Cool. Please enjoy this keto recipe, ask me a question if you need anything or have suggestions and stop by again anytime :) If you've made this recipe before, it would mean SO MUCH to me if you left a rating below. They’re extremely beneficial for not just your cardiovascular health thanks to their polyphenol and fiber content, but they’re also packed with potent antioxidants that help to protect against chronic disease. This keto smoothie recipe is so creamy and only contains 5 ingredients. Anyway, thanks for stopping by! There are all kinds of little tweaks that you can make that will still keep this recipe keto-friendly and incredibly nutritious, so feel free to get creative. , That 75% from fat calories can be a bit of a misnomer, it’s certainly not required for each meal or even daily intake if fat loss is the intended goal. Thankfully, berries are rather low in net carbs anyway, but just always make sure to keep track of your total carb intake either way. This is where the idea of net carbs comes into play. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Here’s a recipe! Heck yes! Add a bunch of olive oil to get to your keto diet fat goals. I personally love vanilla and blueberries, so I must say that’s definitely a great combination. Perfect for a meal that’s not too heavy if you need something in your stomach before you hit the gym. I was looking for a low carbs and high protein smoothie and this one is perfect ! KetoGasm is a website devoted to helping women customize a ketogenic lifestyle. Check out our keto fruits list for more ideas! This bright and creamy recipe is light years away from traditional fruity (i.e. That’s it! When it comes to quick and easy meals, it’s hard to beat the almighty smoothie. Coconut milk, coconut oil, avocado, nut and seeds are just a few others that can fit the bill. Today, I’m going to hook you up with an uh-mazing keto smoothie recipe and teach you how to develop one of your own. Olive oil can be used in sweet smoothies as well. Does it? Throw a few things in a blender, press a button, enjoy. Yes, fiber is technically a carb. Who knew avocado and strawberries could go along so well? These two ingredients will add a total of nearly 30 grams of high quality fat calories into the mix. Maybe it’s because I’m always flying out the door with little time to cook or perhaps the loud buzz of the blender grinding me out of my sleep stupor, but I’m partial to keto smoothies for breakfast. Also add flax seeds. You’ll also need to mix in some crushed ice, liquid Stevia for sweetening, and some unsweetened almond milk. I add tablespoon to my smoothie bowl every morning which is sweetened with pure stevia extract. Feel free to get creative and tweak the ingredients in the recipe above to suit your personal taste! Wow, this sounds like a smoothie recipe I can get behind! This keto smoothie recipe is easy, nutritious, and delicious–what’s not to love?! What I like about this keto smoothie is that you can use whatever berries you have at home: strawberries, raspberries, wild blueberries or blackberries. They both help to make your smoothie extra creamy, but also incredibly satisfying as well — you definitely won’t be feeling hungry after drinking this! If you scroll down past the keto calculator on the page, there is a bit more detail as well. Would love to have a smoothie recipe which has 75% fat calories. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Hi, I’m Tasha! This post may contain affiliate links. This recipe is super easy and perfect for summer since berries are in season and this smoothie is so refreshing. But unlike it’s best buds starch and sugar, fiber is largely unabsorbed by the human body. Looking for the best keto smoothie recipes for breakfast or day drinks? (2). This keto smoothie is made with turmeric, ginger and spice, which makes it not only packed with flavor, but also incredibly satisfying. unsweetened (or preferred milk substitute), low carb, unflavored or flavor of choice, optional, optional, to taste (or sweetener of choice). Swapping out juices for water or nut milk.