a slide for later conversion. We tend to ignore the mouthpieces included with new instruments, as they do not often inspire.  This King 7C mouthpiece is worthy of your consideration.  It's smaller than a Bach 7C, but in width and depth.  The inner edge of the rim is a bit sharper like a Wick mouthpiece, so it feels sort of small, but you can back off on the power and pressure, as the rim offers decent support.  The King 7C size compares very well with the Wick 12CS actually, the King being slightly more resistant with more center and projection, and the Wick being slightly more airy.  The King 7C is a good mouthpiece for this horn.  It promotes a good centered high range and projection and a good vintage style brightness.  The tone can be made warmer with other 7C style mouthpieces, but the presence and center in the high range is lessened. Only 2 left in stock - order soon. Long regarded as being the best-selling jazz trombones in the world, the King Legend series is known for its versatility and features.With a variety of bell sizes and materials as well as hand slides with amazingly smooth and quick action in a number of bore sizes, King remains the horn of choice for jazz players around the world. Although it isn’t the most popular type of trombone used today, it can still be found in some jazz and orchestral settings. 17 watching. This case is beautiful and is a work of art in itself.  It's a sleek, futuristic molded  plastic type material, clear coated over the black "carbon fiber" weave pattern.  If you know and appreciate the sleekness of carbon fiber bicycles, you'll appreciate this case.  It's also compact and lightweight, perfect for the busy commuting musician. The 8B is a .562 single bore, dual inline valve Bass Trombone with a 10.5″ bell. Simons, this trombone "..beautifully embodied the cello timbre. Vintage King 4B Sonorous trombone. Other respected models include the Getzen 351 and Yamaha 354. King Model 3B 'Silversonic' Professional .508 Bore Trombone SN 485530 EXCELLENT. Tell us what you think - opens in new window or tab. It’s a BIG trombone, but it has beautiful lines. 2B Trombone 12.22 / 12.47 mm dual bore, One-piece, hand-hammered Ø 187 mm brass bell, Nickel silver outer slides, Clear lacquer finish, Classic jazz trombone, Includes mouthpiece and case in carbon... Bell (Material): Brass; The all new King 3-B Concert model was designed to meet the special requirements of the professional dance, recording and symphony artist.  The special large bore and 8 inch bell were adopted only after exhaustive tests convinced us that this combination of bore and bell would produce the full, rich-bodied tonal characteristics we were seeking.  The instant acclaim received by the 3-B from those who have already been introduced to it indicates that it’s destined to play a big favorite with musicians everywhere. 99. £87.57 postage. 1928-1930. $349.99 $ 349. Nearly all trombones have a telescoping slide mechanism that varies the length of the instrument to change the pitch. or Best Offer. The distinctive connector style, with the tightening nut on the slide rather than the bell , allows the bell brace to be very low, increasing comfort for many people.  The grip is more moderate on this trombone than on many others.  The bell section assembly is very good, with only very minor alignment issues at neckpipe joints.  They are hardly noticeable.  Beyond that it's a very clean build, perfectly hand spun, buffed and lacquered.  On a brace hangs a small tag.  JS in Eastlake inspected this one. C $395.11. was produced from 1940-1953. Trombone. Special Note: In 1928 Sterling Silver Bells Your source for the finest in brass instruments and accessories. Optional bell materials in bronze (gold brass) or solid Sterling silver. serial numbers listed on this page end when The H. N. White Company was sold H.N WHITE King 2B Liberty 50s Trombone. in perfect tune with tuning device in the bell section. Most King Trombones are eligible for free shipping. The Horn Guys is open weekly for shipping and order pickup. C $3,038.02. The King 3B case weighs 9 lbs (4.1kg) and is 36x10x10" (91x25x25cm). With the help of Mr. Thomas King, a local trombone player, White developed his first trombone in 1894. $130.49. Synonymous with unbeatable quality, King trombones are the best jazz trombones around. Reviewers suggest King trombones for beginners, and a Bach Stradivarius for concerts, symphonic, marching or gigs. For more information KING 605 Trombone USA w/ case and 12C mouthpiece, Good Condition. Trombone Posaune KING USA 2104 4B After Technical Review (DR20-103) RM 5,106.37. This was viewed in the market as a “revelation” to the music world due to its radically different bell, bore, and mouthpipe designs. King Liberty 2B Silver Trombone Ser#366851 Great Overhaul Candidate - Plays. After growing in popularity in the 40’s and 50’s, the King 2B and 3B are now two of the most popular trombones. The King balance weight on this horn is distinctive and stunning.  It's nickel plated brass and is machined of three pieces.  It's also engraved KING with some further adornment.  The weight halves gently surround a brace tube, and easily install or remove with a threaded cap.  No tools are required.  This is the classic King style, and it has been sorely missed from King trombones for a generation.  Why would King ever move away from this beautifully machined part to the atrocity they have been using?  We think is has to do with institutional sales.  If you hand a trombone with a removable balance weight to middle school children (gems that they are), you may find that they remove the weight and lose it.