Location(s) He is known for being a successful womanizer and claims that the girls in his films wish to be on his "D", or dick.). Originally, Craig would say this to Powers.). (Craig's Bond would usually have his lips puckering slightly. Having previously mentioned Bond's shaven thighs, he mentions Bond's waxed tush, or butt. "Double oh, behave!" (Furthering the play on the cunnilingus pun, the phrase "licking old cunts" takes the literal act of performing oral sex on a woman and uses it in conjunction with its more metaphorical meaning, where "to lick" a person is to defeat them in a fight and the use of the word "cunt" as a derogatory insult towards Connery.). This resembles a "duck face", a facial expression commonly found on social media to appear more attractive, although it is ridiculed; thus, Connery's Bond mocks Craig's Bond for it. Scaramanga typically only uses a single bullet for each kill. "), Your teeth look like someone pissed on a whiter picket fence, (If someone were to urinate on a white fence, it would stain the fence yellow, similar to the bold yellow of Powers's teeth. I'm a badass unlike you in almost all of your movies. (A judo chop is a commonly used fighting technique that Powers uses in his movies. With all your crappy films, you deserve to die. You're so far up on my nuts I should call you Bond. (Connery says he is not moved by what he sees as Craig's poor performance of the Bond character, further inferring that he is not afraid of Craig. confusing.). It features two famous spies, James Bond and Austin Powers, battling to see who is the better spy. Every bad story has to end, I guess it's your time. as said by him in almost every Bond film to date.). You ruined a British land, you sir, have no game. (Yeah!) Oh please, I'm an extraordinary gentleman! One early consideration for this battle was a royale of actors who all portrayed Bond, eventually limited to just Craig's Bond against Connery's Bond with the premise of Craig's Bond against Powers.). Could call my Aston Martin Dolly Parton. ("Swinging" was a trend first introduced in the sixties, which generally embraced the idea that sex could be engaged in without restriction. Sipping dry martinis and peeling off bikinis. It is unknown which Bond was going to say this. (When he's not busy on his missions, Bond often goes to an island resort with an attractive woman, most of which are played by actresses who also work as models.). (Because Connery was the first Bond actor, he claims to be the foundation of the series, and thus the reason for its success in theaters and massive amount of fans.). Views Sipping dry martinis and peeling off bikinis, (Bond (notably Daniel Craig's portrayal) is often depicted sipping a dry martini, an alcoholic beverage often found in beach bars. Additionally, "runt" can also be used in a derogatory manner towards young people, particularly children, and by doing this Connery is insulting Craig as if he was too young and inexperienced). This is the first battle to have a rapper battle against another incarnation of themselves. This is the eighth battle overall where both characters are fictional. After I beat you, I'll kick the shit out of the man who does your stunts! James Bond vs Austin Powers - Epic Rap Battle Parodies Season 1 finale. Powers was in 1967 prior to being frozen until the 1990s, and the 1960s was a time in which people became more open to having sex, or "swinging".). Blast shots atcha like gas from the back slot of a fat Scot! Besides Thunderball, 1967's Casino Royale was rewritten in 2006. Vault Boy vs Cole Phelps. One comment in the "You Decide" sequence says "Erbp did it first," referencing, As stated by EpicLLOYD in the main Behind the Scenes video, this battle was shot on the same day as, This is the first battle since Steven Spielberg vs Alfred Hitchcock to have the, However, if the cover art of the censored version for, The title logo in the beginning of the video has a spiral background similar to that of the, Sean Connery's Bond enters wearing a diving suit with a seagull-disguised snorkel helmet on his head, referencing the beginning of. (Along with Connery and Craig, Pierce Brosnan, Roger Moore, and Timothy Dalton have also famously portrayed Bond. Bond counters Powers' statement of him being one of a kind by pointing out that he is essentially a rip-off of him. As a matter of fact, I've got a knack for licking old cunts! You've made Thunderball two bloody times! This is the sixth rap battle to feature two versions of. A ladies man, baby? Connery was also cast for the role of Bond in the official 1965 film adaptation Thunderball. The line is also a play on Bond's preferred drink; when at a bar, he frequently orders "vodka martini: shaken, not stirred".). Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. ), I'm not impressed by your suit or those groovy shoes, ([Whoever states this] doesn't care for [their opponent]'s clothing choices. ), (While being told rapping against Bond was going to be boring, Powers didn't expect it to such a degree that his mojo, or sex appeal/charm, has fallen asleep, implying that he can't even stay awake for intercourse after hearing something as boring as Bond rapping. During the line, "Let's just keep it groovy, baby! But I'm the original model that your frilly ass mimics! No one wants to sit through your gritty reality! Since he's meant to be a parody of Bond, he calls him a clown.). Furthermore, he barely drove in the first movie since Vanessa Kensington was driving most of the time.). (Ass-whipping--which could also refer to the beatings he gives his enemies--is most performed by those in the bondage community as a way to get off sexually. Handing out ass-whippings, I'm on some real James Bondage! My raps are like dynamite, they make you all delirious. This could likely be a reference to Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, which centers around Powers having lost his mojo. (Yeah, um…) Could I get back in my rap, please? Cunnilingus is an oral sex act on a woman's privates, or "pussy", and Craig brags that he gets "pussy galore" (a lot of women) and performs the act on them. They can be described as crooked and rotten as these are words associated with corrupt or evil characters, whilst Powers' teeth may be crooked and rotten because he takes little care of them. Blast shots atcha like gas from the back slot of a fat Scot! Bond's codename is 007 (spoken as "double-oh seven"), and Powers has a famous quote in which he says the phrase, "Oh, behave!" I'm licensed to kill; you couldn't get a learner's permit! You're too clean; you look like you bleach and wax your tush! ERBParodies Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. James Bond vs Austin Powers is the fifthteenth installment of Epic Rap Battle Parodies and the season one finale. BPM This is the first battle to have a beat made by EDXBeats. It features British Secret Service agent, James Bond, rapping against International Man of Mystery, Austin Powers. You're like all the sex I've ever had: unprotected! Connery also references Die Another Day, another one of James Bond's stories.). But I'm the original model that your frilly ass mimics! I'm taking out Brosnans, Moores and Daltons. This is the second battle where each rapper has their own beat, after. Get down on your knees, you're my new Bond girl. (Dolly Parton is an actress famous for her attractive bosom, or "tits." (Connery's Bond says that he is more class than both Craig's Bond and Austin Powers, and references the movie The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (based on the comic book series of the same name, which features the villain Jimmy Bond, a parody of James Bond), in which Connery portrays Allan Quatermain.). Frederick Douglass vs Thomas Jefferson But they were not as crooked and rotten as your teeth are! A "bird" is British slang for a young woman. ), (An expression of shock is uttered in direct response to the sudden violence.). Before one can receive a driver's license, they must first earn a learner's permit, which gives them permission to practice driving under the care of someone with a full license. Cameo(s) I've also never seen a man with glistening thighs! Handing out ass-whippings, I'm on some real James Bondage! How Powers is attractive to ladies is beyond him, i.e. "Rap" also means to strike something, as Connery does to Powers' face. I'm the best spy in the business; just ask all the critics! As a matter of fact, I've got a knack for licking old cunts! Now, you listen here, you little duck-faced runt! And I've been through hell, so yeah, I'm a bit of a cynic. Since blond hair is considered by many to be a more attractive hair color, Powers is insinuating that Daniel Craig is not as attractive as the Bond movies made him out to be while subtly calling him deceitful and untrustworthy for having himself made out to be attractive in the first place.). I'm distinguished! Basil Exposition told me this would be boring, (Basil Exposition is a character from the Austin Powers films who gives Powers briefings on his missions. I'm ready to die any day that you want! Quit jacking my style, dude! (This lyric is what developed into the lyric, "I mean, you can't shag properly with that waxed tush!" (The phrase "up on my nuts" means that the person in question is aggressively pursuing the speaker's business or harping on them. Epic Rap Battles of History Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Let's just keep it groovy, baby! (The 1985 unofficial Bond film Never Say Never Again, starring Sir Sean Connery as Bond, was a second adaptation of the Thunderball novel by Ian Fleming. Basil Exposition told me this would be boring. Connery makes a play on words saying that if Craig is going to complain about Connery, he should change his name to match the product and demonstrate his whiny attitude. I'm sorry, man, I didn't mean to hurt your wee feelings. Your performance doesn't stir me, and I'm certainly not shaken! The PPK became Bond's primary weapon with the transition to the big screen, and Bond expresses that he wishes to go all out with his signature firearm on Powers, who uses an ascot as part of his attire, which Bond deems "wack" or uncool.). (Bond makes a pun on the phrase "to go balls to the wall", which is to put all of one's energy into something, and the word "Walther", in reference the Walther PPK, a German pistol issued to James Bond in the Ian Fleming novel, Dr. No.