tab, Travel, Logistics & Transport Infrastructure. Whether you’re a tiny startup or an established brand, we hope these examples will inspire you to tell your own brand story through unique and interesting content. As such, they sell Tito’s-branded pet products (whose proceeds go to Emancipet), and have cultivated a tight-knit Instagram community that celebrates the stories of dogs and humans everywhere. They pit themselves against mere incrementalism and me-too products, while rejecting the usual idea-development pathways and timetables. At a time when transparency means everything, peeling back the curtain helps Burt’s Bees create a genuine connection with the people who use their products. Underdog innovators take on the mantle of the fighter who thrives in battle and relishes proving someone wrong. Unyielding creators such as Steve Jobs and Elon Musk are the role models. CCTV cameras around the country record citizens’ movements and decisions, including what they buy and what they say. Emphasize how “learning” and “experimentation” and “pivoting” made the perseverance pay off. This is not a collection of packing tips. Instead of the innovator taking on the establishment, this one is about the establishment challenging itself. Through their blog, cleverly dubbed the Periodical, Thinx features everything from personal essays to gynecologist tips, empowering women to understand and own their bodies the way they should. A great example among our award winners is Vivino, which created a leading wine-rating and -recommendation app, based on the use of mobile devices to take a photo of the bottle label. ABC’s China correspondent, Matthew Carney, authored a unique photojournalistic piece incorporating short-form looping video, animated overlay, parallax scroll, and tempered text to explore what living in a world of social credit may feel like. Instead, focus on the forward-looking reinvention story with its new array of potential successes. As a snack, yogurt is a convenient on-the-go treat, but you wouldn’t necessarily think of it as the gateway to culinary delights, which is why Chobani’s surprising approach to brand storytelling is so brilliant. Spida), Marvel’s The Amazing Spider-Man comics, and Mitchell’s adidas shoe all at the same time, this adidas/Marvel video combines a driving music track with video and animated overlay. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. IKEA Singapore Highlights The Power Of Humor In … It’s content to inspire and enhance a traveler’s life. Accumulating a low social credit score, however, may prevent them from accessing certain privileges (in one case, a citizen was unable to book high-speed rail ticket due to his standings). Whether in advertising or in journalism, for profit or nonprofit, playful or serious, visual storytelling is ever evolving. However, the intention of the creators is clear in the title of the piece: for a night, these fans wanted to forget the violence, and focus on just the game. We’re especially impressed by their School of Swagger, an online resource offering teen boys info and entertainment to help navigate the awkward stages of puberty—the first time a person really needs antiperspirant. If these brands have inspired you to share your own brand story, we have a few more resources to get you on the right path whether you want to refine your story or simply don’t know where to start. #vodkafordogpeople, A post shared by Vodka for Dog People (@vodkafordogpeople) on Jul 11, 2018 at 2:09pm PDT. It’s a powerful way to promote their mission in every piece of content. content marketing tips, tools, and resources. Explainer videos are important. There is an increasing amount of interest in using these types of “crowd”-based judgments in social research. (If the documentary inspires you to spin some reggae or dancehall, you can also check out the custom. Our flagship business publication has been defining and informing the senior-management agenda since 1964. Sharing this behind-the-scenes story was a simple way to celebrate creativity, support a community artist, and demonstrate their values. 150 Paularino Ave, SUITE D170Costa Mesa, CA 92626 949.614.0759. We’d love to help you find and share your brand story. For example, when they brought in a local handlettering artist to hand-paint the brand’s logo an their flagship store, they documented it via a timelapse video. As such, they value individual expression and attention to detail, whether it’s the airbrushed mural on a car or the embossed designs on their pomade lids. As such, their brand publication HERE allows them to indulge in brand storytelling that explores travel from just about every angle. For example, this mini-documentary introduces who Burt is and what he’s about. For example, see Tara S. Behrend et al., “The viability of crowdsourcing for survey research,” Behavior Research Methods, September 2011, Volume 43, Number 3, pp. combines a driving music track with video and animated overlay. Aside from their lower price point, their brand storytelling is what has elevated them from random startup to enviable content creators. an online resource offering teen boys info and entertainment to help navigate the awkward stages of puberty—the first time a person really needs antiperspirant. Their instagram is. Who knew that their frames are hand-assembled, made from the plant-based material cellulose acetate, or sourced from a family-run Italian factory? You’ll find, chef’s guide to the best restaurants in Spain. How could this not