all while I was being charged the cash rate and they wouldn't honor the IPASS rate. You have to put in the road and each toll booth that you missed on the websight to pay. They said it was too late for me to pay, and the only thing I could do was wait for a violation notice with $20 fines for every toll. Get contact details or leave a review about this business. She "transferred" me to a dead phone line. Bought a transponder at Jewel. Just R.E.T.A.R.D.E.D. Thank you! Illinois Tollway has some of the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I can't speak for every toll, but along I94 the toll amounts run anywhere from $1.90 to $2.80 to answering a riddle correctly while being electrocuted on the soles of your feet. Anyway, these "people" are as ignorant as can be. I don't need or want an account just the money I paid for the transponder. My transponder is an ez pass from IN (that works on IL toll roads as well). I did but it was a fine! Apparently, if you're transponder isn't working properly (which mine obviously is not), if you get more than 5 video tolls, they will start charging IPASS registered users and IPASS paying customers, the cash rate. A few months ago, I traveled to Chicago as a tourist from Ohio, and I was extremely unfamiliar with the highway system and geography. Either get the iPASS at the rental car place, have copious amounts of small change and cash available at all times, or face the mind numbing soul sucking process of trying to pay online. & to resolve unpaid tolls which I did everything with her. Breath. So happy they charged a 3 buck service charge for the privilege.Called the Tollwsay and was told to return it to an Oasis.Went to the Ohare Oasis and waited. When I informed her that I had bank statements that clearly showed I had put money in my account much more recently than they claimed I did, she just told me, "you can send in the statements, but they won't do you any good." On the phone the same thing happens, I'm asked for my license plate number and the woman tells me that there is no record of it. Turns out that she would have to open account then close it then Id get a refund in a few days. I recently relocated here from North Carolina. Soooooo I thought then I would have gotten a bill in the mail with the remaining tolls? The front line workers are only trying to fill the work hours associated with the court order, and have absolutely ZERO motivation to help you.