The seven rays are the energy of the Divine being expressed in all of Creation. Your personality ray is the first, the Ray of Will or Power. Two of these rays are struggling for expression - one incoming (7th) and one outgoing (6th). This ray produces beauty and works towards the harmonising of effects. There have been many sons and daughters of God both before and after his birth who have attained to this oneness. It's a natural way of progression for things to move through just like human relationships, choosing the right partner, going to the right place, enjoying life. The ray of the personality—sixth Ray of Devotion. Prior to the Christian era, this deity was known as Iao (the first birth) or Sabaoth (the Sun), and later described as "Christos of the Resurrection of Souls. There is nothing in the whole solar system, at whatever stage of evolution, which does not belong and has not always belonged to one of the seven rays. ... As well remarked by C. W. King: — "Whatever the primary meaning (of the gem with the solar lion and vowels) it was probably imported in its present shape from India, that true fountain head of gnostic iconography." A ray confers physical conditions, the quality of the astral nature, and the distribution of energy. And when those things happen, that energy is multiplied and multiplied into the earth, generating energy--like at a sacred site, and the energy comes out all of our minor centers, chakras, feet, our aura; it comes out and it loves other people and has self-realization of a given specific area, and you know you're home, you get these overwhelming feelings. The Seven Rays are fundamentally rooted in the energy of Love, the Morya goes on: Saint Paul is very much involved in working with atheists and agnostics. This is not emotional desire, but desire as the great Law of Attraction - the capacity to draw to itself that which is loved. The fifth ray is located at the brow center. These seven angels are not only a choir prayer for God, but they are the energies or influences that make manifest God's work, God's Plan. Please Subscribe to Buddha Maitreya's YouTube Channel to View Dharma Teachings, Live Daily OM Meditations with Buddha Maitreya, Events & Dharshans with Buddha Maitreya the Christ, © Copyright 1996-2018 The Church of Shambhala Vajradhara Maitreya Sangha. Prayer Request The disciple who understands this relation and conforms to it is ready to tread the path of initiation, we’re told. The Lords of the Seven Rays-Chosen by cosmic beings because of their exemplary ability to embody a specific quality over many lifetimes, the Lords of the Seven Rays are ascended masters who have each been appointed to uphold and emanate that quality for a cycle of time for all mankind. Which retreat of the Great White Brotherhood do you want to grace with your Presence? Be Empowered. 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So the synthesis of the Rays is the key, and as we evolve more and more into more Love, Love automatically has the greater synthesis because it represents all the Rays naturally. In miniature and at the lowest point of manifestation, we find the divine concepts working out. The influence of the 6th ray has led to the development of taste in all forms. It is a very natural response of all Saints and the foundation of religions. The first ray is located at the crown chakra. Sun Yoga, Sun Gazing "Introduction to the Seven Rays" School for the Study of the Seven Rays, Lampus Press: 1986. 4th ray of Harmony through Conflict, or Beauty or Art. Media Kit This will probably also better your physical condition.". The Ascended Lady Master Nada is the chohan of the sixth ray of ministration, service and peace. They provide, however, a needed balance and steadying. It has built into the life rhythm certain unalterable tendencies. [20], In early Christian iconography, the dove of the Holy Ghost is often shown with an emanation of seven rays, as is the image of the Madonna, often in conjunction with a dove or doves. We are told that there is no true 1st ray type in incarnation yet, due to its potency. She describes the "seven wise ones" of the Veda as "the seven Rays which fall free from the macrocosmic centre".[33]. All have been created to satisfy the desire of the Creator. You are learning to leave others free—a hard lesson for a first ray personality, animated as yours is by knowledge and goodwill. Abraham, Kurt. The seven Chohans of the Rays and all the ascended masters represent the wisdom of God through the Son, the yellow ray. Each vice like impatience or vengeance or different types of hate or anger or suspicion all have opposite qualities of virtues to them that can be brought out through healing energy, through a quality and a science that is found in esoteric healing with the 7 Rays or the 7 colors or the 7 tones and the vibration of geomancy. The rd ray emotional field is more likely to share and radiate love, with increasing unselfishness as evolution proceeds. That relationship is the basis behind the 7 Rays. In addition, the ray of the personality in a previous life leaves definite habits of thought and activity. When the personality ray becomes pronounced and dominant, and the rays of the three bodies are subordinated to it, then the great fight takes place between soul and personality ray. Esoterically speaking we have, in the mineral world, the Divine Plan hidden in the geometry of a crystal, and God's radiant beauty stored in the colour of a precious stone. Ray VII ...........Higher Expression: All forms of white magic. Arjuna emerges into the battlefield. That ray determines its appearance, purpose, life trend and occupation, while the soul ray has direct action upon the astral body; hence the battlefield of life is ever on the plane of glamour, we’re told. The inscription reads: "Radiating from this symbol are seven rays of light representing the seven gifts of the Holy Ghost. It starts off as Love. Yes, the first Ray is the Ray of Will, and the will in reality is the will of Love. Each of the Chohans of the seven rays has their etheric retreat from which ascended and unascended masters, angels as well as souls "working in their sleep" as it were strive to bring the blessings of Light and the consciousness of the Christ to mankind. First indication: There's no such group of gods of the Incas. Photo/Video Gallery, Broadcasts Essentially, it is the refiner, the producer of perfection within the form so that the objective world becomes a true house of Light. The 7th Ray -- the Violet Ray mercy, forgiveness, and transmutation of God, 8. A large number of 7th ray individuals – soul or personality – are coming into incarnation now, and to them is committed the task of organising the activities of the new age and ending the old methods of life and old crystallised attitudes. [25], The Vishnu Purana, a post-vedic scripture, describes how Vishnu "enters into the seven solar rays which dilate into seven suns." Then the 5th Ray is the Ray of Concrete Science and Revelation or Knowledge, and then the 6th Ray is the Ray of Revelation or the energy of revelation that comes through the psychic realm that we call the astral plane and it is really the collective soul, so that one is known as Devotion and Idealism and it mainly focuses everything through a synthesis of almost like religion. We are the qualities of an angel, not just what we think of as an ordinary human being. And we find that it is the real flame, the real, jeweled love quality of El Morya, who is very present with us today, that makes us hark back to this great visionary king who founded the order of the Knights of the Round Table and led his knights in the quest for the Holy Grail, from which Jesus drank at the Last Supper. According to Alice A. Bailey the Masters live in immortal bodies at a residence on the physical plane at the indicated location (although a given Master may physically travel extensively incognito to various locations, become invisible, teleport to various locations, and walk through walls, as well as influence humans telepathically and travel on the inner planes, as required by the demands of his spiritual work). Each of the seven rays is believed to be associated with a different kind of occult energy, and a different color. The Fourth is the Ray of struggle, and those people who are especially connected to … From Galaxies to Solar Systems, Solar Systems to Planets. Yet the seven emanations came forth from the central vortex, and as such are seven aspects of one whole and therefore interrelated. And that includes the nations of the world. Copyright © 2020 Summit Publications, Inc. All rights reserved.