2. All the sisters like it when you lick ’em on the kneesDon’t believe me? Imagine would have the sin in man run wild. The early white settlers slaughtered and massacred the Red Indians-the whole civilization-and built the great nation of United States. Where Howlin’ Wolf referred to his “first mind” in the second verse of “Killing Floor,” the Electric Flag sang, If I hada listened to my second mind The rest of the song is about how bad she treats him and how he should have 'quit' her a long time ago. You can hear drummer John Bonham's gong at the beginning of this song. The guitar licks and the beginning of the solo are a direct steal from Hubert Sumlin on ‘Killin’ Floor”. Probably, we can’t. © 2020 Guardian News & Media Limited or its affiliated companies. It also anti Jesus, what would he have replace heaven? I shoulda went on I agree with you 100%. If you think communism is a good thing, speak to people who have managed to get out of a communist country and read about the millions killed by Mao and Lenin. That Robert Plant’s lyrics would quote so freely from the original sources while the instrumental parts had lost the essence of the original was grounds for ridicule to Mendelsohn. It is all there. I never thought that the "children" were sperm and the woman was a prostitute, I assumed it was a man with an unfaithful wife, but the former also makes sense to me. Led Zeppelin were clearly fans of Fleetwood Mac, particularly when that band was primarily a blues band under the leadership of Peter Green. When you cut it mama, mama please save me a slice. Freedom down there, I swear, do you see me smirkin’?Do you see me wearing a merkin?Get in the formation, let’s start triangle jerkin’. But that’s where we should be at to achieve world peace. Been thinking about you, and there’s no restShit, I still love you, still see you in bedBut I’m playing with myself, and what do you care? We go to heaven or hell after our death. I myself am not a believer, but unlike you I don’t think religion is the cause of a lot of evil in the world. Required fields are marked *. A deeper rendition of interpretation is applying the lyrics to the individual, where the individual who changes within lives in a world where there is no “religion” or countries or love of possessions, but the spiritual thirst replenished in much the way the Buddha or Christ preaches. And the world will be as one. Led Zeppelin’s version of “Traveling Riverside Blues” includes substantial original contributions from Led Zeppelin and the songwriting credits are properly listed as “Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, Robert Johnson.” Third, Robert Plant changed Robert Johnson’s in a significant way. Robert Plant often performed “Crosscut Saw” with the Honeydrippers after his days with Led Zeppelin. I’m gonna fall right out of bed, I’m gonna leave my children I let ya put me on the killin’ floor, Lord knows I shoulda been gone Led Zeppelin didn’t attempt this sort of commentary in their version of “Killing Floor” but they had clearly heard the Electric Flag’s version of the song. Im a young guy, but I love Zepplin and Howlin’ Wolf and I can definitely see the influence. I agree, I have thought this all along … a call to Socialism or Communism …. Can we imagine a life without our smart phone? As Carl Jung put it so beautifully – WITHOUT exclusion to the intellect (as interpreters of this song often do): “It is, unfortunately, only too clear that if the individual is not truly regenerated in spirit, society cannot be either, for society is the sum total of individuals in need of redemption.