Take a look: Transit driver: $31,740 – $71,582. Whether you are selling exterior home products or software, most sales jobs require a general understanding of products and people. 35. One of the quickest ways to best jobs without a degree is to land a sales job. No problem. Bottom line, I believe many jobs shouldn’t require a degree but bottom line…most companies require it so if you can get your kids to college send them even with the high cost. The median salary is $56,560, you’ll learn on the job as an apprentice. Employment experience is just as valuable in today’s economy as a degree, and many jobs offer excellent starting packages for new hires fresh out of high school, with the promise of advancement up the corporate ladder. BTW, I never found any free college and my daughter wasn’t able to get any grants or loans due to our income. Before we get started, make sure to sign up for my free resource library and get tons of free printables to help build wealth and organize your life. There are plenty of jobs that don't require a college degree that still make a great living. If your aptitude runs to mechanical and plumbing repairs, you might enjoy assembly, installation, and repair of boilers and other containers. Here are 35 high paying jobs without degrees you can attain. You dream career may not even require a bachelor’s degree. For example, aircraft cargo handling supervisors require less than five years of experience and earn a median income of $48,150. You can still make a good living without a post-secondary education. Boilermakers. No university degree? Here is a list of ten jobs you can get without a bachelor’s degree that pay over $60,000 a year. Here are 14 examples of high-paying jobs with salaries exceeding $100,000 – that don’t require a college degree. This high paying job without a degree has a projected 8,800 job openings in the next 6 years. Jobs like air traffic controller, commercial pilot and power plant operator all pay big salaries topping $75,000 and don't require a bachelor's degree. There are loads of great careers for those without college degrees. There are plenty of sales jobs as companies always want to grow their profits. These are jobs that don't require a four-year degree, pay good salaries, and are in demand. Some of them even pay over $100,000. Many of the highest-paying jobs that do not require a college degree are physically demanding and expose workers to a degree of occupational hazards. Many jobs require an associates, certifications or on the job training. 10 high paying jobs that you can get without a college degree. We simply put the cut off at $70,000 to give you an idea of what was available. Want proof? About: Requirements for transit driver jobs vary.