That means that players without a known standing vertical require a slight mental adjustment up or down, usually between -1 and +1, to their overall rating based on the perception of their explosive athleticism. Denzel Valentine is an interesting example of a player who received both a penalty and a bonus. Snaking and shaking, ha-haa. It’s not impossible to succeed with that rating, but Dwight Powell, Thomas Bryant, and Dewayne Dedmon are the biggest success stories from the past eight drafts, making it one of the more predictive single categories. Extremely left-hand dominant, defenses routinely short circuited simple movement going to his right by simply sending him weak and having a helper shade. OK, Jim. Standing at 6-foot-5 with a near 6-foot-8 wingspan, Hayes has great size for a point guard. Be that as it may, he should definitely be in the game during crunch time. And, on tape, he’s not always consistent with his shot prep the further out he is - sometimes he shoots off the hop, sometimes it’s off the 1-2, sometimes it’s just off one foot. Overall, Hayes is a guy that has a really high floor. His other defensive stats were unimpressive. Jaylen Brown and Domantas Sabonis were underrated by this method. ... With a 7-foot-3 wingspan, Pokusevski has the ability to play a bit bigger than his already impressive 7-foot frame. Christian Wood worth $15.8 million next season, after going through Hollinger’s latest analytical meat grinder, We also explain the weird salary cap reasons Detroit hopes to retain Wood using his early bird rights, which shows itself on floaters and on midrange pullups, creating space still leaves you with open shots, Brose Bamburg in the second half of their game sitting on his left, Early in the year, he made some truly head-scratching plays, Mike Schmitz of ESPN pointed out in his film interview with Hayes, sometimes he shoots off the hop, sometimes it’s off the 1-2, No, I will not compare Hayes to Luka, even in terms of weaknesses, and any future young players they acquire in the draft, 2020 NBA Draft: 6 players the Detroit Pistons are targeting in the NBA Draft. Absolutely not. In recent times they’ve gone from Ramon Sessions and Jarrett Jack to Emmanuel Mudiay to Elfrid Payton, and all the stopgaps in between. There’s also Golden State who may be more interested in immediate help than they are bolstering their future. ... With a 6-foot-8 wingspan, Hayes … Candidly, these weaknesses may be improved with experience as Hayes is still under 20 years old. Finally, unlike for international players and bigs, both of whom have less control over their team context, there is a sliding scaled penalty, dubbed “lose”, for perimeter players whose NCAA teams won less than 70% of their games. Can he stay with his man on defense?