be compelling to investors, customers, or an R&D committee? You’ll find tips for the best selfies, an illustrated guide to Paris, a chef’s guide to the best restaurants in Spain—even a guide to traveling in space. As such, they have amassed a number of educational how-to videos to help both moms and teachers use the product in educational ways. In a serendipitous flash, one recent winner, an engineering firm, realized that the gear it designed for scallop trawlers could also be used to recover hard-to-get-at material in nuclear-waste pools. Unleash their potential. In this story framing, don’t tell colleagues and investors you were simply lucky, but instead position yourself as the expert surfer who caught the wave at exactly the right moment: “We were smart enough to see how these trends were coming together, and this is what drove our success.” Beware, however, that the story arc of protagonists getting swept up doesn’t always point forward. Acknowledge your declining products and the external changes causing you to reevaluate, by all means, but don’t linger on the internal struggles you have gone through to kill them. From their, to their brand videos, their brand story is all about showing you not just the product but their people, culture, production, and values. Much of their allure comes from their hip, creative, and artistic approach to brand storytelling. 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Occasionally, though, it’s a “crazy” idea that bubbles up through a lone entrepreneur battling the system, overcoming false starts, and surviving against the odds. Suavecito is a pomade brand that, like Bacardi, has firmly immersed itself into a lifestyle: the custom car, motorcycle, and tattoo barber culture that is thriving across the country. The perspiration story theme (or “If at first you don’t succeed . Your email address will not be published. A great example among our award winners is Vivino, which created a leading wine-rating and -recommendation app, based on the use of mobile devices to take a photo of the bottle label. Over the three years, we have had more than 1,000 nominations1 1. (Think Cliff’s Notes in visual form.). Please use UP and DOWN arrow keys to review autocomplete results. Storytelling has always been important in business, of course, but in today’s environment, with executive and investor attention stretched thin by information overload, the softer stuff is ever more important for getting ideas noticed. Don’t tell facts to influence, tell stories. Most transformations fail. They’re all about creating a unique, high-quality product and an experience to match. partnership with Emancipet, an organization that provides affordable spay/neuter services and veterinary care to pet owners. Press enter to select and open the results on a new page. Through a series of entertaining videos, they help us get to know the man behind the brand. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. hereLearn more about cookies, Opens in new This game marked the end of a 40-year hiatus on nighttime games due to persistent violence throughout the country. My friend , Dr.KKJohan built an international following of prominent people through his branding as THEBRANDLAUREATE through association with the Nobel laureates. Here we will share two great story and storytelling examples to illustrate the how’s and why of these techniques. It uses short bursts of text punctuated by brief looping videos of a nighttime soccer event in Kabul, Afghanistan. For Thinx, their mission is to end the taboo around menstruation once and for all. It’s the perfect way to give people both the inspiration and the tools (aka luggage) to explore the world. According to the National Basketball Association, the D.O.N. How to Use Data Visualization to Win Over Your Audience, Data Visualization 101: How to Design Charts and Graphs, tips to brainstorm your next brand story idea, Find out how you can translate your company culture into unique content with our. 800–13; and Geoffrey Rockwell, “Crowdsourcing the humanities: Social research and collaboration,” in Willard McCarty and Marilyn Deegan, eds., Collaborative Research in the Digital Humanities, New York, NY: Routledge, 2012, pp. Serendipity involves stumbling over something unusual, and then having the foresight or perspective to capitalize on it. Thus, they demonstrate that value through content, even in the simplest of ways. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Each infographic condenses a popular book into a simple visual guide that highlights key themes, plot points, and other relevant information. There’s no denying that sharing your brand story is tremendously beneficial to your brand. Something went wrong. video can help you tell your brand story. Use minimal essential Visual storytelling can come to life in a variety of mediums in the visual communication space. China’s government is experimenting with a powerful gamification tool that assigns “social credit” to its citizens. An engaging book can transport you to another world, encouraging your brain to translate words into images with the help of rich descriptions. “Unreasonableness” means not pivoting to get to victory but sticking doggedly to your vision. Naturally, translating that into interesting brand storytelling can be a challenge. But imagine your favorite book being made into a movie; in fact, you may have been lucky enough to have that experience already, thanks to a continued interest in adaptations of popular series!