. “There’s so many talented people out there,” he says. Anderson had no particular desire to become a singer at first until his brother Tony took up singing and joined the Warriors, a local group also known as the Electric Warriors. “You never know,” he says. Some people haven’t got a life I suppose. “They were in the grumpy car.”, Those two buses now travel on separate tours. Nobody in the band called Anderson to tell him the news – he had to hear it from a friend. As the band gets ready to release a new album and go on tour, Anderson is still bitter about how he was treated, When Rolling Stone posted the new Yes song “We Can Fly” last month it didn’t just provide fans of the legendary prog band the first glimpse into the band’s new album – it also allowed former lead singer Jon Anderson to check out what his band has done in his absence. My new album’s great. The "real" Yes consisted of guitarist Steve Howe (a member of Yes since 1970), drummer Alan White (1972), keyboardist Geoff Downes (1980), bassist Billy Sherwood (1994), and singer Jon Davison, who started in 2012 after a previous stint as, yes, the lead singer in a different Yes tribute band. They’ve got a great producer with Trevor Horn, so what the hell are you doing?”, Yes Reunite With ‘Owner Of A Lonely Heart’ Producer Trevor Horn. “They were just off and running. “Over the last few years I’ve written indigenous music songs, symphonies, musicals . I sing more doing these shows than I ever did with Yes. Jon Anderson's working range seems to be the two octaves from E3 to E5. “People get into that place where they don’t care about people,” says Anderson. Let them to do it.’ Now people come see me and I’m suddenly 30 years younger!”, Exclusive: Listen to ‘We Can Fly,’ the First Yes Single in 10 Years, Even before getting unceremoniously replaced, Anderson had grown disillusioned with Yes. “He’s a journeyman, like Willie Nelson.”, Despite all the turmoil, Anderson doesn’t completely rule performing with Yes again someday. I don’t have to say, ‘Turn down the bass, Chris! It is a commonly held misconception that Jon Anderson sings falsetto, a vocal technique which artificially produces high, airy notes by using only the ligamentous edges of the vocal cords; however, Jon Anderson does not sing falsetto. Life is good.”. Yes responded to Anderson's announcement with a cool, measured reply: "While Jon Anderson has rights to use the name as one of the co-owners of the trademark, Yes' position is that every effort should be made by promoters, ticket agencies and all involved to respect Yes' magnificent and loyal fan base and minimize confusion regarding the use of Yes Featuring Anderson, Rabin, Wakeman." “It’s stupid. Sign up for our newsletter. © Copyright 2020 Rolling Stone, LLC, a subsidiary of Penske Business Media, LLC. Also, the production wasn’t as good as I expected. Men Are Snapping Up Products from Rihanna's Beauty and Skincare Line, Just as She Intended, Watch Bruce Springsteen Honor Vietnam Vets on ‘The Wall’, 2020 CMA Awards: The Complete Winners List, Joe Diffie, Nineties Country’s ‘Pickup Man,’ Dead at 61 From Coronavirus, Sinead O’Connor to Enter Yearlong Trauma and Addiction Treatment Program, The 2020 CMA Awards Aimed for Normal, But Covid Loomed Large, Guitarist Steve Hunter on His Journey From ‘Berlin’ to ‘Billion Dollar Babies’, Flashback: Neil Diamond Gets Patriotic With ‘America’. Anderson has reason to be bitter. Anderson is h… Their hits include "I've Seen All Good People," "Roundabout," and "Owner of a Lonely Heart." The eye-opening thing Jon Anderson did after leaving YES, a 2020 ABC News interview with Trevor Rabin. “It would have to be two or three shows a week, though.”, In the meantime, Anderson remains focused on his solo career. Anderson, Rabin, and Wakeman called themselves ARW, but in July of 2017, they announced that they would henceforth go by the name "Yes, featuring Anderson, Rabin, Wakeman." Anderson declared the name change to be "simple," explaining, "The fans want it, we want it and it's our right to use the name. Like lots of bands that have soldiered on through the decades, there have been many, many Yes lineups — 23, to be exact, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune. “I was coughing so much that the only time I wasn’t coughing was onstage,” he says. They want to be on the road all the time.” Guitarist Steve Howe performs with ASIA when Yes are off, which means maintaining a punishing schedule. On a piano, E3 is below middle C, E4 is above middle C, and E5 is one and one-third octaves above middle C. This is, as I have written before in this forum (NFTE #175), essentially an alto range.