And as time went on we became even more convinced, when the Ukrainian nobility absolutely rejected a similar project of their military governor. Just walking alongside the Admiralteyskaya Embankment from the Palace Bridge, beside the Admiralty Building, we got to the part looking on the Embankment and Neva and confining one vast square and also one park, called Senate Square, on which settled such highly important administrative organs of the Imperial Russian government in the past, i.e. The more liberal Mikhail Muravyov-Vilensky created a new charter similar to that of Tugendbund. Other Decembrists were exiled to Siberia, Kazakhstan, and the Far East. 19 November] 1825, the royal guards swore allegiance to the presumed heir, Alexander's brother Constantine. …through the creation of a Senate, which came to serve as a privy council as well as an institution of supervision and control. Originally established only for the time of Peter's absence, it became a permanent body after his return. In 1711, he created the Governing Senate – a clear gesture of homage to the Senate of the Roman Empire. The Kremlin Senate was initially constructed from 1776 to 1787. The shooter Kakhovsky was executed by hanging, together with four other leading Decembrists: Pavel Pestel; the poet Kondraty Ryleyev; Sergey Muravyov-Apostol; and Mikhail Bestuzhev-Ryumin. Local clergy accused Prince Shakhovskoi of "heresy", due to his interest in natural sciences. We can help. In 1802 the Senate was given the right to petition the sovereign for cancellation of an objectionable law or for it to be specifically construed if the law in question lacked clarity or was of contradictory nature. Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation, 2008-2020. It was required to ensure consistent implementation of the law, to oversee execution of justice, finances, trade and military affairs. It is now home to the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation, and to the Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library. For the ceremony, over 1,000 of the highest military and civil ranks were gathered, and 125 galleys of the Baltic fleet stood in line on the Neva river near Trinity square. Alexander Pushkin addressed poems to his Decembrist friends, Nikolai Nekrasov, whose father served together with Decembrists in Ukraine, wrote a long poem about the Decembrist wives, and Leo Tolstoy started writing a novel on that liberal movement, which would later evolve into War and Peace. In Russia: Elizabeth (1741–62) …was the restoration of the Senate to its earlier function of chief policy-making and supervising body. The Governing Senate (Правительствующий сенат) was a legislative, judicial, and executive body of the Russian Emperors, instituted by Peter the Great to replace the Boyar Duma and lasted until the very end of the Russian Empire. Accepting the title, Peter the Great made a very short speech of just three sentences, giving thanks to God for the victory over Sweden, encouraging Russian soldiers to further practice in their military exercises, and concluding with “it is appropriate to work towards the common good and profit that God himself lays before our eyes [...] so that the people would be comforted.”. Local police watched, regulated, and notated every move that Decembrists attempted to make. Along with Peter, who changed his title from Tsar to Emperor, his wife changed her title from Tsarina to Empress, and the Tsar’s crown in the state coat of arms was substituted with the Imperial crown. However this right was curtailed after the very first attempt of the Senate to exercise it. It was composed of 10 people, who included both representatives of old boyar families and of the new nobility. [43], To some extent, the Decembrists were in the tradition of a long line of palace revolutionaries of 1725-1825 who wanted to place their candidate on the throne, but many Decembrists also wanted to implement either classical liberalism or a moderate conservatism contrary to the more Jacobin, centralizing program of Pavel Pestel or the pan-Slavic confederation-advocating revolutionaries of the "Society of United Slavs".